How to Start the Naturals Ice Cream Franchise? [Cost & Profit]

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How to Start the Naturals Ice Cream Franchise? [Cost & Profit]

The food industry is highly competitive but also fruitful at the same time. The ice cream business is among the top 5 most profitable businesses of all time, and it is pretty explanatory. All love a treat like ice cream. From children to senior citizens, everyone is fond of this particular delicacy. Ice cream is also one of the few delicacies devoured despite seasons; it is just a treat you cannot resist. It is an affordable light treat, so parents don’t mind their kids having some ice cream as an after-dinner delight.

So, if you’re looking to start a profitable business, the ice cream industry welcomes you with open arms. But if you’re looking for an instant profit with less investment, the best you can do in India is open a Naturals Ice Cream outlet. Here, in this article, we have explained in detail how to start a Naturals Ice Cream franchise in India along with the cost and requirements.

About Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals Ice Cream was started with just a single outlet in Juhu, Mumbai, in 1984. Now, three decades since its opening, the company has seen humongous growth throughout the country. There are a total of 135 ice cream stores in different cities and small towns. Out of the 135 ice cream stores, eight stores are under the company, and all the other remaining stores come under the franchise. The quality of their ice creams is what attracts investors as well.

The tagline is ‘Taste the Original,’ and that is precisely what they provide. From the seasonal fruit flavours like mango and strawberry to classic variations of chocolate, Naturals Ice Cream provides 125 flavours in total, 25 of which are available throughout the year. The best part is that their ice creams are entirely organic and made using just three simple ingredients: fruits, milk, and sugar. Eliminating the use of any preservatives makes this ice cream brand exceptional.

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How do I start a new Naturals Ice Cream franchise in India?

The process to start a Naturals Ice Cream franchise is pretty straightforward. However, for your convenience, we have mapped out a detailed step-by-step approach that you can follow:

  • The franchisee who wants to start a franchise must visit the Natural Ice Cream website.
  • When you scroll down on the homepage, you will find a ‘Franchise inquiry’ option that you must click on.
  • An application form will pop up on your screen. Once you fill out all your personal and business details, all you have to do is submit your application.
  • Your application will be reviewed by a franchise team representative, who will inform you if your application has been selected.
  • The applicant will be called in for the next stage if the application has been selected.

Note: The applicant must ensure that all the prerequisites mentioned on the Naturals Ice Cream website are fulfilled before applying.

What are the prerequisites to start a Naturals Ice Cream franchise?

Naturals Ice Cream has a significant turnover every year, approximately 115 crores. If an individual wants to start their Naturals Ice Cream franchise, Naturals Ice Cream provides great support till the store is set up and starts running efficiently. The company also provides training for start-up kits. This training consists of making sure the new outlet follows all safety and hygiene protocols and maintaining all the staff involved with the franchise.

Even after the new store is launched, the company provides constant assistance to ensure the smooth running of the place. The supply chain of the company also offers fresh materials, which are also easy to obtain.

However, to start a new Naturals Ice Cream parlour, the applicant must comply with specific requirements and terms set by the company. The first requirement is regarding the outlet space. The applicant must make sure that they have an outlet area in mind that abides by the conditions needed. The working space for the outlet must be at least 200 to 500 square feet, while the area in front of the outlet must range from 8 to 10 feet. It is essential to ensure enough space for the staff to operate all the appliances comfortably. Next, the applicant must obtain a food license, a shop license, and an establishment license before the store can start operating.

The applicant must also ensure no other Naturals Ice Cream franchise within 5 to 7 kilometres of their shop. The company sets this rule to ensure the smooth running of all the ice cream stores.

Naturals Ice Cream Franchise Cost

If you have made up your mind to start a Naturals Ice Cream franchise, you must have a specific plan in your mind and work towards it until your franchise has opened up successfully. The first step is to make a definite budget for your franchise. Then, draw up a tentative plan for every cost you will have to cover for your franchise.

Luckily, you don’t have to figure out everything from scratch. We have come up with an efficient expenditure plan so that you won’t have to waste your precious time consulting various people, and you can get started with your franchise as soon as possible.

You will have to incur the total cost to start a Naturals Ice Cream Franchise ranges anywhere from 12 to 20 lakh INR. So, keep this rough figure in mind when you are organising your franchise. Approximately 4 lakh INR will be spent on developing the interior of the outlet. The machinery and equipment to be set in the outlet will cost about 2 lakh INR. Another 1 lakh INR will be required to set up the furniture and fixings. The franchise will also need a working capital of at least 50,000 rupees. The Naturals Ice Cream company also requires each franchise to pay a brand deposit of 1 lakh INR. Other miscellaneous costs that can have varying charges include brokerage, rent deposits, salaries of the staff, etc.

For small business owners, easy transactions to employees can be carried out by online payment apps that are paperless, such as Okcredit.

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Naturals Ice Cream Profit Margin

Before starting a new business, every individual considers the past profit margins of the company to decide whether this business would turn out to be fruitful. The Naturals Ice Cream franchise is an excellent opportunity for businesses, as it gains a profit margin of 55% every year.

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Q. What is the profit margin for the Naturals Ice Cream company?

Ans. A franchise of the Naturals Ice Cream company sees a profit margin of 55%, and the company reports a turnover of approximately 115 crores INR yearly.

Q. How can I open my Naturals Ice Cream franchise?

Ans. Any person looking to open their Naturals Ice Cream franchise has to visit their website and submit their application.

Q. I have not fulfilled some requirements as mentioned on the Naturals Ice Cream website. Can I still apply to get a franchise?

Ans. Naturals Ice Cream company has made it clear that all applicants must fulfil all the requirements to open up a franchise before even applying for it. So, make sure you apply once you have all your requirements set.

Q. What are the different licenses that I will need before opening a Naturals Ice Cream franchise?

Ans. You will require a food license, a shop license, as well as an establishment license to open a Naturals Ice Cream parlour.

Q. How many Naturals are Ice Cream parlours currently open in India?

Ans. A total of 135 Naturals Ice Cream parlours are open nationwide.

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