Best Career Opportunities In 2020

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Best Career Opportunities In 2020

Which careers took off this Lockdown?

Never in our wildest dreams had we imagined a Pandemic putting an indefinite break on our lifestyle. After waiting for months, people have adopted comfortably to the “New Normal”, whilst also embracing its quirks.

People are actively putting on job alerts, but with unemployment rates skyrocketing in India, it is becoming impossible to cope. Millennials to managers, almost everyone is facing the brutal wrath of losing their salaried packages. Even though looking up for job vacancies during this time can be hectic, we have fashioned a detailed blog especially for highlighting the best career opportunities today. From hunting jobs online to the best-reviewed portals we are gonna tell it all.

Work from Home

Gone are the days for face to face meetings, work from home jobs have become the new thing in every organisation. People have taken almost every type of work to digital portals. The work from home culture has resulted in generating mass productivity so much so that companies like Facebook and Twitter have granted permanent options to 30% of the staff. Indian companies

In many countries, companies have genuinely considered providing more and more remote work opportunities to freshers and experienced employees. This will give you the perfect chance to explore jobs with international companies, and get better salary packages. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to land a job with payrolls in dollars. The best of the roles that can be done at your home's comfort are- content writing, digital marketing, IT & Softwares, CA, teaching, accounts, and data entries.

These jobs are easily available with decent pay scales depending upon last drawn salaries on portals like- Indeed, LinkedIn, Updazz, Naukri, WorkIndia, and more.

Career planning in 2020

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E-Learning Industry

E-learning in the time of this year is considered amongst the best jobs in India. Many many portals are taking their knowledge digital, and it doesn't just include professionals/amateurs. Top Colleges and universities are hiring temporary faculties for online teaching and providing them certification that is valid in the same manner as getting taught in person.

Numerous study-based and educational portals are hiring for decently experienced professionals in the field of coding, communication, language learning, and several life-related subjects. From therapy to counselling, every experience is accounted for a first hand here and charged nominally as per sessions. You have the liberty to check online on which of the industries apart from these are hunting for professionals to impart their knowledge online.

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Online Businesses

This is both a trending career opportunity or also a chance to expand your existing business. People are adapting to shopping everything online from hair clips to wheat flour, and online businesses are taking the lead here. Thousands of businesses are profiting by starting their business online, may it be wholesale, retail, organic, or luxury.

Many Indian and international companies are inviting startups and well-established portals to market with them, expand their teams, and increase employment rate with the investment they will make. This business can be helpful for all freshers and freelancers out there, as you would be having the choice to be in the binding document or negotiating your packages. Because let us face it, only people who have the skills needed to fit that profile get the job.

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Tech & Customer Support

This is the field that has progressed higher in the bar graphs from April 2020. The technical support and customer relations are the only fields that do not require a high level of proficiency or masters in any specific field but also give every individual the chance to earn incentives. The minimum requirement for this profile is a graduate person with decent communication skills.

As more and more jobs and businesses are going online, people are raising their tickets online via calls, emails, virtual chat support, relationship management supports- banks, event companies, hospitality industries, eCommerce portals- Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, and the list goes on. Every major company is hiring people to join up their support teams.

This could be your temporary trail to start a decent pay career amidst the pandemic. The best part about this is most companies are provisioning work from home policy; along with delivering every needed material like a laptop, smartphone, and other accessories along with Live training sessions at Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

Healthcare & Online Personal Support

This doesn't just cater to everyday working nurses and paramedics but to a large number of medical professionals going digital. Fever and asymptomatic issues could arrive in the middle of the night and with the quarantine restrictions upon us; it has become physically impossible to admit or attend the usual amount of patients they used to treat.

Appointments that were urgent took days in waiting, hence, the medical industry adopted the online way. With 24*7 doctors and healthcare professionals attending at nominal charges throughout the city on applications like Practo, 1mg, and Apollo. From young to old, people can connect with their family physicians via WhatsApp or video calls. The Healthcare industry is going to be in high demand for a long time and the relevant education field with minimum experience is also needed for such times.

Startup Companies

If you are fresher or experienced or even running between middle-level jobs, startups are the best way to start your career. Many companies in India are offering good roles to people in several industries. Startups will give you an insight on raw data, behind the scenes and will give you various roles to learn and experiment. The culture amongst startups mostly consists of millennials, hence making the work environment comfortable and modern.

Tell us if we missed out on anything, and do let us know if you would check out any of the above industries to begin your career.

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