Trending Culture of Work From Home Jobs: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Trending Culture of Work From Home Jobs: Advantages & Disadvantages

WFH: The rising trend

Humanity has always adapted to change. So when the coronavirus pandemic had started spreading like wildfire, society adapted to the situation. People began working from home due to the virus. With advanced technology and high-speed internet, work efficiency did not suffer. Instead, some studies pointed out that companies actually became more efficient, all crediting the WFH change. It soon became apparent that many sectors can thrive even when people are working from home.

WFH blended home and work life. Earlier, people’s lives were divided into two segments: work life and home life. The crisis forced those who could work remotely to do so. This led to one life where work was flexible. This way, people working from home could live one life instead of the segmented lives they were living earlier.

Benefits of working from home

1. Flexibility

The biggest benefit of working from home is the flexibility it provides. You can manage your workload by keeping in mind your responsibilities at home. You can work from anywhere in your home.

2. Saves time

Commuting to work took a lot of time for many people. Since big companies’ offices are generally in the middle of the city, it takes time to reach the officer. The commute wastes a lot of time for many people. With WFH, the time saved can be utilized in other things.

3. Saves money

The daily commute not only took a lot of time, but it took a lot of money too. Although the daily commute is affordable for most Indians, the cost increases since one has to travel throughout the year. Working in offices also led to eating out and partying. WFH can save you a lot of money, especially in the long run,

4. Environmental factor

People traveling every day to the office emit a substantial amount of emissions. People going to their offices in their own vehicles contributes to air pollution substantially. When you are working from home, you are helping the environment.

5. Less stress

The rigid work hours, the daily commute, irregular diet, etc., increases the stress levels of many people. Work from home provides flexibility. The daily commute is no longer needed. You can eat homemade food and maintain a good diet. All the factors significantly improve the stress level.

6. Increased opportunities

Going to offices in-person had a geographical advantage. Some people don’t want to move to a particular state or a city. This hampers their job prospects since they have to look for a job in a suitable area. With WFH, this is no longer an issue. You can look for a remote job anywhere in India. This will mean that you will have more work opportunities.

Disadvantages of working from home

1. Lack of community

Man is a social animal. It is impossible to work in isolation for a long time. Even with video calls, text messages, etc., the feeling of working together as a team does not materialise virtually. Humans need face-to-face interactions to be connected and truly work as a team. Working closely with colleagues, in-person feels like being part of a community that is working towards something.

2. Lack of a social life

For many people, office colleagues are an integral part of their social life. The lunches, office parties on the weekend, and working together all the time builds camaraderie between colleagues. When people are working in isolation, it is difficult to connect with colleagues. As a result, the social lives of many people suffer.

3. Lack of motivation

People live segmented lives when they are working in-person. When they enter the work environment, they know it is time to work, and their brain turns to work mode. Add to that the physical presence of bosses; it adds to the pressure. Deadlines feel real. All of these factors push a person to work harder. With virtual work, all these elements are missing, and some employees do not have the motivation to work hard.

4. Lack of reliability

It is harder to keep track of who is doing what when people are working virtually. Some tasks require intensity and expertise. Tasks like these can only be done when people work together as a team, and the manager is there to nudge them towards the goal. With virtual work, it is harder for managers to perform their function of getting it all done. Employees can avoid work by not answering their emails and calls. They can go offline and be difficult to reach. The lack of concrete reliability is a big disadvantage of working from home for companies.

5. Loss of productivity

A stable work environment contributes to productivity and efficiency. Most people have other family members in their homes, and it can be difficult to manage their home life. People with kids have difficulty keeping a balance between work and home when they are working virtually. Background noises, unreliable internet, distractions, etc., contribute to a loss in productivity and efficiency when working from home.

Best Work from Home Job Ideas:

Work from home provides additional income as it is easy to start and work on.  It provides enormous flexibility and utilises free time. There are many things you can do to begin your WFH journey. Here are six WFH job ideas:

1. Tutoring

Anyone with a decent educational background can start tutoring children. With schools closed, the demand for tutors has immensely increased. You can fill the vacancy by offering tutoring services in your area. With software like Zoom or Google Meet, tutoring is easy and helps you earn additional income.

2. Homemade products

You can start making homemade products like bracelets, pendants, masks, etc. There are many websites out there that facilitate the selling of homemade products. You can also sell your products via social media platforms. Use your artistic side and make useful homemade products to start your WFH journey.

3. Buy in bulk and sell

The good old business idea of buying things in bulk and selling them. Earlier, you had to open a retail store to do that. Now, with the internet, you can start this business from home with decent internet. Set up your own website and promote it through social media platforms. Many websites act as intermediaries. They allow you to set up your online shop easily. They handle shipping as well. Online services of this variety are better if you don’t want the hassles that go with selling online.

4. Sell your expertise

You can start offering services that leverage your skills if you know skills like graphic design, accounting, etc. You can start providing your expertise and get paid for the same. This is a fantastic WFH idea. The pay is more because of the skills required, and there is work flexibility.

5. Blogger

Blogging doesn’t require an initial investment. You can write about your life, fashion tips, movie reviews, or even pastry recipes; the topic can be anything that strikes your fancy. It takes time to generate money from blogging since you need a certain amount of traffic on your blog. You need to be patient and consistently create good content to gather an audience.


The pandemic has changed a lot of things in the world. Work from home is a fantastic example of it. Many companies have stated that they will continue with their WFH policy even in the future. Some have said they will apply a hybrid model with a mix of both. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of WFH. Companies will have to figure out what works for them and do things accordingly.

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Q. What are some good ideas for work from home jobs?

Ans: You can start tutoring, sell goods online, sell your expertise, sell homemade products, or become a blogger.

Q. What are the benefits of working from home?

Ans: WFH provides a lot of flexibility. It saves time, saves money, reduces harmful emissions, increases job opportunities, and reduces stress.

Q. What are the disadvantages of working from home?

Ans: There is a lack of community while working from home. Employees also suffer from loss of productivity and social life with WFH jobs.

Q. Does working from home save time?

Ans: The commute to and from work wastes time for many people. With WFH, the time saved can be utilised in other things.

Q. Does working from home reduce productivity?

Ans: A stable work environment contributes to productivity and efficiency. Most people have other family members in their homes, and it can be challenging to manage their home life. People with kids have difficulty keeping a balance between work and home when they are working virtually.