How to Sell Organic Products Online in India?

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How to Sell Organic Products Online in India?

Before understanding how to sell organic products, one must understand what organic products are included in this category. Organic products are the ones that are grown without the use of any pesticides and fertilisers. These products also include animal products such as milk, cheese, and honey, which are produced without the help of any additional hormones.

As we know, people these days are paying hefty amounts for anything which has the tag of organic. But the sellers buy these products from local vendors and tag them as organic. It is highly misleading and is a misuse of people's trust. Selling purely organic products will amp up the availability of organic produce and help you earn good profits as people clearly understand and differentiate between the taste of organic products and the ones grown with the help of chemicals. If you produce organic products in bulk by yourself or with the help of manpower, you can sell organic products online and utilise the demand properly.

Here are some steps for those who don't know how to sell organic products online.

1. Research on the Demand

Before starting any business, the first and foremost step you should take is to research the demand. Likewise, if you want to know about selling organic products, you must survey and study the demand for organic products to be sold. If the demand is high enough and seems to be lucrative, you should only move towards selling the products. If you want to sell organic products online, you must be ready for various other things, such as home delivery.

Researching on the demand online and in your local areas is great as these organic products mostly comprise products such as vegetables, dairy products, and honey. While products like honey won't perish easily when appropriately sealed, products such as vegetables and dairy products are highly perishable and won't last long. Therefore researching the demand in the local areas or your district is the best for someone wondering how to start selling organic products as the quality won't be compromised.

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2. Make a Website

After you are sure enough about the demand, the next step is to make a website. Creating a website is one of the first steps you should take to start any online business. If you are sure enough that the demand is high, then making a website is the best step to be taken to sell organic products online.

You can take the help of a web designer to make a website, or you can make your website if you know how to make websites. A website is the best possible medium for an online organic products business to advertise and sell products. The website must contain pictures of the organic products available so that people surfing through the Internet may get a good look at the products before buying. The website must also be regularly updated so that the customers would know if the products they are interested in are available or not.

3. Make a Social Media Account

Making a social media account on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a good way to advertise and enhance the number of customers. Social media marketing is one of the most crucial advertising methods these days as the most active part of the youth population and the adults are on these social media platforms. Therefore, marketing on social media by writing blogs and posting pictures on these platforms helps build trust among the customers.

You can take the help of various copywriters to create engaging and compelling posts about the products you sell. It will help to create awareness and attraction resulting in more sales.

4. Take Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

Pictures are the best way to showcase your business. Taking good pictures and videos of behind-the-scenes of business is a good way of building trust and enhancing credibility. If you are someone who produces organic products in your proximity, you can shoot pictures yourself or with the help of a photographer and upload them on social media. Remember, the more pictures you post, the more credibility you get. It is a great way to sell organic products from home.

5. Provide Home Delivery

If you want to sell organic products, you have to be ready for things such as home delivery. In this modern era, people search more and more for comfort. If this need is fulfilled, then it coerces them to click on that buy option again. Therefore you should provide home delivery if you want your online business to be successful.

You can take the help of various agencies that provide pick-up services, or you can employ your men to do the delivery. Start by providing home delivery services to local areas. Those who speculate about the quality of organic vegetables will deteriorate and won't know how to sell organic vegetables online. Delivering in local areas first is the best way to sell the product without compromising the quality. As the number of customers will increase, you can either amp up your manpower for home delivery or use pick-up services provided by trusted agencies.

6. Post Testimonials

After you deliver your organic products, look for feedback. A customer's feedback and testimonial is a subtle yet powerful way to reinforce the trust of customers. It is a fact that whatever claims a business may provide, the consumers always trust what the other consumers say about the brand or business. Therefore, asking for a testimonial and posting them publicly on the website will increase the business's trust and act as a subtle but impactful force to boost your sales.

7. Sell via Different Websites

After the sales from your website start to grow constantly, you can expand your business by contacting various other companies that source organic products and sell them on their website. Websites like Bigbasket do not produce the organic products themselves but outsource them from farmers. You can contact such websites and deliver your products in bulk to sell organic vegetables online. It will help you cater to many consumers indirectly and earn a lump sum amount as these websites pay a considerable and fair amount to the farmers.

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8. Boost Production

The last step to sell organic products online and from home is to boost production to keep up with the demand. As you must know that once the demand is created, it increases rapidly. To expand the business and increase profits, it is necessary to maintain the supply of organic products. It will help you to conduct your business smoothly without any challenges.


Another tip you should keep in mind while setting up the business is the management of capital. If you think of ledgers and datasheets for managing data, you must also consider that these are prone to damage over time and can lead to loss significantly. So why not try it the digital way with the help of apps. OkCredit is one such brilliant data management app that will help you keep all the data at your fingertips and prevent any mismanagement of data.

These steps should be taken by someone who produces organic products or wants to enter into the business but questions “how to sell my organic products.”

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Q. In what way can I research the demand for organic products?

Ans. You can conduct a survey in your locality about the types of products you sell by asking people if they need your organic products and don't have easy access to organic products. You can conduct the same survey online by putting the same question on the front.

Q. Where can I search for a web designer if I don't know how to design a website?

Ans. Web designers or freelance web designers are plenty nowadays. You can post an ad on social media or look for various other platforms like

Q. What should I ask for testimonials from the customers?

Ans. If you want testimonials for the website, you can request the customers you delivered recently, post their feedback and photos of the product received if possible. Remember to be gentle while requesting, as doing the contrary can repel your existing customers.

Q. What are some of the websites which source their organic products from farmers?

Ans. Some websites which sell organic products by sourcing them from farmers are Bigbasket, Farmstop, Zama Organics, Organic Garden, etc.