How to Grow your Small Business by Making Effective Business Communication?

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How to Grow your Small Business by Making Effective Business Communication?

Business scaling is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of hard work, effort, and patience.  There is no surefire formula of how to grow a small business. Initially, the business strategies could be like each trying different hats to understand which looks well concerning sales and marketing strategies adopted. A small business has to make interactions with customers daily. In the initial years of business, most of the company’s main focus is survival. Keeping ‘growth’ as a priority of the business is one of the best ways to increase the chances that the company will only survive and make an effective contribution in terms of economic well-being.

Here are some business communication tips that will surely help in knowing how to expand your business or grow your small business.

Some of the best business growth tips:

1. Build a good sales funnel- Automatic Selling Machine

If you are thinking about how to make effective business growth? No need to worry, the first and foremost thing you should do is build a good sales funnel. It is essential to have a sales funnel as it will help in business automation. Doing this will surely make a small business grow easily and quickly. But it is only possible when you conceptualise the sales funnel carefully. Go through the sales funnel of your competitors and then make yours.

2. Research properly about your competition

Do you want to engage with your audience and make them get attracted to your offering? Research properly about your competitions, their USPs, marketing and sales strategy to understand how to increase business growth. It will help your small business in getting competitive intelligence. You need to install X-ray lenses, be it your ad copy, landing page, and other sales funnel stages. Following this tip will help in expanding your small business.

3. Should always identify new business opportunities to grow your business

Keep on analysing new business opportunities. To grow the business, you must be having a proper understanding of demographics. Check everything starting from the distribution channel to knowing your competitors. Should expand your small business not only in domestic markets but also look for foreign markets. Following this small business growth tip will open up dozens of new business opportunities for your business.

4. Build a good email list of your target audiences- Way for business to communicate

It is an important small business growth tip to be followed by small businesses for making effective business communication. It is only possible when you will have a good lead magnet. It is the need and necessity of setting up a good sales funnel. Online, there are many good lead magnet service providers available. You can ask any of them to help you in building and managing your email list.

5. You should be aware of who your customers are:

Your business will grow more if you understand the customer needs. You can develop the products or services accordingly. You may also offer your audiences by giving them personalised services and request their feedback in return. It is also a way to make good business communication.

businessman working in the field of the future, he sees the inscription: customer experience

6. Work on customer experiences

If you are having a good understanding of customer's perceptions, it will help you in delivering better business services. Online you can set up an option of inviting testimonials of your audiences. It will make it easier for your small business to reach the world. The key behind successful business growth is making your present and prospective customers happy with your product and services. Create an online social media presence for doing effective business communication. It is the best way of knowing about the experiences and expectations of your customers towards your product or services. Being small, it has been observed that it is easier for small businesses to respond and anticipate the customers’ needs.

7. Must be present in all the networking events

Small business owners should always attend networking events if they want to create awareness about their business. It helps small businesses to connect with the 'like minds'. Secondly, knowing about insights and perspectives of another businessman. The connections created in the networking events prove beneficial in expanding the reach of the business at a faster pace. You will get the answers of ‘how to grow your small businesses from other business owners who were part of those networking events.

8. Focus on Corporate Social responsibility

The consumers love to engage with the business that is passionate about making a world a better place. To make a positive start to your small business, you can donate to NGOs or cancer research. Creating empathy to connect the consumer with the brand is important for growing your business and making long-term relations with your target audiences.

9. Establish Loyalty

Gaining the trust of consumers and encouraging them to buy products is a time-consuming process. Be sure you are always loyal to the customers and always be better than what competitors are offering. You can even give loyalty rewards to the customer in terms of attractive cashback, discounts, and promotions. Appreciate also sometimes the customer for being your valuable customer.

10. Maximise the use of social media platforms for making business communication

There is no doubt about the powers of social media when you are looking for ways to expand your small business. Using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, you can easily make your business reach the world at once. Social media platforms will help you stay relevant, allow your target audiences to read your post related to your business model, and even give their comments. Create a strong business account, upload videos, photos and ask them to share testimonials.

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We are also sharing with you the ‘ Don’ts to follow while expanding your small business:

  • Lack of business planning
  • Not able to address the need of customers
  • Not going with the industry trends
  • There is competition in every business.  If you are not watching your competitor's action, it would be difficult to stand above them and engage with the target audiences.
  • Some businesses are in an attempt to expand the small business quickly, not able to meet timely the demand of customers concerning resources, skill, or inventory. Try not to do the same.


Making your small business grow is not at all an easy task. The successful development of your business is solely based on the efforts you are putting in and your strong will of taking the business to heights. We Okstaff is having an expert team to give training to all employees, and making marketing strategies. Rapid business growth will not take place in one night, and it requires patience and a well-planned business marketing strategy. Above all, the tips will surely kickstart the successful growth of your business in 2021.

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Q. What factors make small businesses better as compared to large businesses?

Ans. Adaptability and agility are the two main factors which make small business better as compared to large businesses. Big business finds it difficult to connect with their prospective customers being huge in size and scale big. Simultaneously, small businesses are in a better position to maintain long-term relationships with the customers and offer them better customer services.

Q. What are the major reasons for small businesses' failure?

Ans. If you want to run a successful small business, it is necessary to understand the reasons for a small business's failure. The main reasons that led small businesses to fail are mismanagement of cash flow, lack of planning, not understanding the customer’s demand, not following the industry’s latest trends,  and bad marketing or sales strategies.

Q. What are the main characteristics of a small business?

Ans. The main characteristics that make small business distinguished from large business are:

  • Small and compact teams
  • Operating in deeper niche markets
  • Working either in limited liability partnerships, partnerships, or sole proprietorships
  • Operating in a geographically  limited area
  • Competition is less for those who are offering artistic or specialised services.

Q. Can you tell me something about Start-up India Hub?

Ans. Start-up India hub is an opportunity platform for all stakeholders to interact with each other and exchange their knowledge. It helps in making successful partnerships and expanding the reach of the small business.