Manufacturing Companies In Coimbatore [Best Manufacturing Companies]

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Manufacturing Companies In Coimbatore [Best Manufacturing Companies]

Durability and repairability are key components of products, especially in today's age of e-waste and what-not-waste. Moreover, people prefer to invest finances/capital in long-lasting, investment-returning products and services. Everyone likes to invest money into long-lasting, investment-return products and services. Substances that optimally complete tasks with a long shelf-life. We researched to collect factual information about the top manufacturing companies in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, to help relevant ancillary industries/services to connect and be well-informed on this segment.

1. Bannari Amman Group:

The group is one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, and service providers. They deal in a wide range of items, including sugar, whiskey, wine, granite, and more. Also, they contribute to sustainability, education, and other aspects of the service sector. According to the Economic Times dated January 29, 2021, their net worth is USD 270 million, with a turnover in sales of USD 570 million. The company gained its wealth by maintaining a balance between social welfare programs and profitability. They achieved leadership in the private sector with consistency and steadfastness. The company is appreciated for providing satisfactory results to the customers.

  • Address: 12112 Trichy road, Coimbatore - 641018, Tamil Nadu
  • Website

2. Laxmi Machine Works Limited:

Established in 1962, Laxmi Machine Works Limited is one of the leading companies in the textile machinery manufacturing industry. It manufactures the complete range of spinning machinery and ranks third globally. They fulfill the requirements of the domestic market as well Asian and oceanic region market. The company also produces CNC machine tools among its large array of products. Furthermore, it also includes the Advanced Technology Centre to manufacture components for the Aerospace Industry. Laxmi Machine Works is highly appreciated for their excellence, contribution to the market and society.

  • Address: SRK Vidyalaya Post, Periyanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore - 614020, Tamil Nadu
  • Website

3. KPR mill:

The company has experience of over forty years. The company is considered one of the largest vertically integrated public limited companies. It is a manufacturer of a large variety of yarns, fabrics, garments, and white crystal sugar. According to economic times, their net worth is INR 2900 crores as of 29 January 2021. They are known to produce high-quality products in the fashion garment industry. Its specialty is the preparation of innerwear, athletic, and leisure clothing. The mill concentrates on preserving product quality and is recognised as Coimbatore's largest manufacturers. The company is exploring probable ventures in Ethiopian nations.

  • Address: S No.9, Gokul Buildings, A.K.S. Nagar, Thadagam Road, Coimbatore - 941001, Tamil Nadu
  • Website
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4. Sakthi Sugars:

Sakthi Sugars, founded in 1931, started with twenty-one buses. It began commercial sugar production in 1964. The company operates in several countries, including India, China, the Middle East, and the United States. According to the Economic Times, the company's entire revenue is 900 crores. Also, the revenue generated for the company was USD two million. The information is current as of January 29th, 2021. The company is known to provide customers users a good experience. At the same time, they can create an impactful brand image by involving in social programs. In addition, the company is highly invested in social welfare programs. As a contribution to sustainability and education, the company made contributions to several rural development programs.

  • Address: No. 18, Race Course Road, Coimbatore - 641018
  • Website

5. LG Balakrishnan Bros:

The company was established in 1937 as a transport operator company. It leads in the manufacturing of products like drive chains, sprockets, auto tensioners, automotive timing, precision machined parts, rubber products, fine blanked components, guides, and scooter components. The company has a good share in the domestic as well as international market. It has nineteen state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India and one in the US. It completes its eighty-four years of working this year. It has a turnover of over 200 million USD. They earned this place by providing quality products for such a long period.

  • Address: 6/16/13 Krishnarayapuram Road, Ganapathy, Coimbatore - 641006
  • Website

6. CRI Pumps:

This company is regarded as one of the leading companies in the sector of fluid managing services. The company is appreciated for the quality of products produced by them. The wide range of products includes pumps, pipe wire, cables, IOT drive, valve, motor, controller, pipe, solar pump system. They serve several industries that CRI Pumps is heavily invested in, such as chemical, pharma, defense, petrol, metal, paper, oil, and gasses. The turnover for the company as per economic times dated the twenty-ninth January 2021 is one thousand five hundred crores.

  • Address: 7/46-1, Keeranatham Road, Salvanampatty, Coimbatore - 641035, Tamil Nadu
  • Website
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7. Dutch Plantin Coir India PVT Ltd.

The company has numerous production sites in Asia, the Netherlands, and Africa. It is referred to as one of the largest producers of coco peat and related products worldwide. They have experience of over twenty years in this field. They are appreciated for the high-quality products they sell. They are consistent and continuous in producing high-quality products. The company employs its own set of employees in the field of agricultural scientists to ensure minimal defects. The professionals provide tailored advice and help the company to prosper.

