What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Haryana?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Haryana?

Haryana is one of the country's three best-performing states in terms of financial regulation. Haryana is India's most developed territory, accounting for 50 % of national production in passenger vehicles, 50 % in motorcycles, 30 % in refrigerators, 25 % in tractors, 25 % in bicycles and sanitary wares, 50 % of the country's science instrument exports, and third in tech exports from India, making it an ideal place for establishing best businesses in Haryana.

In 2017, the Business Reform Action Plan named Haryana as the country's best state for Ease of Doing Business. This move has aided in the development of several business ideas in Haryana.

The state situated in the southwest of New Delhi has established a footprint in the surrounding region and has also developed into a hub of technology and an ideal destination for many new business ideas competing with and sometimes outshining other established cities. The state can be a good breeding ground for small scale business for ladies.

Women Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Haryana

For your convenience, here is a compilation of the best business in Haryana.

1. Food and Agricultural Manufacturing

Haryana has made a major contribution to the country's agricultural development. Agriculture is the primary source of income for more than 75% of Haryana's people, accounting for 28.2% of the state's GDP. The state's main crops are rice, wheat, jawar, bajra, corn, barley, and pulses. More and more land is being taken under cash crops such as sugarcane, cotton, oilseeds, and other cash crops due to crop diversification. This is a viable business idea for women in Haryana.

2. Tutoring Over the Internet

Since virtual learning is gaining popularity in education, the need for a remote mentor is rapidly increasing. So, if you believe you have a penchant for teaching, this is one of the best side business ideas for ladies in Haryana. Through online tutoring, you can make a decent income at zero investment.

3. Become an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a brand-new array of business that's entered the frame. As an SEO expert, you would analyse and evaluate websites to boost their success in search engine results. You'll also deliver expert advice and make relevant suggestions to company owners so that they can increase their search engine traffic. You'll need outstanding content strategy and keyword analysis skills to get started with this business for ladies sitting at home.

Breakfast in bed, romanticism to start the day!

4. Starting a Bed and Breakfast

This concept blends a real estate investment (your Bed & breakfast) with the hospitality sector (offering rooms, meals, and hotel-style amenities). For this kind of hotel experience, you can usually charge a reasonable rental price. It's much easier to locate a building for a tiny B&B than it is to locate a building for an inn or hotel. You may also host short-term rentals via a website like Airbnb if you don't want to do the "breakfast" segment. This might be a lucrative business idea for a woman in a state like Haryana, where people come on business trips.

5. Services for Daycare

Most households now see both parents employed due to increasing inflation and ambition, especially in states like Haryana. Because of this, daycare has become a profitable business venture. It's a must for working parents who need to leave their children with someone who can give them a healthy and fun environment. People are willing to spend a significant sum of money if they feel safe having their kid with them. Daycare can be an excellent home business for ladies.

6. Manufacturing of Milk-based Products

Buttermilk is churned to make cottage butter. Dairy products like paneer, butter, and ghee are becoming increasingly popular. People are getting more health-conscious, and cottage butter, paneer, and ghee have many health benefits. Whipping up these delicious dairy products can be a viable small scale business for ladies based in Haryana.

This homemade business idea for women has a lot of potential because homemade ghee or refined butter has a lot of market share in Haryana. This venture has the power to make you a lot of money if you have a little open space to rear some cows or buffaloes.

7. Production of Quilt and Bedspreads

Haryana's Panipat is known for producing high-quality quilts and bedspreads. Bedspreads and quilts are in high demand, and the industry is constantly expanding. As a result, producing bedspreads and quilts is a lucrative industry in Haryana.

This is a venture that you can start from the comfort of your own home. What you'll need is professional labour and the looms necessary for its production. To get started in this market, you need a small sum of money.

8. Business in Real Estate

Haryana is a thriving industrial state in the National Capital Region. It is just 90 kilometres from Delhi. As a result, large real estate players have begun to flood the sector with major townships and other residential projects. Particularly through the slump, the state has shown good returns to these investors. Haryana is home to a slew of massive residential and industrial projects. DLF, Parsvnath, and Eldeco are among the leading real estate developers in the state. This is a very scalable small business idea for women entrepreneurs to take a leap of faith.

9. Manufacturing Jewellery

This is one of the most famous small scale businesses for ladies. Women are drawn to jewellery because it is a sign of femininity. It has long been a favourite of women. Whatever the design, whether it's made of shells, threads, cloth, beads, metal, or plastic, it must be imaginative and attractive. On a regular basis, women wear a wide range of jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

You can plan to pursue a potential business and earn some instant cash if you learn the technique of jewellery design. With a small investment, you may begin making jewellery. It just requires the procurement of raw materials such as different coloured and sized beads, needles, thick cotton yarn, plastic caps, springs, jewellery rope, and so on. In reality, the more unique it is, the more likely it is to succeed.

Desktop for craft jewellery making with professional tools


Haryana is home to famous cities that have so much potential for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Gurgaon is rapidly establishing itself as a global hub for the information technology and automobile industries. Faridabad is Haryana's second-largest manufacturing city. Hundreds of large-scale businesses are home to this ever-growing state. Haryana is regarded as the best state to establish a small scale company in the service sector. Haryana's steady growth and prosperity also amplified profitable home business for ladies.

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Q. What are the most successful small businesses in Haryana?

Ans. The most successful small businesses in Haryana are:

  • Consultancy Firm
  • Food Truck on Wheels
  • Handyman Service
  • Mobile Shredding of Paper
  • Pet-Related Enterprises

Q. Why should a woman start a small business in Haryana?

Ans. Haryana is rapidly establishing itself as one of India's most attractive investment destinations. The globalisation of markets and a thriving economy have accelerated the growth of Haryana's manufacturing sector, which already enjoys a competitive edge due to its strategic position, basic infrastructure, and broad professional, trained, and educated workforce. It is the perfect breeding ground for women to take off on their entrepreneurial odyssey.

Q. What makes Haryana a business attraction state?

Ans. Haryana is India's seventeenth most populated county. Haryana, which is surrounded by Delhi on three sides, profits from the NCT of Delhi and also shares in its growth. Haryana has the highest concentration of rural crorepatis in India. Haryana is one of India's and South Asia's most economically integrated states. Haryana makes a sizable contribution to the development of India's economy in terms of tax revenue.

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