Top 10 DIY Small Business Ideas for Everyone

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Top 10 DIY Small Business Ideas for Everyone

Over the years, businesses have shown significant changes. Now you don't need heavy investments, and can easily start a business instead of investing your efforts in a regular full-time job. If you ever dreamt of having your own business but do not have enough funds, then DIY small business ideas offer the best solution to your problems. They have gained more prominence primarily due to the introduction of the internet for commerce and business activities. So now you can easily start a Do It Yourself (DIY) small business using online selling platforms and fewer funds. There are many benefits of starting a DIY small business, and the following list covers a few:

  • The demand for handcrafted DIY products has increased over the years, and nowadays, people prefer handmade products over factory products.
  • You can easily set up your small DIY business store without affecting your full-time job.
  • It is an excellent method of earning extra income, and after a few years, you can quit your job and grow your small business.
  • The cost of working on DIY small business ideas includes raw materials, internet connection and shipping costs only.
  • There is no compulsion of establishing a physical presence as you can easily convert DIY small business ideas into an online venture.

This article will provide you with 10 DIY small business ideas. It will also help you with tips to manage your business effectively.

10 DIY Small Business Ideas

1. Candles

Candle businesses are one of the DIY small business ideas with very high demand, requiring meagre investments. Candles are required for many reasons like religious occasions, birthdays, spas, etc. There are many niches under this business so you can easily select your target niche and make candles accordingly. This business involves stocking different varieties of candles with distinct scents, colours and sizes to sell.


  • It is essential to meet safety standards set by the government or other organisations to protect yourself from any cases that may arise from safety issues.
  • This is a show business of a kind, so make sure you have attractive packaging to grow your customer base.

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2. Paintings and arts

If you are an artist or a painter, then this is a perfect DIY small business idea for you. There is a high demand for paintings and other art pieces so you can easily sell them. The amount of profits is dependent upon the quality of work. With the introduction of the internet, you will be able to sell your art pieces worldwide.


  • Make paintings and art pieces revolving around unique ideas; such art pieces are preferred by customers.
  • It is important to click good photographs of paintings and display them to attract customers.
  • You can even work with merchandise printing stores to have your paintings on t-shirts and mugs. This will help you earn more.

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3. Photographer and videographer

DIY business ideas like photographer and videographer have a lot of scope in the market. Photographers are required for every occasion, and people like spending to access these skills. You can start work on these DIY small business ideas by asking for referrals from relatives and co-workers.


  • Such small business ideas usually grow through word-of-mouth promotion, so showcase your work on different platforms to spread awareness.
  • DIY businesses like photographers have a lot of scope where you can even offer photograph printing services.

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DIY written on wooden blocks with stationery alongside

4. Traditional handicrafts

A lot of people like collecting traditional handicrafts like clothes, footwear and other heritage goods. If you are good with craftsmanship, such DIY business ideas will help you earn a lot. It is imperative to keep different varieties of traditional handicrafts.


  • Add a local traditional touch to every product as many people demand such products.
  • Use good-quality raw materials as this will help you earn referrals from users and enable your business to grow.

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5. Bath soaps

You can easily learn to make bath soaps and sell them. It is very simple to make soap at home, and the cost of making them is very affordable. However, keep in mind you will have to spend on packaging and labelling as it is an essential part of small business ideas.


  • Get approvals from all required organisations before selling soaps.
  • Use only high-grade raw materials to produce high-quality soaps.

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6. Enamel pins

People still like wearing enamel pins as fashion accessories. There is a huge demand for enamel pins. You can even add a customisable option while executing such small business ideas to allow customers to customise their enamel pins according to their needs. It is essential to keep a good stock of designs for customers to choose from.


  • You can use different online design applications to customise your enamel pins.
  • Use different colours and designs to offer customers plenty of variety.
  • Make sure you have a proper packaging system to protect the enamel pins from damage.

7. Sweet dishes

If you are a good cook or chef, then this DIY small business idea is perfect for you. People like ordering sweets like cookies, chocolates and doughnuts, so this is a high-return business. Though the competition in this business is high, you can make high profits if your products taste good.


  • Look into the legal aspect of this business and complete all necessary documentation.
  • Register with a food inspection agency to check the safety of your products.
  • Do mention the necessary details like allergy warnings, ingredients, date of expiry, etc., on the products.
  • Use attractive packaging.

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8. Customised gift boxes

This is a high-demand business idea because people request gift boxes for all occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. You can add a feature to let your customers choose the boxes and add customised wishes for the receivers. This is a high-profit DIY business to start your small business journey.


  • Find a dealer who will provide you with all necessary products at discounted rates.
  • Make sure you have a storage space to keep all the basket products and gift boxes.
  • This is a highly competitive business so make sure you have a unique selling proposition and try offering discounts.

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9. Customised printing of merchandise

Such small business ideas involve designing new ideas that can be printed on t-shirts, caps and other merchandise. These designs can be customised according to the demands of customers and new ideas. This DIY small business is easy to handle, and you can earn a higher profit.


  • Finalise a merchant who can provide you with plain t-shirts, cups, calendars and other merchandise at discounted rates.
  • Try connecting with other businesses like gyms or local gift shops to print customised merchandise for them.
  • Don't keep your prices too high as there is a lot of competition in this business.
  • Keep yourself updated with new fashion trends as this business is completely dependent on the latest designs and trends.

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10. Jewellery

This is one of the few DIY small business ideas where you have to keep yourself constantly updated with the prevailing fashion trends. You can make jewellery pieces like bracelets, earrings and necklaces using beads and other stones and sell them on various platforms. The investment required is not as high as other small business ideas unless you use precious metals. There is a lot of demand for artificial jewellery, so this is a good DIY business to start.


  • You can easily keep yourself updated with new trends using applications like Google Trends.
  • This is a show business where good photos make for better sales, so it is imperative to hire a person who can click high-quality photographs and also edit them.
  • It is always advisable to make jewellery out of elastic strings and provide different sizes of jewellery pieces.

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DIY written with tools on white background


These are only a few of the DIY small business ideas that you can start working on. It would help if you chose a business that matches your skills, so you can provide customers with the best quality products. Any of these ideas is a great way to put your passion and skills to the best use and make your own small business out of it. All the best!

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