What Are Some of the Best Renewable Energy Business Ideas?

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What Are Some of the Best Renewable Energy Business Ideas?

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is also known as 'clean energy.' It comes from the natural sources of the environment and processes the resources that replenish. Renewable energy examples include sunlight, natural wind blowing, etc. The availability of renewable sources depends on the time and weather.

What are renewable resources?

Renewable resources are the resources used to save the environment and avoid using non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are endless and don't generate from machines or grids. They generate through natural resources like the sun, wind, etc. Biomass, solar energy, wind energy, wood, ethanol, hydropower, etc., are all examples of renewable resources.

What is a renewable energy source?

Renewable energy sources are energy that is endless and sustainable. A renewable energy source cannot run out. The non-renewable energy sources include coal, which can be used as an alternative energy source but is non-sustainable. There are many renewable energy sources, and the list of renewable and non-renewable resources are as follows:

  • Renewable resources include solar, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, biomass, and hydrogen.
  • Non-renewable resources include coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear energy, crude oil, uranium, fossil fuels, steel, tar sand, and phosphate.

Renewable energy business ideas

There are several renewable energy business ideas that you can choose from. The list of various business ideas are as follows:

1. Biodiesel production

Biodiesel production is a good renewable energy business idea. You can start a small-scale biodiesel production unit. Biofuel is obtained from plants or animals. So, it is a renewable energy source that you can use to start your business.

image of Indian E-rickshaw

2. E-rickshaw manufacturing

The next renewable energy business idea is e-rickshaw manufacturing. It is quite a popular means of transportation nowadays. E-rickshaw is an effective vehicle that works with the help of renewable resources. It also doesn't demand a workforce to run the vehicle. It can be seen in rural areas, suburban areas, and even metropolitan cities. The electric vehicle cannot be charged using solar panels. However, it is a step toward moving away from oil and gases.

3. Power storage businesses

The power storage business is a good renewable business idea to start in India. You can sell power storage units like UPS and batteries. Many areas do not have solar power, and customers seek batteries that last long. It is a great business opportunity to sell UPS. It can help people from losing their data and files from the computer.

4. Expert advice

You can also start an expert business in the renewable energy resource business. Many people seek a piece of professional advice on the renewable energy business. You can start this business depending on your expertise and experience level. You can advise on the right solar panels to the customers trying to buy solar panels for their homes or business. You can also advise on the installation of the panels and other renewable energy sources.

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5. Installation and maintenance services

You can provide installation and maintenance services to the customers. It is a good and profitable renewable business idea that you can start in India. Some people buy solar panels but can't climb to the roof to fit it themselves. They need installation and maintenance people. It creates an opportunity for people to understand the mechanics and hardware of a product. You can make a good living off of it.

You can also provide your services for solar heating systems in swimming pools and replacing the water heater conventions. If you have an engineering or mechanical background, you can consider starting your installation and maintenance service business.

6. Sell power plans

Selling power plans is a great business idea to get yourself involved in. You can start selling power plans to customers looking for renewable energy sources. In power plans, you can sell all sorts of renewable power sources for the people who live in camps or have RV vans. It makes it easier for those people because it helps them to avoid grid connectivity. It is a modern way of living off of renewable energy.

7. Rainwater harvesting business

The next business idea is to start a rainwater harvesting business. Water shortage is one of the common problems in India. Many places, cities, and small towns face this problem. It allows you to start this business and provide effective water solutions to the customers. To start this business, you must have knowledge of the water harvesting process, get the training, and find solutions for the customers.

Runoff water is collected in polymer tanks


To conclude, we can say that using renewable energy sources saves a lot of money for the people and protects our environment. It is high in demand, and many people opt for renewable resources. One of the most common resources is solar panels. If you are looking to start a renewable energy business idea, consider reading the ideas mentioned in the article, and choose as per your expertise and knowledge.

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Q. How can I start a solar energy business?

Ans. You can start a solar energy business by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Create a business plan
  • Do a thorough market research
  • Legalise the business by obtaining the licenses and permits
  • Acquainted with government's electricity department
  • Select a location
  • Take financial actions
  • Select the type of solar company
  • Hire engineers and other workers
  • Start the business

Q. Is nuclear energy bad for the environment?

Ans. Nuclear energy is considered a moderately dangerous energy source. It cannot be seen, but that doesn't mean that it is clean. However, it produces no harmful greenhouse gases. Nuclear energy is an expensive source of energy. It is not easily accessible nor affordable for many people.

Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste, which is harmful to the environment. So, we can say that nuclear energy is both good and bad. Some features make it more interesting, but some make it dangerous. It depends on the usage and purpose of an individual.

Q. What are non-renewable resources?

Ans. Non-renewable resources are the resources that cannot be produced again. There is a limited supply of non-renewable resources, and one day they will go extinct. It takes years and decades to produce non-renewable resources. Some examples are coal, steel, natural gas, etc.

One major disadvantage is that these resources cannot be replenished, meaning they will stay in the soils, water, or land for years, and it will cause pollution and environmental degradation. So, it is essential to use renewable resources as much as we can instead of non-renewable resources.

Q. What are the types of non-renewable energy?

Ans. Non-renewable energy is also known as finite energy, meaning it will end at one time. It is extremely harmful and dangerous for our environment. There are several types of non-renewable energy, and some of them are listed as follows:

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Nuclear energy