What is an AADHAR centre?

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What is an AADHAR centre?

All about Aadhar & Aadhar Card Centre

One of the most significant changes that have been introduced around our economy is the issue of Aadhar cards. The Aadhar card was presented initially to take over the ‘one document’ plan under the government.

The Aadhar Card is one of the highly demanded documents and is issued under the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), guided by the Government of India. Every Aadhar card comes with a unique 12-digit number to help the government keep track of the individual database and quickly identify them. Interestingly, around 95% of people have already adapted the Aadhar card system and also use it at least once a month.

Now that we know about Aadhar Card, let’s understand the importance of the same.

Importance of Aadhar Card:

Aadhar card has finally reached the significance that it is focused on reaching. It has successfully become a one-stop solution for identifying individuals and carries address proof and age proof of the individuals besides their imprints and retina in the database. An Aadhar card contains all your details.

Besides that, an Aadhar Card has also become a necessary means of valid documentation, like in the case of filing of your taxes. Therefore, it has now become essential to enrol for an Aadhar Card.

Therefore, to enrol the same, users need to visit an Aadhar Enrolment Centre, which acts as an authorised body to issue Aadhar Cards. Moreover, it also works as a centre to correct and update your Aadhar Card details.

Let’s have a brief look further.

So, what exactly is an AADHAR centre?

Aadhar centres or, more commonly known as the Enrolment Centres are legal bodies that have been formed to complete the process of enrolling every resident inside the country and store their Aadhaar details, to forward it to the government’s database.

Further, they also play a significant role in taking out a list of residents and integrating them with the UIDAI database. Coming under the enrolment agencies, these centres function under the registrars. They also serve as the means to assure the effective functioning of the UIDAI. The Government agencies also provide non-empanelled agencies to work under them for the same process or registration and editing. Interestingly, it causes less than 1USD to make an Aadhar card.

The Aadhar enrolment centre revolves around the primary needs to register new applicants and provide them with assistance on related queries. Further, these centre’s are also a reliable source to update details and initiate other facilities. All tasks that are done at Aadhar enrolment centres are free of charge and are covered by the UIDAI. The AADHAR scheme has an investment of US$1.6 billion.

While it is no doubt that Aadhar Centres are here to help us out with our cards, how many of you know how to find them?

Well, here are a few ways to help you out.

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Locating your nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre:

Because people will need to change or edit information in their Aadhar cards over time, UIDAI came with the efforts to allow the Indian residents to revise and edit the information in their linked cards. Finding an enrolment centre can be a daunting task.

Therefore, to help you out with the same, listed below are some of the steps to help you locate your nearest enrolment centre.

Locating your nearest Aadhar enrolment centre:

Step 1: Visit the UIDAI’s web page.

Step 2: click on the option that says “Locate Enrolment & Update Centres in Other Cities.”

Step 3: Once you click on the aforementioned box, fill in the necessary State and Pin of the same.

Step 4: Enter the details of your location, divided into District and Precise location.

Step 5: Fill the suggested verification code and click on the ‘Search’ option.

Step 6: Once you press the ‘Search’ option, you can access all the relevant information in front of your screen.

Visitors can also book online appointments using the UIDAI portal for their unique ID enrolment.

Different types of tasks that are carried out at Aadhar Enrolment Centres:

While their primary task is to correct the Aadhar information of the enrolled recipients, they serve multiple purposes as well. Besides helping the residents get effectively enrolled for Aadhar, listed below are the activities carried out at Aadhar enrolment centres are as follows:

  • Freshly carried Aadhar enrolment for the residents of India who failed to register themselves for the initial stages of Aadhar registration.
  • To help the cardholders in case, they lose their Aadhaar card or forget their Aadhar number. Individuals can seek help from the enrolment centre for the same and receive help with the Aadhar number. These enrolment centres serve as a medium to get a duplicate Aadhar card.
  • To help the registered Aadhar card users to change their residential address or get it updated, once you carry your relevant documents to these centres, you can quickly get your Aadhar details updated.
  • In case the Aadhar cardholders want to get their present mobile numbers linked to their cards, they have to visit the Aadhar enrolment centres to get their mobile number linked with Aadhar. It is worth noting that users cannot avail the digital features related to Aadhar if their card is not registered to a mobile number.
  • It is also responsible for storing information about the minor children after they turn five years old. These centres are responsible for finalising the data, once they turn 15 years old.

Types of Aadhar Enrolment Centres:

As on now, the Aadhar Enrolment Centres are of two types:

Permanent Aadhar Enrolment Centres

Permanent enrolment centres are the ones that are set up permanently, to meet the needs and requirements of the individual residents. Their primary base of operations revolve around Aadhar enrolment and updating their information around the same. The permanent enrolment centres are extended wings of the Government agencies the safest means to submit your documents and also get Aadhar enrolment.

Temporary Enrolment Centres

As the name suggests, the temporary enrolment centres are managed and operated by agencies that are selected by the UIDAI. These agencies operate, based out of contracts and will only serve individuals until the contract lasts. These centres serve the primary aim of fresh Aadhar enrolment. These temporary centres serve as an additional wing to help the permanent one’s.

As per new Government notices, out of the 25,000 Aadhar enrolment centres, most of them will be shifted to banks. With over 1,20,000 bank branches in India, we might see over 10% of enrolment centres around the country.

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Q. What is the total number of Enrolment centres present in India?

Ans. Currently, there are 12,000 enrolment centres in India. These enrolment centres are soon to be shifted to the banks present across the country.

Q. What was the total budget of the UIDAI scheme as introduced by the government of India?

Ans. The total budget of the UIDAI and Aadhar was introduced with a package of  US$1.6 billion.

Q. Do I need to pay for the change or update of my address in my Aadhar card?

No, you don’t necessarily need to pay for any charges or taxes when you are getting your information corrected with UIDAI. Moreover, the UIDAI is capable of producing 1.5 million Aadhar cards per day.