Best Items to Export from Tamil Nadu [Best Export Items]

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Best Items to Export from Tamil Nadu [Best Export Items]

Exporting businesses have come a long way. Many people start exporting businesses to earn a good source of income. It is a profitable business. But there are so many business ideas in exporting. Selecting the right export business idea plays an essential role. If you choose the right export business and export the right products from the right places, the business will grow tremendously.

Tamil Nadu has been an exporter of different types of products, like vegetables, leather, handloom fabrics, spices, plantation products, automobiles, coffee, etc.  You can find various opportunities in Tamil Nadu for exporting businesses. We will discuss all the products that you can export from Tamil Nadu to the world.

Best products to export from Tamil Nadu:

The best export business ideas are as follows:

1. Agricultural products

One of the best export businesses in Tamil Nadu is agricultural products. Places like Coimbatore, Tirupur, Hosur, Salem, Ooty, Panruti, etc., are famous for agro products. These products are high in market demand. You can export products like coconut, banana, seafood, salt, seasonal flowers, tea, homemade chocolates, mangoes, etc.

The exporting of agricultural products is highly profitable, and the products are of the best quality in Tamil Nadu. It is also a low-investment business idea. You don’t have to raise a huge capital for exporting agricultural products.

2. Textile products

The next product that you can export is textile. Tirupur is extremely famous for exporting garments all over the world. It is one of the best import-export business ideas. Tamil Nadu produces traditional and cultural clothes in Tirupur, and people have a high demand for these clothes in the market. It is a good and profitable export business that you can start. You can also find some cheap stores in Tirupur and get concessions if you purchase the products in bulk.

3. Flower export business

The flower export business in Tamil Nadu has grown immensely. In Hosur, you will find all the seasonal flowers that you can export outside India. The flower business is a good business to start. You can either buy the flowers or grow them yourself. Both of the options will help you earn a significant amount of money. The prices can be determined based on demand, quality, rareness, and seasons. If the flowers are seasonal, you can charge high prices and vice versa.

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4. Computer export business

Computers and high-tech are super popular around the world. Selecting products that have high demand in the market is a profitable way to go about business. You can export computer parts and similar hardware all over the world. The manufacturing of computer parts is cheaper in developing countries compared to developed countries.

In Tamil Nadu, many places have computer parts manufacturers that sell the parts at a reasonable price. You can purchase the computer parts and export them to the developed countries. It is a profitable business idea.

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5. Leather export business

Leather is another product that you can export to the world. Tamil Nadu has the biggest processing factories that export premium leather products over the world. The Central Leather Research Unit is located in Chennai. So, you can purchase the product in bulk as per the order and export it to different countries all over the world. It is the best import and export business idea.

6. Automotive export business

The next product that you can export from Tamil Nadu is automotive products. One of the biggest exporters of automotive products in Tamil Nadu is Chennai. You can purchase your desired automotive products in Chennai at a reasonable cost. You can purchase products in the niche, like parts or tools, etc. It is highly in demand, and the developed countries purchase large stocks at a good price. So, you can grab this opportunity and start the automotive export business.

How to start an import-export business?

Want to know how to start an import and export business? Refer to the points below:

1. Import-export business plan

The first step is always to create a business plan. It will help you streamline the next steps of the business. Create a detailed plan about the products, costs, investment, suppliers, licenses and registration process, etc. Import and export is a complex and lengthy process. A business plan is essential to avoid complicated situations.

2. Registration ad IEC code

After making a business plan, register your business and obtain an IEC (import-export code). You need to register with your PAN card of the business. Once you obtain a PAN for the business, you can open a current account for business transactions only. The documents required to obtain IEC are:

  • Personal PAN card
  • Applicant’s photograph
  • Copy of canceled cheque of the business account

3. Obtain RCMC

RMC is a Registration cum Membership Certificate. It is needed to set up an authorised import-export business. The Export Promotion Council grants the RMC a. It is a necessary part of starting an import and export business.

Red coloured export container

4. Select and price the products

After receiving the registration and certifications, you can select the products you want to export. Select the products that have high market demand. After selecting the products, you need to price the products. Pricing is essential as it determines the profits of the business.


To conclude, we can say that Tamil Nadu has some of the best products for exporting. Tamil Nadu is rich in culture and tradition. It offers a wide variety of seasonal, rare, and demanding products. So, you can purchase the item from Tamil Nadu and export it across the world. If you are looking to start your own exporting business, you can refer to the exporting products you can buy in Tamil Nadu.

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Q. What products from Tamil Nadu have high demand?

Ans. Some of the products from Tamil Nadu which are in high demand include textile items, agricultural products, computer software, hardware parts, electronic products, biotechnology, tourism planners, transport equipment and ancillaries, floriculture, food processing products, infrastructure development, leather and leather products, etc. All these products are in abundance in Tamil Nadu and have a high demand in the market.

Q. What are the food processing products that I can export from Tamil Nadu?

Ans. The food processing products you can export from Tamil Nadu include minimally processed vegetables, tofu, fruit processing products, fish processing produce, fish papad, mechanised modern dressed chicken, processed milk products, ice, mushroom, and mushroom products, etc. All these items are made in large quantities to export and are highly profitable items.

Q. What documents are required to obtain an IEC (import-export code)?

Ans. The documents required to obtain an IEC are as follows:

  • Personal PAN card
  • Applicant’s photograph
  • Copy of canceled cheque from the business account