11 Manufacturing Business Ideas In India that Guarantee a Profit

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11 Manufacturing Business Ideas In India that Guarantee a Profit

Are you looking for interesting business ideas to start your own manufacturing business? You have landed on the right page. Many people nowadays have a few lakhs in hand and wish to venture into a manufacturing business. As more than retailing and distribution businesses, manufacturing units are picking up the market economy. It is one of those branches of the commerce sector that needs a huge amount of capital and involves high risk too.

But with just a good lump sum amount in hand, one cannot just start a manufacturing unit. The question that arises in mind is how to start a manufacturing business? But before we delve into this answer further, let’s first know what a manufacturing business is.

What is a manufacturing business?

A unit that uses raw materials and parts of other components to make a finished good or product is called a manufacturing business. These products or goods can be directly sold to consumers, customers, or retailers, and distributors. Depending upon the nature of the product, this line of marketing and sales can be imbibed.

How to start a manufacturing business?

As we already know, the manufacturing business requires a lot of money and operates at high risk; thus it is always advisable for entrepreneurs to start small. Investing smaller chunks of capital and steadily planning the strategies will help you survive and flourish in the end. Calculating budgets, inventories, overheads and then planning the expenditures accordingly can help the business stabilise without spending a bomb.

Now that we’ve learned the what and how about the manufacturing business. Let’s brew some manufacturing business ideas that can work coherently for small-scale manufacturing business and big units.        

1. Purified Water

In a place like India, where the villages, towns, cities, states are polluted with contaminated air, the water too cannot remain clean. Thus, providing the residents with clean, distilled, and pure water can be one of the new business ideas to venture into. You can start with a single plant for purification, to begin with, and as and when the demand rises, you can keep expanding the unit.

2. School Stationery

A small manufacturing business plays a dynamic role in creating momentum in smaller towns and cities. It becomes an aid to the appropriate businesses attached to its products or raw materials. It also generates employment for many.  A manufacturing unit that produces school stationery can be quite useful for schools functioning in nearby areas. Pens, pencils, notebooks, colour boxes, bags, tiffins, bottles, etc., and the list goes on. The unit can skillfully customize the school stationery items with the logo, school name, and other branding essentials. Making goods available locally at competitive prices can win you many more contracts and orders.

3. Eco-friendly Disposables

Creating sustainable utilities for homes, hospitals, hotels, and corporate uses can be the most profitable manufacturing business to start with. The need of the hour is to minimise the wastage from hotels, hospitals, and huge companies. Thus, when your manufacturing units dish out eco-friendly products like paper or cardboard boxes, bowls, plates, napkins, cutlery, bags, etc, it can help balance the environment by leaps and bounds. Tying up with local hotels, corporates, hospitals can increase your orders speedily.

4. Customised Gifting Articles

Handmade products and their value will never go out of trend. Thus, monetising the gifting options is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas that are hitting the market. It has always been seen that emotionally bonding products have a liking amongst the buyers. Maybe a loved one’s birthday or parents’ 50th anniversary, customised handmade articles are always in demand.  Beautifully engraved nameplates, home decor products, crafted photo frames, etc. can add value to your brand.

5. Fashion Apparel

Customers of all ages always welcome unique trends and fashion labels. One of the upcoming small-scale business ideas is to create your label in the market with significant fashion garments like customised T-shirts, hand-painted sarees, embroidered tunics, and much more. Attracting the audiences and retailers with the help of social media platforms can create brand awareness in the market for sure.

Clay mask in bowl for facial spa on beige background

6. Organic Skincare range

Another manufacturing idea that is picking up the trend is that of manufacturing organic skincare product range. Everyone wishes to look good and feel good too. Thus, one of the unique business ideas could be producing fragrant and herbal soaps, shampoos, bath salts, lip balms, moisturisers, night lotions, anti-ageing creams, oils, etc. This market has a high demand in India and abroad too. Starting with limited products, one can diversify the range steadily and earn a good income. Exporting the products also can be a brilliant idea once you have captured the local markets.

7. Ayurvedic Herbal medicines

After 2020, the world has understood the importance of Ayurveda and its medicinal herbs. Everyone is seen having ‘kadhas’ and herbal medication to fight the pandemic. The world has known the treasured secrets of India and its age-old medicinal branch of Ayurveda. Hence, vouching on this, one can start manufacturing pre-mixes of ‘kadhas’, herbal medicines for treating other viral infections like cough, cold, fever, body pains, etc. An entrepreneur can start manufacturing these medicines and operate a franchise model of the brand. Thus, utilising the natural resources available in the country can prove to be one of the best business ideas that can mint money.

8. Packaging boxes and cartons

All businesses, offices, shops, or other manufacturing units need one thing in common and i.e., the packaging material for wrapping their finished products. Thus venturing into packaging boxes and cartons can be one of the best profitable small business ideas. Customising the boxes according to the client’s requirements can enhance your brand. Using eco-friendly raw materials can further help your manufacturing unit stand out for its social awareness in maintaining the environmental balance.

9. Mobile, Laptop accessories

A manufacturing business that is related to mobiles and laptops can always be in profit. Producing smart, bright, stylish, and quality mobile and laptop accessories can be a good business idea to be considered. Mobile and laptop back cover, pop holders, headphones, headsets, earbuds, etc., can attract your customers. But with this business idea, one must keep a close track of the market changes, as newer models of laptops and mobiles keep springing up the market.

10. Hospital utilities

After the pandemic has hit the country, healthcare and hospital utilities have seen a sharp rise. One can plan and monetise this business idea for venturing into hospital utilities. You can produce quality and affordable cleaning solutions, antiseptic lotions, sanitisers, etc. You can broaden the product list by manufacturing gloves, cotton bundles, and other important equipment used in hospitals daily. Tying up with hospitals and clinics can increase the demand proportionately.

11. Hotel Supplies

India has seen a tremendous rise in entrepreneurs investing their money in cafes, restaurants, and hotels. India is a country known for its various delicacies and flavours. Banking on these hoteliers can start a manufacturing unit of manufacturing and supplying hotel utilities like utensils, cooking equipment, serving items, baking ovens, grills, etc.

Young hotel staff bringing clean towels and other supplies


For any business, whether it be a manufacturing unit or a small-scale business, vouching on current trends, strategising plans, investing skillfully, marketing with knowledge, and growing steadily is the secret recipe to success. Any idea can be transformed into a profitable success story. But the key ingredients needed are perseverance, prudence, meticulousness, vigilance, and proper foresight.

But one investing in a manufacturing unit must keep in mind that the process involves a lot of investment and also intakes higher amounts of risks. Every business has risk factors involved but overcoming those with strategic plans and hard work can win you over the obstacle.

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Q. Is there money in manufacturing?

Ans. Manufacturing is an untapped market, and there are huge profits involved. It isn’t an essay business task to undertake, but it all pays in the end.

Q. Which product is easy to manufacture?

Ans. Manufacturing scented candles and incense sticks are considered to be one of the easiest products across the country.

Q. Which is the cheapest manufacturing business to start?

Ans. Manufacturing paper, paper products, soaps, hair oils, candles, bakery items, etc. are a few of the manufacturing businesses that need low investments.

Q. How can I start a manufacturing business with no money?

Ans. When one does not have the capital to start a manufacturing unit, partnering with others can be a way to begin. Outsourcing the funds from financial institutions can be another option.