What’s your need in 2020: Experience or Talent?

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What’s your need in 2020: Experience or Talent?

Experience vs young talent, can you single out one?

Suppose for instance: What would you do if tomorrow you were given two candidates for the same position; one is highly-experienced while the other one being less-experienced possesses an impeccable talent, quick grasping, and tonnes of proactivity. How would you choose?

Before you pick on that, we need to understand plus assess the major differences between experience vs young talent.

What's The Difference?

The development or growth of any organisation depends on people who know more about the firm or have gained a lot of relevant experience but then why do companies go on for hiring freshers in large numbers. It's because any fresher or graduates fresh out of college will have the skills, knowledge, and the ability to give more than take.

The younger generations are well-versed with the latest technology so they are quick with learning and can equip themselves. On the other hand, experienced people will have multiple job offers at hand, while the position they manage might not interest them, hence can quit the job anytime to explore better prospects.

The ultimate difference is that freshers are more dynamic and accomplish their aim with their young blood rush of energy, while the experienced candidate will apply all the tricks learned in the past learning to attain their goal.

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Understand Your Needs

While there is no substitute for one or the other in a job profile, there are definite choices to make within the company. It is viable for you to understand beforehand the kind of person you're searching for in advance. If you are not clear about the type of person you need, the recruiting process will exceed longer than the deadlines. When you are looking for experienced personnel, your need is to hunt someone with the similar and relevant specialisations to fit your profile.

Like for instance, anyone looking for a Leadership role will anyway pick the one who has managed/handled teams before. Youngsters are loaded with visions of their own immortality. The Indian youth is more competitive, is prone to make mistakes, and is likely to buckle down under pressure, this is where a person's experience comes into action. It offers you calm and gives you the strength to hold your nerves and function at your best even under stress. Experience has a calming impact on youth.

Difference in perspectives between the freshers and experienced

Risk Management

When you are browsing for middle-level profiles, there is certainly a definite risk involved. There will be more than one approach to take, in terms of choosing between an experienced employee and a fresher.

The prime risks in hiring any individual are their typical mindset. Even if they have been very successful in managing and tackling the situation in a certain way to accomplish their goals but don't match your company's procedure, then there could be a dysfunction. Having hands on experience is important, but keeping a broad perspective is needed for any company’s growth.

On the other hand, capable freshers who do not have the eagerness to learn and develop newer skill sets (thinking that they are the best), won't be able to adapt to the company's protocols. But in general, freshers are much more flexible to consider others opinions and charter them into their work without being skeptical.

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Why This & Why That?

Experience adds up when there's an uprising crisis that determines the future of the company, while the youth-only looks at short term advantages or outcomes rather than planning as to what would happen after a certain period of time.

What we need today is freshers with an attitude to do things as being asked and told while the experienced people guiding them in the right direction but also keeping an open mind. The judgment as to whether a company needs to go with freshers or experienced candidates depends on the filed they're picking up for,

For example, in the field of IT & Coding, the youth is given major priority as they come well-versed with the latest procedures and technology. But in a field like Operations Management, experience counts first.

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Unfortunately, there are no proven studies or defined formulas to determine the right pick based on experience and talent. The ideal candidate usually possesses a mix of both, but in reality, you will have to pick what matters to the company now. The experience of older employees can be precious and an asset to the company. Thus, in our opinion, a diverse blend of freshers and experienced staff make up the right combination.

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