80+ Best & Unique Youtube Channel Ideas

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80+ Best & Unique Youtube Channel Ideas

Table of Contents:

1. Starting A Youtube Channel Ideas

2. Trending Business Ideas: Youtube Channel

3. New Ideas For Youtube Channel In 2021

4. Unique Youtube Channel Ideas

5. Skill-Based Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

6. All Time Popular Youtube Channel Ideas

7. Creative Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

1. Starting A Youtube Channel Ideas

Here are a variety of small business ideas that you can choose from, to create new ideas for YouTube channel.

  1. Vlogging- As a vlogger, you can share regular video content. By sharing relatable and engaging content, vloggers increase their followers.
  2. E-commerce- Use YouTube to showcase your products which will encourage the users to buy them. You can even provide a direct link for product purchase in the description box.
  3. Product Review- As a product reviewer, you can use and share your first-hand experience with various products and help people decide on a purchase.
  4. Technology News- With the advancement in technology, there are daily new tech launches. If you possess a flair for tech, this a great opportunity to share your wisdom and let the audience benefit from it.
  5. Art- The internet respects and celebrates all kinds of artists and their art. You can start an art channel that hosts your process of art creation, and many art lovers will appreciate it.
Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel
  1. Makeup Tutorials- If you are someone from the beauty industry and know several techniques and details about doing good makeup, spin up your channel with makeup tutorials.
  2. Home Décor- As a home décor instructor, you can help people elevate the nooks and corners of their home without having to pay hefty amounts to any interior decorator.
  3. Crafting- You can create interesting, easy to do crafts on your channel that will captivate the audience.
  4. Sewing- If you are a master of this skill, creating YouTube videos about the various techniques of sewing will help you gain subscribers.
  5. Apps and Their Use- If you are a tech enthusiast and understand the functioning of varying apps, it would be great to start a channel and guide others.
  6. Current Affairs- Non-biased enlisting about the latest happenings around the world is something that the audience will encourage.
  7. Product Announcements- Provide users with daily or weekly roundup about new product announcements by reputed companies, which will save their time and provide encapsulated information on the go.
  8. Knitting- Alluring knitting designs can be created for those who admire handmade clothes. A YouTube channel showcasing this intricate art is sure to be a hit among creative minds.
  9. Funny Videos- You can start a YouTube channel where you post original funny acts by yourself or even create a compilation of other’s funny videos.
  10. DIYs- The do-it-yourself culture or DIY is quickly gaining pace, and today, most users want to have something that they’ve created themselves.
  11. Digital Marketing- Digital marketing on YouTube can help your business stand out and provide exposure to your brand, which will increase engagement and reach.
  12. Teaching- You can upload video lessons on your channel, and provide quality education. There is no restriction about the topic or subject that you need to teach and share your priceless knowledge with the audience.
  13. Gardening- Another hobby that helps beautify people’s homes and also benefits the environment, a gardening video channel is an amazing way to make money online. You can share your expertise with the world and also provide links to let people buy your plants and gardening supplies.
  14. Website Creation- A channel teaching website development will help many clients who wish to create their website in their unique style and according to their preferences.
Starting A Youtube Channel Ideas

3. New Ideas For Youtube Channel In 2021

  1. How-to Videos- A how-to video channel can include a variety of videos explaining easy solutions to day-to-day problems of common people and paves the way to make their life easier.
  2. Photography- There are various tactics involved in the process of creating stunning photographs. If you possess a passion for photography, it will be a good idea to start a YouTube channel for the same.
  3. Animator- Someone who creates beautiful animations which might be in the form of cartoons or illustrations has a lot of potential to create and showcase their talent through YouTube. You can even provide a step by step guide to your animation, which would be amusing to the users.
  4. Influencer Marketing- A social media marketing technique that uses product mentions and endorsements by influencers.
  5. Graphic Designer- You can create visual content that uses typography and illustrations, and teach the same of others.
  6. Dancing- To dance like a pro, most people tend to look at videos online. If you are a good dancer, it’s time to make use of your moves.
  7. Food- A culinary channel has a mammoth potential on YouTube. Make sure to be unique and interesting to stand apart.
  8. Health- 2020 has been a wake-up call to everyone that health must be prioritised above all. Channels emphasising on health are bound to resonate with the audience.
  9. Motivational Speaker- If you can ace communication, motivational videos are the fourth most searched topic on YouTube.
  10. Exercise- For those who like to exercise by themselves, a channel with exercise videos serves the purpose, and the audience is bound to return to your channel for every session.
  11. Financial Planning- An important aspect of each adult’s life, financial planning can be tricky, and people often look for help through videos.
  12. Language- The best way to learn a new language is by hearing it. A video channel that teaches a language step-by-step will connect with curious minds.

