How to start Crane and Lifting Service?

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How to start Crane and Lifting Service?

Investment, Steps & more

The construction industry in a country is one of the most popular industries, both in demand and employment. As the country starts developing, the construction standards usually witness a huge positive change. This sector provides jobs to millions of people, including engineers, investors, accountants, and labourers. The construction services prove to be the building blocks of an economy.

Every single office, apartment, or any other site is a result of the construction services. Now, as the demand for good-quality construction services increases, the need for top-quality machines also increases. Proper machinery is needed to complete the work ideally and precisely. Timely delivery of construction projects is also possible through machines like cranes, bulldozers, tractors, etc.

Cranes are one of the most commonly used machines for any construction purposes. Cranes are usually equipped with hoisting ropes, steel ropes or chains, and pulleys, which can lift and lower materials and move them horizontally. These are mainly used for lifting and moving heavy objects and taking them to some other place.

They are used in all different industry sectors, from construction to manufacturing to shipbuilding and material loading. There are several cranes such as Overhead Crane, Bulk-handling Crane, Hammerhead Crane, Stacker Crane, Telescopic Crane, or Tower Crane.

Crane systems enable constructors to transport items, merchandise, and heavy materials effortlessly. Crane lifting is very much in demand, but the crane may be unsafe to use if proper maintenance is not done. Unchecked crane systems may produce obstacles in the construction plans and also may cause harm to the working employees. Crane and lifting services can prove to be good business plans for both freshers and experienced individuals. As the development plans are on the rise, the need for crane and lifting services has tremendously increased. Several employment options are also available in this field.

Good to know tips before you start your service

Before starting with crane and lifting services, it is necessary to achieve proper training. Apart from the practical training, it is essential to get machine safety training also. Crane and lifting services employ not only engineers but also technical staff as well as investors. For starting this business, it is necessary to plan in terms of investment and costing. The crucial steps while creating a crane and lifting business are:

1. Plan the startup

The crane and lifting business can be meant for both young and experienced individuals. Any startup or business needs proper planning. The planning can take months or years before the starting of the services. It is essential to keep in mind every detail, big or small while planning its services. It is also critical that the startup's objective should be clear and the services should be user-friendly.

2. Survey the nearby demand for crane and lifting

Although construction is being carried out in almost all areas, it is crucial to survey the nearby locations. It is known that developing areas possess high demand for crane and lifting services. However, even the areas with less construction work may also require a crane and lifting services at some point in time. Houses, apartments, offices, garages, storage buildings, and shelters are regularly updated with new building features. This makes the requirement for crane and lifting services even more.

3. Gather information about the nearby crane and lifting services

Whether you are starting a new business or shifting an already established business, it is necessary to know the current status of the crane and lifting services in the area. Doing this makes it easier for the new company to set a new target, attract potential customers, and set reasonable service prices. A detailed review of the existing crane and lifting services may help you chalk out the shortcomings of those businesses and hence plan better services for your company.

4. Find investors

Crane and lifting services require huge capital to get installed. The cost includes many parameters such as space for the company, office space, recruitment capital, and the most essential being machinery cost. It is not a cakewalk for everyone to invest such a huge amount.  Bank loans are an option but cannot be availed by all interested. Hence, the second option of finding investors becomes more suitable. Investors may help set up the company and then get paid commissions in return.

5. Get updated about the latest machinery

The entire staff providing the crane and lifting services is updated with the latest machinery models and designs. The functioning of new models may vary, and so do their parts. Hence, all the employees should make sure that their knowledge concerning the machinery and the rules and regulations is updated.

6.  Procure the required number of machinery

Another essential step for starting a crane and lifting business is to gather the number of machines required initially. Once the industry is set up, the company may order the latest devices for smooth construction.

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7. Create a brand name

This task may not be effortless, but high-quality services and reasonable prices may help gather customers' trust. For people to trust the brand name, the company must prioritise user-friendly services and employment services. A brand name plays a vital role in the establishment of the company.

8. Advertise online

With digitalisation, the world has also gone online. These days people tend to search for services online. Hence, the crane and development services can be started sharing online so that the online target audience is easily found and the business grows very fast.

9. Use digital marketing

For online business services, digital marketing tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and E-mail marketing can also help a business grow. These methods are highly cost-effective and also very useful for a company to attract the target audience.

10.  Employ trained staff

All the levels of the staff must know about the safety of the machinery and all the rules and regulations associated. Employment of trained staff can indeed help reduce the chances of accidents and better guidance of trainees.

There are certain things to keep in mind once you initiate the provision of crane and lifting services:

  • Timely inspections

Regular inspections and checking are crucial steps towards maintaining the safety of the cranes. Skilled inspectors may be able to point out the risks and problems related to the machinery. This helps the service provider better rectify the potential threats and issues and deliver good services to the customers. When the cranes are used daily, the necessary components of the crane may probably wear out. Hence, regular checking is essential for anyone who starts with this business.

  • Routine maintenance

Proper checking may result in the detection of wear and tear of some parts of the crane. It is necessary to change the gear oil for high-level working, brakes, badly worn pins, screws, motor, safety parts, and hooks. Also, proper lubrication of the moving parts and limit adjustment is essential. All these steps ensure that the crane is in high operating order.

Mobile Crane on a road and tower crane in construction site
  • Costing and legal matters

Company experts can help you to analyse the proper functioning of your crane. Also, it is necessary to take timely advice from experts regarding legal matters. Accounts, investments, and insurances are an essential set of parameters when establishing a new business. Proper cost analysis and legal advice can help a company to run smoothly.


We hope you follow these steps properly and are successful in establishing your crane and lifting service.

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Q. How do we analyse what kind of crane is needed?

Ans. The construction site, type of building, and the budget, along with expert advice, can help figure out the correct crane to be used.

Q. Why is insurance important?

Ans. Crane and lifting services may pose some working hazards to the on-site employees. Also, the machines may not work up to the mark. Hence, insurance for both the machinery as well as the working staff is a must.

Ans. Proper cost planning can help increase the profits of a company. As the safety rules and regulations keep getting updated, legal advice becomes influential on such matters.