Best Coffee Brands in India [Top 10 Brands]

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Best Coffee Brands in India [Top 10 Brands]

If it’s an explosion of delicious, aromatic flavour that you crave in the morning, then nothing will make your day like a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. It doesn’t matter whether your taste is black or white – or perhaps a caramel macchiato – the beverage’s intense aroma and smooth taste make mornings bearable. No matter if you need it to shower off the sleepiness or perk up instantly, there is no better friend than a steaming mug of good coffee to see you through most mornings! And where else can you find such a wide array of choices? India is one destination that has no shortage of java joints that are perfect for all occasions and tastes because our country is notoriously famous for its love for drinking coffee. Here's a look at some of the most popular coffee brands in India.

10 Best Coffee Brands in India

If you need the perfect gift for yourself, we have some top picks of coffee brands in India for you this season- something to suit every craving and even enthusiasts who want to try new flavours.

1. BRU

Finding good coffee for a reasonable price has always been hard, but few brands have managed it with the same excellence as Bru. This brand has been improving its blends for more than 40 years, using only Arabica and Robusta beans from India's smaller growing regions to produce rich, aromatic blends. The company is a pioneer of instant coffee with chicory, which enhances the aroma and flavour. The result of this is a product that is both deeply flavourful and easy on the stomach.

Price Range- ₹ 285 for 100g pure coffee

2. Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai’s coffee will make you want to talk about it and come back for more. The name Blue Tokai seems a bit extreme, but the coffee will make you want to talk about it and come back for more. This small company from Delhi was founded in 2012 by a couple who wanted to bring back flavorful coffee to India and leave customers wanting more. They offer an Arabica blend that will have you falling in love and never want any other sort of java again - so try one today!

Price Range- ₹ 168 for 100g pure coffee

3. Flying Squirrel Coffee

Flying Squirrel Coffee is one of the most respected coffee brands in India, with the main focus on quality and flavour. Packed with antioxidants, customers can now drink a healthy cup of coffee day after day to make sure they feel better inside out without having to compromise on flavour. From their lush farm in Coorg to your doorstep, Flying Squirrel delivers amazing coffees that excite every taste bud you have. Try Flying Squirrel Coffee if you want something sweet and decadent, or Deep Bliss if you're feeling adventurous and wish to experience something totally new.

Price Range- ₹ 148 for 100g pure coffee

4. Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee is one of the oldest and most famous coffee brands in India that was founded back in 1922 and has since grown to be known as one of India's top coffee providers. The company is a subsidiary of Tata Consumer Products and traders across 19 estates spread across South India to produce high-quality coffee that rivals some of the best in the world in both quality and taste.

Price Range- ₹ 239 for 100g pure coffee

5. Sleepy Owl

Sleepy Owl is a sleek brand founded in 2016, by three friends, Ashwajeet Singh, Jai Thandi, and Arman Sood, whose goal is to introduce cold-brewed coffee as the next best thing to hit the country. Their iced coffees are very popular for their unique taste and exceptional quality. They have so many varieties of flavoured coffees that range from cool and creamy butterscotches to aromatic hazelnut treats. Their coffees are the perfect accompaniment to any moment of relaxation.

Price Range- ₹ 184.80 for 100g pure coffee

6. The Good Life

The Good Life is the name of an already renowned cafe in India that started selling tea and coffee on a large scale in 2016. It does so through its rich variety of teas and coffees made from natural ingredients. They have multiple flavours ideal for making homemade versions of their signature blends, allowing you to get a taste of cafe-quality at home.

Price Range- ₹ 100 for 100g pure coffee

7. Rage Coffee

A new energy-boosting caffeine shot made from a blend of Arabica beans, Rage Coffee is vegan and offers the world's first plant-based vitamins in its caffeine. The shots of coffee can be easily carried in a bag and go, boosting energy levels and even elevating body fitness abilities too! While coffee does have its share of benefits to give out to people who drink it regularly, this one claims to offer extra ingredients that help deliver rich energy boosts that last for hours on end so you never feel frazzled or wish you could do away with those pesky afternoon lulls at work again. Are you interested in craving a change? We suggest giving these shots a try now!

Price Range- ₹ 426.55 for 100g pure coffee

8. Continental Xtra coffee

The Continental Xtra coffee is certainly a true concentrate of south Indian coffee and can do no wrong in any country. In case you're in India, you can trust it to be the perfect instant bit of freshness to start your morning with - a real espresso where you don't even have to waste time making a filter! This exciting blend is understood to be the best of its kind due to the fact it entails 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory along with an ingredient that leaves users speechless – an aroma so strong, brilliant, and pleasurable, making it almost impossible for you to look for more than just the best coffee blends in India!

Price Range- ₹ 349 for 100g pure coffee

9. Columbian Brew Coffee

When we come across the term “the best instant coffee in India,” it’s hard to not mention Columbian Brew Coffee on the list. The brand has so far gained immense popularity and a stellar reputation for being one of the greatest instant coffee providers in India, while also giving billions and billions of people all over the country a chance to enjoy its strong, rich coffee that oozes an intense aroma! This is certainly something that can be credited to Colombian Brew Coffee’s powdered form product, as unlike other brands who add maltodextrin or chicory into their instant coffee product, this one is pure, organic, and unsweetened with no added sugars whatsoever. It’s great that you don’t have to worry about any refined carbs or excess calories if you choose Columbian Brew as your instant coffee source!

Price Range- ₹125.33  for 100g pure coffee

10. Café Coffee Day

CCD is one of the coffee brands in India that was started in 1996, by an Indian entrepreneur named V.G. Siddhartha who aimed to set up the most convenient meeting place for youngsters. CCD quickly gained popularity as a favourite of many and its success hasn't stopped there - they now boast of outlets in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Malaysia and have offered their signature blend of coffee beans and powders since 1995.

Price Range- ₹500 for two people (approx.)


Coffee is a popular drink in India and the world over. Indian people are no different and have their share of coffee lovers. India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions, and the coffee industry is no different. Though it is still a nascent industry and has a long way to go, still, it is on a growing trend. Several coffee brands in India are popular for their coffee but these ten brands are the most loved among Indian coffee drinkers.

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Q. Is Indian coffee good?

Ans. Indian coffee is regarded to be the best coffee in the world since it is cultivated in the shade rather than in the sunshine. There are around 250,000 coffee producers in the country, with 98% of them being smallholders. Arabica and Robusta are the two most well-known coffee species.

Q. Which coffee powder is best for health?

Ans. Instant coffee has somewhat less caffeine and slightly more acrylamide than normal coffee, but most of the antioxidants are the same. Instant coffee is a low-calorie, healthful beverage that has the same health advantages as other varieties of coffee.

Q. Which coffee brand is best for black coffee in India?

Ans. Blue Tokai Coffee is considered the best for black coffee in India.

Q. Which coffee is the best brand for filter coffee?

Ans. Devi Madras Kaapi has earned a reputation for being the finest filter coffee brand in most of India's cities.

Q. Which coffee is best for the brain?

Ans. A longer roasting time tends to cause the coffee beans to create more phenylindanes. This implies that dark roasted coffee, whether normal or decaf, provides the most brain protection.

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