4. Unique Youtube Channel Ideas

  1. Magician- Magic is all about tricks and their clean execution. A channel that teaches all about magic and its processes is a promising idea.
  2. Pets- You can showcase a variety of ways for pet owners to understand and provide their pets with a good routine. A pet grooming channel can talk about pets’ habits, food choices and exercises.
  3. Home Repair- Home management can be tricky. Thus, appliance and furniture repair videos are a hit on YouTube.
  4. Best Of- A simple video channel that includes a list of top-10 best of various industries is an approach to follow if you have good research skills.
  5. Interview Help- A channel that focuses on the various aspects of interviewing is great for many prospective employees, to begin their preparation at home.
  6. Appliance Repair- Many appliances at home and office tend to malfunction just because of a minor issue, that is when people tend to a YouTube video to look for the solution.
  7. Gaming- Gamers are the ones who are gravely entangled in the digital world. A good way to cash in would be to create a channel that talks about the various aspects of gaming.
  8. Home Organising- Some of the biggest names in the organising industry started their journey with a simple YouTube video. Home organisation is soothing to watch, and the idea of decluttering connects with almost every individual.
  9. Recycling- Reuse, repurpose, and recycle is the way to lead for a healthy environment.
  10. Assembly- Many online orders need to be assembled post-delivery. A video guide that helps in the process is a boon.
New Ideas For Youtube Channel

5. Skill-Based Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

  1. Yoga- If you understand the peculiarities of various asanas and pranayama, a channel teaching Yoga is a way to go.
  2. Beautician- Parlours and salons are becoming increasingly expensive, and a simple, easy YouTube tutorial can do wonders for those who like to take care of their own needs.
  3. Wedding Planning- A dedicated channel that provides all resources for wedding planning in one place, from outfits to dances, and décor to food will definitely attract the right demographic.
  4. Gifting- A YouTube channel that talks about DIY gifting, or enlists ideas about gifting people according to their preferences.
  5. Book Review- Before buying a book, almost all readers look for its reviews and a video that talks about the good and bad of the book is sure to connect with bibliophiles.
  6. Fake News Buster- The over availability of information has led to the creation of blur between the real and fake news. A fake news busting video channel would work well for those who are looking for authentic, real, and non-tampered facts.
  7. Carpentering- An edgy hobby, carpentering is for those who like to create everything from scratch. If you excel in this field, make sure to distribute your knowledge to others.
  8. Movies and TV- A YouTube channel that talks about new releases of movies and television series, their reviews, and the latest developments on upcoming entertainment is sure to gather audiences from all domains of the society.
  1. Fashion- Everybody loves watching new fashion videos may it be on trends, OOTD's, party inspos, and more. This genre is just changing and waiting to be explored by millions.
  2. Political Satire/News Channels- It doesn't matter if you weigh the pros or shout out the cons in politics. News agendas exposure to political satire is the new and popularly loved YouTube channel idea in 2021.
  3. Tech Channels- Discuss new gadgets, upgrades, upcoming technologies and so much more on a dedicated tech channel. You'll never run out of content for this genre.
  4. Experiment Channels- Could be social or science? Pick your genre and start recording your experiments.
  5. Educational Channels- People need educational videos more than ever before, topics and variations are unlimited for this topic.
  6. Music Channel- It could be anything from singing songs, to teaching songs, or giving tutorials. Whatever your interest, Youtube can be a way to impart your knowledge on genres or your skills.
  7. Branded Content Video Ideas- This could also be helpful as an idea to launch your own company. Not only it helps in brand promotion, it could also lead to recognition and future opportunities.
  8. Unboxing- A popular style amongst YouTube influencers, it is an extremely popular genre amongst all age groups. Choose your niche passionately and get going.
  9. Challenges- This is more of a trend based thing as challenges have escalated from small to extreme. YouTube challenges manage to capture audiences' attention on a humongous scale.
  10. Pranks- Pranks have been one of the most thriving YouTube video ideas for many years. Small to big most pranks are always entertaining.
  11. Parodies- Video parodies are very popular nowadays. It could exaggerating other videos, mimicking famous people, movie trailers, influencers, etc.
  12. Real-Life Interviews- The audience for this is wide and so is your guest list. Just communicate and work around amazing personalities.
  13. Time lapse- People love amazing time lapse videos from transitions to day & night ones. All you need is a good quality camera.
  14. Q&A Video- It is a future approach idea after your channel has gathered some interest and a specific style of audience.
  15. Rant- Any subject in question bothering you or society could be ranted about nowadays. Keep it funny and sensible to keep your users engaged.
  16. Animal Videos- Videos of animals doing hilarious or odd things make up a notable piece of viral content on YouTube. Film them spontaneously.
  17. Tips- Everyone needs tips and tricks on everything nowadays. You search a topics and there's a tutorial on it. Find your niche and get going.
  18. Discussion- It could be between you and another YouTuber or a panel discussion. Topics are variable depending on the choice of audience you have in your channel.
  19. Things To Do- This could be anything about tourist destinations, food joints, or adventurous activities. Pick your forte and start filming.
  20. Life Hacks- A very useful channel genre that could strike gold if done correctly. Life hacks are very useful and amongst the most-watched videos in 2021.