  • Address: #11, Damodharasamy Nagar, 8th Cross street, Sowripalayam, Coimbatore - 641028. Tamil Nadu
  • Website

8. ELGI Equipment:

The firm is a compressor producer. They manufacture world-class quality items and are well-liked across the world as a result. They have several certifications, including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2015, Green product certification, ISO 50001, and IRIS certification. They have also developed in-house FEA, CFD, NVH, and numerous industrial capabilities, which help them to ensure continuous innovation in the field. They are employed in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, mining, agriculture, automotive, and construction. Having experience of over sixty years, the company has a huge name and is known for providing high-quality products.

  • Address: Elgi Industrial complex, Trichy Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore - 641005, Tamil Nadu
  • Website

9. Egger Pumps Pvt. Ltd.

The company was established in 1947. At that time, the company was specialised in pumping fluids laden with solids and gases. The firm now manufactures a diverse variety of goods, including centrifugal pumps and control valves for the chemical, municipal, and industrial industries. They have experience of over seventy years. The firm is well-liked because of the longevity and sustainability of its goods. They are also in the leading position as they can provide long-term trouble-free operation and easy availability of products.

  • Address: S.F. No, 206, Kannampalayam Road, Coimbatore - 641402, Tamil Nadu
  • Website

10. Hirotec India Pvt. Ltd.

The company is one of the leading automotive industries that produce numerous products. The product range includes exhaust systems, closure manufacturing equipment, body-in-white closures. As stated by the firm, the company can maintain its position because they are truthful, humble, and consistent in the process. They have received over twenty-five awards for their performance over the years. This proves them to be efficient enough to produce quality products. They believe in the K2 philosophy — Kaizen (concept of continuous change) and Kaikaku (change that initiates advancements in technology and processes).

  • Address: 7/147, Power House Road, Keeranantham, Coimbatore - 641035, Tamil Nadu
  • Website

11. Jacobi carbons India Pvt. Ltd.

The firm is a solution-driven organisation that offers a diverse variety of goods to fulfil the demands of its clients. The product range includes products like activated carbon, Mobile filter services, and Ion exchange resins. The activated carbons and ion exchange resins are often used in combination with a wide range of applications. One of the renowned products is AddSorb, AquaSorb, PicaSorb, ColorSorb, EcoSorb, PetroSorb, ReSorb, Resinex. The company has detailed knowledge about the applications of these products and provides the most efficient products in terms of technicality, sustainability, and solutions. They are well-known for their high-quality products, which have propelled them to the top of the business.

  • Address: 122, Bharathi Colony, Peelamedu, Coimbatore - 641004, Tamil Nadu
  • Website

12. Hengchang Machinery Factory India:

The company was established in 1990. They are the leading manufacturer of high-speed computerised multi-needle chain stitch quilting machines. The machines are highly qualified and include American technology with innovation to manufacture machines with the latest advancements. The products made by them are durable, reliable, economical, and easy to operate. This is the prime reason their products are in demand worldwide. They are exporters to multiple countries like China, Europe, East and Middle Asia, and many more. They are appreciated for producing high-quality products with high managing skills in the post-sale network.

  • Address: 7/114- A, Kulatthom Uthupalayam Arasur Post, Coimbatore - 641407, Tamil Nadu
  • Website


These were some of the leading Manufacturing Companies In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The information is not specific to a single industry. Rather, it consists of information about leading companies in general. It will help you know about the leading companies and the products they share so that you can have the best quality products. Hope it helps.

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Q. What manufacturing industry is Coimbatore famous for?

Ans. Coimbatore is known for its foundry and car industries, as well as the production of textile industry technology, parts, motor pump sets, wet grinders, and a wide range of technical goods and services. Coimbatore and its surrounding are home to over 40% of the state's spinning units.

Q. Is gold manufactured in Coimbatore?

Ans. Coimbatore is one of India's most important gold jewelry production centers, with a reputation for both molded and machine-made jewelry. There are over 3000 jewelry production enterprises and over 40,000 goldsmiths in the region.

Q. What kind of manufacturing industries does Coimbatore house?

Ans. Coimbatore, dubbed the "Manchester of the South," is home to a slew of large and micro textile factories. It is part of the Coimbatore-Tirupur-Erode industrial corridor, which has approximately 45,000 manufacturing units in various industries, the majority of which are small and medium-sized businesses.

Q. What are motor pump brands?

Ans. Many well-known motor pump manufacturers have their headquarters in Coimbatore. This district supplies about 40% of India's motor and pump requirements, and thus the city has a near-monopoly in the production of wet grinders.

Q. What is Codissia?

Ans. The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (Codissia) did the government proud by constructing the Codissia Trade Fair Complex, which is the state's largest sophisticated exposition site and a private association's hall-mark building. The government's measures, such as the single-window system for approvals, infrastructural development, and the construction of industrial corridors, are anticipated to promote the region's sectors.

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