Bluedart Franchise Cost In India: How To Start, Investment Required, Profit Margin & More

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Bluedart Franchise Cost In India: How To Start, Investment Required, Profit Margin & More

Blue Dart Express is a subsidiary package distribution company that operates mainly in South Asian countries. Presently, it covers 35000+ locations in approximately more than 220 countries in the world. The company has wholly changed the scenario of the logistics industry in the entire world. If you want to know about the Bluedart franchise cost in India and want to start this business, you can find all the details in this article.

Starting a Bluedart franchise in India might be profitable for you because the company has accounted for annual revenue of more than $700 million (₹52,01,02,45,000+) in a year worldwide. This article has covered everything you need on how to start the Bluedart franchise in India, including its benefits, cost or investment required, methods, and profit margins.

Benefits of Starting a BlueDart Franchise

Before going further into the details of Bluedart franchise cost in India, its profit margins, and other information, let’s first talk about the benefits of owning its franchise. We have covered them below:




You can have all the maximum benefits of this Blue Dart’s remarkable brand reputation.


With its international affiliation, you can manage national and international shipments because they’re merged with DHL (DHL is a business alliance partner of Blue Dart).


You get a fantastic opportunity to serve your customers because Blue Dart is serviceable in more than 35,000 locations.

In-house facility

Getting a Bluedart franchise brings you the advantage of pre-existing marketing facilities. In addition, with its brand reputation, you don’t need to run any marketing promotions. 

Ease of operations

Take advantage of the indigenous-developed and used services, customer service, technology for tracking and Tracing along with MIS, ERP, and more.

Financial incentives

Every successful delivery gives you plenty of commissions. In addition, you’ll get a special bonus on festivals and other benefits during partner offers and special seasons.

24x7 customer support

Get 24x7 customer support if you need any type of assistance related to its business operation.

In short, owning a Bluedart franchise in India, there’s no denying the fact that you are bound to get some astounding benefits. In the next section, we have covered the amount of investment required in getting the franchise.

Requirements of Starting a Bluedart Franchise In India

In this section, we will look at all the requirements of owning a Bluedart franchise in India. In addition, we will cover the investment required, area, and legal documentation.

1. Bluedart Franchise Cost in India

The Bluedart franchise cost in India depends on the size and location of the store. Let’s look at the location-wise franchise business models that the company offers:

  • City-level
  • State-level
  • Rural-level

You need an estimated investment of approximately ₹2-4 lakhs to run a Bluedart franchise for a city-level franchise. This cost is comparatively higher for a state-level franchise.

Moreover, you should pay a security deposit of ₹1.5 lakh (varies for different cities in India). On reaching a certain performance over time, Blue Dart refunds this amount to you.

2. Area Requirements of Bluedart Franchise in India

If you are a resident of India, you can apply for the Blue Dart franchise. You will need a retail area of at least 250 sq ft to 300 sq ft.

Besides this space, you also need a 24 hours active telephone connection, computer desk, printer, and a reliable internet connection.

notary signing and legalisation documents stamping legal document lawyer office interior

To become a verified Bluedart partner, you need to go through the legal documentation process. The following are the documents that you need to submit:

  • Aadhar card or any other Government-compliant identity proof (like Electric Bill or Voter Card)
  • Office-related documents for owner verification. If you’ll be renting the place, then documents related to renting agreement along with the owner’s signature
  • Bank details such as a cancelled cheque or the front copy of your passbook for the security deposit
  • PAN card for verification related to business and taxpayers

4. Training Procedures

The training will be provided to you in the same city as your business. The executive team will visit and teach you all about management skills, including the working of real-time bookings. However, you will have to pay additional money for your training process.

That's a wrap-up for all the requirements you need to own a Bluedart franchise in India. In the next section, we will discuss applying for the franchise and its renewal process.

How to Apply for the Bluedart Franchise in India?

To apply for the Bluedart franchise in India, you need to visit its main office branch in your city. Then, get yourself an appointment with the manager. The manager will inform you about the different services offered by Blue Dart.

Discuss your plan and how you plan to run the process. If your plan suits the authorities, they will accept your franchise application. However, you need to wait sometime for your request to be processed. If your application gets accepted, you’ll need to undergo a two-week training program to learn about the process and services.

Bluedart Franchise Agreement Renewal

A specific contract governs all franchising services. When the term of the agreement expires, you’ll no longer be part of their business. However, it can always be renewed before termination with agreeable terms and conditions.

Now that you know how to set up the Bluedart franchise, let’s know about the business’s profit margins.

Businessman plan is drawing increase in profit margin represented by graph

Profit Margins of Bluedart Franchise

With the likes of the reputed brand, you can never go out of business with the Bluedart franchise. Besides usual incentives for every order, you can earn a 35% to 40% profit margin with a minimum investment amount.

You have to be clever in setting up your franchise in an area where you can find the most of your customers. It should be accessible to nearby prime locations of your city. Once you are all set up, you can easily get some incredible profit margins.


Owning a Bluedart franchise in India has always been a profitable case. It’s one of the few business franchises that require a relatively lower investment and can generate massive income flow. In addition, you get a profitable commission after every successful delivery.

All businesses require the skills to handle a variety of functionalities. And with such a safe business model, the Bluedart franchise is a perfect option for you.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you have any questions about Bluedart franchise cost in India or any other businesses in mind, send us your query, and we will surely help you out. Have a great day, and we will see you next time.

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Q. Are security deposits refundable?

Ans. Yes, the security deposit provided with the Bluedart franchise cost in India is refundable. Once you reach a particular performance over some time, you will get back your security deposits from the Blue Dart.

Q. What business activities do I need to know about Blue Dart before buying its franchise?

Ans. You must be aware of meeting the critical and business needs with time-definite delivery. As a reputed brand, you’ll need to guarantee the delivery of documents and shipments as fast as possible. But, of course, there will be necessary training and tools to help you ensure that.

Ans. You can reach out to the Blue dart contact number at 1860-233-1234 / 022-6260-1234 / 044-6634-4600 or visit their official website. You can also send your inquiries using this link.

Q. Is there any way to apply for the Bluedart franchise online?

Ans. Currently, there is no option on their website to apply for the Bluedart franchise. However, you can visit their “Contact Us” section on their official website and send your query to them. Additionally, you can reach out via call, email, or at their office.