7. Creative Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

  1. Business Solutions
  2. Collaboration Videos
  3. Event Promotion
  4. Product Tutorials Idea
  5. Makeup Challenge
  6. Gaming News
  7. Short Films
  8. Documentaries
  9. Reaction Videos
  10. Gaming News
  11. Videography Trick Shots/Skills
  12. Diet Plan
  13. Song Cover
  14. Highlight Song Similarities

8. Key Takeaways

YouTube is an excellent place to begin your business, if its power is leveraged properly. Find your niche for unique youtube channel ideas, and utilise it to firmly establish yourself on this platform. Maybe starting a youtube channel might sound overwhelming in the beginning but with the right amount of research on new ideas for youtube channel, you will just get there.

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Q. How much does it cost you to start and run a YouTube Channel?

Ans- An initial investment of INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 can surely bring great essence to your videos, the rest of everything depends on the quality of your content.

Q. Is YouTube a Good Platform to Earn Now in India?

Ans- Yes, YouTube is a good earning platform in India. Recent media reports mention India as the second fastest-growing freelance market in the world, comprising an estimated 15 million freelancers.

Q. As a small business owner, how can I benefit from YouTube?

Ans- You can use promo video to expand your market or connect with your customers better by way of explaining the functions of your product. In the educational sector, you can use video tutorials. Digital marketing and YouTube, in particular, offer many solutions for small businesses.

Q. Will my earnings increase with a higher number of subscribers?

Ans- The cost per thousand (CPM) factor decides your pay when you join Google's partner program. Advertisers pay different rates (or CPM) based on factors like location, seasonality type of video. On a general basis, the average payout rate is between 2 to 4 US dollars, per thousand views.

Q. How quickly can I start earning money from YouTube?

Ans- To start earning money, you must be a member of the YouTube partner programme. The criteria for a membership demands your channel to fulfil must the following conditions:

  • Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers.
  • Must have 4000+ watch-hours in the past 12 months (from the date of application).

Q. How to create a YouTube business account?

Ans- To set up a business YouTube account, first login using your google business account and then select “use a business or other name” from settings, click on create. Then, you can customise your profile with your business’s information.

Q. What kind of business should I create on YouTube?

Ans- Think about your skills and interests, the ones you can create many videos about. That will help you create fresh and innovative content.

Q. Can I immediately start monetising my YouTube channel?

Ans- No, you need at least 10000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to monetise it.