Top 9 Cattle Feed Manufacturers in India [2022]

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Top 9 Cattle Feed Manufacturers in India [2022]

India has a rich variety of cattle livestock. Therefore, in India, you may easily find cattle feed manufacturers.

Some of the best cattle manufacturers in India are:




Pune Maharastra

Gauri Shankar Cattle Feed


Kisan Fodder Mills Private Limited


Anfotal Nutritions Private Limited

Uttar Pradesh

HA Trading Company

New Delhi

Bharat Industries

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Maharashtra Feeds Private Limited

New Delhi

Indian Poultry Feeds

Uttar Pradesh

Khushboo Feed Mills Pvt Ltd



AB Vista has seen high growth in the field of animal food supply. They have gained the top 3 ranks in top cattle feed manufacturers in India and are the best yeast and natural betaine suppliers to their customers.

Their best products are categorised into 4 varieties. These are:

  • Axcelera C is a lactose-based pellet for the growth and development of ruminants or cattle. They aid in the faster growth of calves. Young calves recognize it as milk; it aids in their healthy development and is an easily digestible food.
  • Vistabet is a sugar beet-based product that enhances the metabolism of cattle.
  • Vistacell increases the yeast and other important bacteria in the cattle. It also enhances the nutrient composition in cow milk.
  • VistaPre-T increases the digestion in the cattle and also increases the yield.

AB VISTA can be contacted at:

  • Address: No. R-303, Pimple Gurav, 411027 - Pune MH
  • Contact: 9860315558

2. Gauri Shankar Cattle Feed

Gauri Shankar Cattle Feed is a trustworthy decade-old cattle supplier. They produce a large variety of cattle food for cows, buffaloes, and other livestock too.

Their products are Cattle Feed, Chana Khanda Cattle Feed, Balanced Diet Cattle Feed, Mix Balanced Diet Cattle Feed, Chana Churi Cattle Feed, Premium Chana Khanda Cattle Feed, and Chana Churi Cattle Feed Powder.

  • Address: 25/122, Street, Near Takshila Public School, Kabir Nagar, Delhi, 110094
  • Contact number: 9582740706

3. Kisan Fodder Mills Private Limited

Kisan fodder was established in 1994 to provide a healthy diet to cattle in India. They have the best varieties of cattle feed tested by specialists. They follow a strict protocol to prevent any adulteration of animal food. Kisan Fodder Mills follows all safety protocols regarding COVID-19.

Their best products are Kisan Calf Starter Cattle Feed, Animal Starter Cattle Feed, Kisan Calf Starter Cattle Feed, Calf Starter Cattle Feed, and Starter Cattle Feed.

  • Address: Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi 232101
  • Contact Number: 080 4304 4448

4. Anfotal Nutritions Private Limited

Anfotal Nutritions Private Limited was established in 1984 and is one of India's most important top cattle feed manufacturers. They provide feed for cattle, poultry, and also for aquaculture fields. They have a stronghold over their products' composition, pH, and purity.

Their important products are Horse Feed Additives, Feed Supplements, Chick Feed Supplements, Animal Nutrition Supplements, Cattle Vitamins, Mineral Mixture, and Goat Feed Additives.

  • Address: B-44, JJ Colony, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Contact Number: 080 4295 8802
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5. HA Trading Company

HA Trading Company delivers high-quality food for cattle as well as poultry animals. They are the main producer of gluten rice in India. Their products have a high protein content.

Their products are Fish Feed, Maltodextrin, Dextrose Monohydrate, Poultry Feed, Maize Starch, Liquid Glucose, and Cattle Feed.

  • Contact number: 9871806004
  • Address: Metroplex East, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, 110092

6. Bharat Industries

Bharat Industries came into being in 1993. They produce many quality products for cattle and other livestock animals that increase the milk yield in cattle. They are high in demand for cattle feeds with their great quality products.

Their products are cattle feed, Animal Feed Supplements, Live Yeast Culture Powder For Cattles, and Poultry Feed.

  • Contact Number: 0120 270 1148
  • Address: B. S. Road, sector 4, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201009.
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7. Maharashtra Feeds Private Limited

Maharashtra Feeds Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of Top Cattle Feed Manufacturers in India. They also have poultry food products.

Their important products are cattle feed, poultry feed, fish feed, full-fat soya, and pig feed.

  • Contact Number: 011 4912 0671
  • Address: Plot No. 46 Rajsthani Udyog Nagar, New Delhi, 110033

8. Indian Poultry Feeds

Indian Poultry Feeds delivers food for cattle and other livestock animals, especially poultry animals. However, they also deliver products. Their products are easy to digest with high nutrition.

Their products are bone meal, feed supplements, bone meal products, etc.

  • Contact Number: 097561 29266
  • Address: Buland Shahar Road, Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 245101
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9. Khushboo Feed Mills Pvt Ltd

They deliver high-quality products for livestock animals. Their team is highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work.

Their important products are Quality Broiler Poultry, Pellet Feed, and cattle feed.

  • Contact Number: 088606 31639
  • Address: Amdama Lake Rd, Haryana 122102

Healthy Cattle Diet

To get healthy livestock of cattle, you must maintain a healthy diet structure for them. Healthy animals provide a high yield of milk, and they can be used for other field ploughing purposes. You have to take care of the diet according to the species and the animal's condition. A malnourished animal will never give a high yield. They must also get the proper amount of rest. Overwork without rest will eventually cause the cattle to fall sick.

The best feed for cattle includes a complete diet with all minerals and nutrients required by them. Sometimes, in case of any nutrition deficiency, the cattle are given supplements. The best diet for cattle includes the following:

  • Hay
  • Grain supplement
  • Pasture and Forage
  • Concentrates

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Q. Is the cattle feed business profitable?

Ans. The cattle feed business in India is profitable. India has a vast diversity of different species of cattle. You just need a good investment to produce high profit in this field. Moreover, there is a good amount of competition in the market. Therefore, you must be patient enough to establish your business.

Q. Which feed is best for cows and buffaloes?

Ans. The cows and buffaloes thrive best on food such as roughages. These roughages include legumes, grass, and straw. They can also be fed with oil-seed cakes, sugar cane tops, etc.

A cow can easily graze a large amount of grass. However, you should not allow them to overgraze. Many manufacturers provide supplements in case of any nutritional deficiency of the livestock.

Q. Which animals are called cattle?

Ans. The animals which belong to the genus Bos are called cattle. The cattle include animals such as cows, buffalo, goats, oxen, and calves. These animals are domesticated for their milk, meat, or leather. Buffaloes are also used in fields for ploughing fields. They are also used for carrying heavy loads. Cow milk is a basic source of calcium for humans.

Q. Name the types of cattle feed?

Ans. The best types of cattle feed are:

  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Chana Churi
  • Maize Cattle Feed
  • Paddy Straws
  • Buffalo Feed
  • Guar Meal
  • Feed Molasses
  • Soya Lecithin Cattle Feed

Q. Name some Indian cattle.

Ans. Indian cattle are classified into 4 groups. These four groups are defined breeds, uniform breeds, crossbreeds, and non-descript cattle. There are approximately 50 indigenous (desi) varieties in India. The most common varieties are Gir, Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, and Rathi.

Q. Is it easy to look after cattle?

Ans. Taking care of cattle is not a very difficult task. You just need to be careful about their nutrition demand and hygiene. It becomes very easy to take care of cattle with a proper diet and hygiene.

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