LinkedIn Marketing: Everything you need to know

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LinkedIn Marketing: Everything you need to know

101 Guide on making the best of LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that approximately 49% of the world's population is on social media? As per the reports provided by DataReportal, 3.81 billion social media users are present worldwide, and the rate has increased by 9% from the previous year. Of these users, LinkedIn has over 660 million users across the globe. It means that the platform is one of the top social network sites in today's era. You can find potential customers, employees, and business partners on LinkedIn. At its core, LinkedIn is a diversified professional social networking site that has lots to offer, from enhancing your career trajectory, improving professional connections, managing and being aware of various industry discussions, and other business-related activities.

According to DataReportal, a social-media user spends at least 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media apps every day. The global market competition pushes both entrepreneurs and reputable businesses to invest in social media marketing and expand their business strategy over various social media platforms. LinkedIn marketing has experienced a significant boom around it. Digital marketers and entrepreneurs highly recommend LinkedIn over any other social media site for marketing and promoting brands or connecting and building a resourceful network worldwide, especially for smaller businesses.

Nowadays, every business uses LinkedIn marketing strategies to promote themselves and build a favourable brand reputation in the market. They have owned to increase growth opportunities via social media platforms and the sudden increase in businesses’ competitive pressure. Customers seek a better user experience and service quality.

Why choose LinkedIn for business, marketing, and networking?

Gone were the days when working professionals and job seekers used LinkedIn just for career enhancements or to hunt for new jobs. While millions of working professionals still use LinkedIn to grow their networks, the platform’s scope has become all-encompassing. It gives businesses, individuals, and marketers a chance to connect, share, and sell. Using LinkedIn, you can grow your business, market products, learn new marketing skills, and build a prosperous and robust network of people with diverse cultures, knowledge, and interests. If you use LinkedIn wisely, this social media tool exposes you and your business to immense opportunities. You can use it to build relationships with professionals and budding companies to boost your brand identity and strengthen your brand’s presence in the global and local markets.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is a type of digital marketing. It is a planned approach to expand your networking cycle with the help of connection building. It may generate leads for a business, improve brand awareness among a vast audience, look after business relationships, maintain partnerships, share content, and drive traffic to your website. LinkedIn is an integral part of many successful business' marketing strategies today because of its effectiveness in building a powerful and useful professional network with people from different niches. When you use LinkedIn to expand and market your business, you gain access to beneficial qualities related to LinkedIn's customised analytics, connections, brand-building, and much more. Let's check out how LinkedIn marketing is changing the face of business, marketing, and networking in 5 different ways.

Building connections instead of selling products

If you want to improve customer relationships and build a network of engagement with your target audience, you must use LinkedIn for your business. These days, companies focus on enhancing engagement with their target audience rather than just selling their products over social media platforms. They tend to post less about the products and services and more on their company’s ethics and goals to benefit existing and potential customers. It builds trust and confidence among customers and encourages them to do business with these companies.

Quick Tip: If you want to do competitive analysis, find out more about the client or competing employees, you can simply get this info from the People tab of their LinkedIn pages. You can find out where they studied, interests, job titles, skill set, etc.

Brand Awareness

Regardless of the size of the business or the marketing strategy, digital presence alone won’t translate into revenue. It is crucial to supplement the digital transformation with solving other customer issues, like fewer offline outlets, slow customer service rate, etc. Here, LinkedIn is the sovereign by connecting target customers and companies and converting them into the business. The aforementioned is possible by various advertisement campaigns and social media marketing strategies such as PPC, influencer marketing, AD placements, which results in high engagement and business conversion rate.

High Customer Engagement​

The LinkedIn marketing strategy and customer engagement come hand in hand. The higher a business’  presence on LinkedIn, the higher the customer engagement and support, which will help the industry connect virtually with the target end customers. For instance, companies with low engagement rates may approach a social media influencer for paid promotions over their social media platforms. A high conversion rate from influencer engagement is very likely, as people follow an influencer’s recommendations.  In short, more heightened brand awareness across LinkedIn results in higher business reach, growth, and conversion.

Quick Tip: On days you run low on your social media content ideas, you can check out Content Suggestions under the Content tab of your LinkedIn Page dashboard. To simplify it further and find more relevant results, you can filter the search results by the audience, industry, location, and more.

Ease in Transactions​

LinkedIn is an effective platform that enables high-end business models and start-ups to integrate various blockchain technologies into its social media framework for smooth transactions across the industry. Blockchain technologies promote crowd-funding and thus results in higher peer-to-peer sales. In simple words, LinkedIn acts as a rewarding user medium to track contracts, conduct user verification, make and accept payments. Successful integration of blockchain technologies into businesses' social media framework provides a peer-to-peer network and end-to-end encryption by removing third-party interference over social media platforms. It also rules out user commodification threats. Doing this will impart companies greater control over their data.

24*7 Customer Service

Customers are the king of any business, and good customer service is the key to a successful business. Even if your digital media presence is booming, match it with resolving customers' needs, and provide prompt solutions to their queries. Those will promote new customers’ growth and retention of old customers and directly impact the revenue. Before the advent of digital media, most businesses had customer service departments dedicated to customer service. It was quite expensive for some small-scale companies. The LinkedIn marketing era has aided various small-scale companies to deliver real-time customer service with less investment and resources, guided many marketing strategies, and pushed the limits to connect billions of people globally. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is changing the face of business, marketing, and networking.


Suppose you want to be a business, marketing, or networking leader. In that case, you have to make sure that you consistently challenge your company to continue to grow and have a competitive advantage over others. So, why are you waiting? Start using LinkedIn for your business, marketing, and networking needs, and reap its benefits within a short period and with minimal investment!

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Q. How to effectively optimize the LinkedIn page for better engagement?

Ans: You can follow the three most comfortable ways to optimize your LinkedIn page by using a good set of keywords, sharing relevant content for better and improving post engagement, and linking essential pieces of information or documents to your LinkedIn page.

Q. How to use interactive media to drive more engagement on LinkedIn posts?

Ans: You can build and nurture a relevant audience or post engagement by selecting appealing yet straightforward graphic elements. To achieve that, you may include PDFs as work samples or showcasing your brand presence, quick and visually appealing videos based on your business USPs, product demos, and more.

Q. How to start campaigns on LinkedIn to build an effective marketing strategy or to create brand awareness?

Ans: There are plentiful options available on LinkedIn to run campaigns as per business or marketing requirements. You can do so through the Campaign Manager option available on LinkedIn. Using that, you can set a goal for your campaign, audience, budget, and modify your marketing strategy. Highly effective and efficient LinkedIn has unmatchable features specially designed to fit well in networking, marketing, and business goals.