How to hire the right staff for developing your small business?

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How to hire the right staff for developing your small business?

Hiring the right candidate for your business might be exciting, but it also involves taking one of the biggest risks. As you own a small business, you must hire someone skilled enough to manage all the aspects of it. They must be intellectual and smart enough to excel in the job responsibilities or designation they are assigned. By coming up with the best recruitment strategies for your small business, you can get in touch with the right candidates and make competitive offers with the right cost-cutting strategy while hiring one.

The cruciality to hire the right candidate

Since you are a small business owner, you have a fixed budget and many tasks to handle on your own. Also, you won't always have enough time to dedicate yourself to recruiting and fixing all the understaffing issues by rushing on to the last-minute recruiting process. If this happens, you won't land up with the right set of employees. Thus, leading to a business haphazard.

That is the reason why it is crucial to hire the right staff. A high employee turnover rate could mean a financial setback for small business owners. By having the apt strategies in place, you can find and employ the right candidate, increase the retention rates, and ultimately cut down the business costs.

A step-by-step guide to hiring employees for your small business

Below are some of the top tips that you need to follow while you go for hiring the best employees for your small business:

Choice of an employee leader from the crowd

1. Assess the hiring requirement

Before you plunge into the hiring process, you must access the hiring requirements for your small business. Gather information that can guide and narrow your hiring process. You need to set realistic hiring goals. Often businesses go for unnecessary hiring, thus leading to huge cost bearing and ultimate failure. You need to determine the exact skills that your business requires, figure out if the hiring is crucial or the current employees can take care of the extra duties, and decide on the number of candidates you need to hire.

2. Attract only qualified candidates

For doing this, you need to write the best job descriptions on the online job portals so that qualified applicants can find some interest in it. Be strategic and honest in your approach and state the job responsibilities clearly. Target the specific skills that you would require for a particular designation.

3. Offer a decent salary package

Most often, the small business owners offer low wages or wages below the industry standards. Always remember that if you offer a competitive salary, you will get skilled and qualified candidates. Also, decide the salary package as per their educational qualification, industry expertise, and experience.

4. Pay attention to their sincerity and nonverbal cues

Whenever you are interviewing a candidate, always look for nonverbal cues, like their body language. You can only determine the confidence level and attitude of the candidate by their body positioning like smiling, sitting up straight, having an upbeat attitude, and making eye contact. Find out how passionate they are about their job role and what impact they can make at your company.

5. Emphasise your business benefits

During the interview process, explain to your employees what your business deals about and emphasise the benefits of joining your small business. You can talk about the various employee perks that can influence the candidates joining decision. Tell how your company is unique and stands out of the crowd by providing flexible schedules to the employees, engaging in wellness and fitness programs, having casual dress codes and flexible breaks.

6. Create incentive programs for employees

The employee incentive program is a kind of reward you give to your employees for their performance. You can give it in the form of a company-paid retreat or salary hike annually. In this way, you will boost the employee morale, and with better rewards and appraisals, they will be motivated to perform better and give their best to your business.

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7. Give employees their room to grow

Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and allow them to come up with their own set of ideas.  As a responsible boss, you must identify their capabilities so that they put extra effort for your business to grow in their way. A great team leader knows how and when to push their teammates.

8. Never publicly criticise your team

Criticising and rebuking your team in public or front of other employees may undermine their dedication towards work. Mistakes are common and never made intentionally in any business. So, it's always better if you try explaining their mistakes, emphasise with them and solve the problem together instead of yelling or criticising.

9. Keep hiring

The search for finding the right candidate is never-ending. The more qualified and skilled employees you hire, the better it is for your business. Track and measure your recruiting efforts. Use the right tools for tracking the hiring efforts. This includes applicant tracking systems, recruiting software, surveys and questionnaires, website analytics, chatbots, and so on. Don't leave any stone unturned for hiring the right candidate for your small business.

10. Widen your advertising scope

Local newspaper ads are now out of the trend. That's why it's always better to go for advertising on social media and other digital networks. Going digital with your hiring efforts will be one of the most cost-effective strategies for your business. Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are the best ways to find the potential candidate. You can now talk more about your business culture, job description, offer attractive packages with organic and paid ads. You can also post your hiring requirements in various job portals at a very cost-effective rate.

Challenges of recruiting staff for small business

Often during the hiring process, you might come across various challenges. Obstacles are common, but there are ways to sustain these challenges and come up with the right team of employees. Here are some of the challenges that most small businesses face during their recruitment process:

  1. Reaching the right candidate- Small businesses have fewer recruiting resources, which often leads to hiring a small or no team of qualified applicants. If you are outsourcing your hiring process, you need to ensure that the job postings can be viewed by the right candidate.
  2. Competition with larger businesses- Corporate companies have luxurious hiring teams that are seldom possible for small businesses who work on a limited budget. It is hard to make high offers and robust company benefits or packages as done by multinational companies.
  3. Improper onboarding and training process- Besides hiring problems, small businesses also face issues during the onboarding and training process. Lack of money, time, expertise, and resources in a particular subject or field can make it extremely difficult for small business owners to prepare the new hires and effectively onboard them into the business.
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Wrapping it up

Your business can only grow if you hire the right candidate who can understand your business requirements well and plan the basic steps towards its success. Do not make the recruiting process painstakingly lengthy. Be very proactive in hiring the right one. Once hired, promote your employee’s professional and personal development by enhancing the retention rates across your business. Managing your employees is one of the most crucial processes after hiring and apps like OkStaff helps you do that in a better manner.

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Q. What are the correct steps for recruiting staff in a particular business?

Ans. A normal recruiting process includes analysing the manpower needs, going for the recruitment, selection, placement and orientation, training and development, and finally onboarding.

Q. How to retain a good employee?

Ans. In any case, if an employee decides to quit your organisation, you can retain him or her by offering a decent percentage of salary hike and understand their professional issues.

Q. How will I know if a candidate is genuine?

Ans. Cross verify all the certifications, including academics and professional experience. Running a background check is also crucial before giving the final nod to the candidate.