DTDC franchise cost in India [Detailed process to set up a franchise]

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DTDC franchise cost in India [Detailed process to set up a franchise]

DTDC is an Indian messenger store network. A large number of shipments are conveyed by them across India consistently. They have more than 10,000 establishments to maintain their selective business nonstop, transporting bundles locally or globally. DTDC furnishes Indian residents with the chance to begin a DTDC establishment business. DTDC is one of the best 100 corporate brands in India. They have effective channel accomplices all over the country, with over 80% of them being first-time business visionaries. Thus, it is not difficult to infer that the DTDC establishment isn’t just productive but also fulfilling.

As a result of its many examples of overcoming adversity, DTDC Franchise cost in India is very cheap and is India’s quickest developing establishment plan of action. DTDC establishments can be started anywhere in India, allowing individuals to begin their messenger business with ease. Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty, the CEO of DTDC, got broad information on plans of action from an organisation abroad. He has created a stand-out model that gives business ventures freedom. They have extended their establishment network in an assortment of urban communities by offering the most reduced conceivable speculation.


Universally, DTDC makes it presence felt through branches, joint endeavours, delegate workplaces, and franchisees. The DTDC Franchise Cost in India is also very affordable. The structures of DTDC franchises are as follows:

1. Single Unit Franchise (SUF)

It is one of the central kinds of establishments of the DTDC framework, representing over 95% of its organisation and 75% of its income. This franchise is accountable for a particular postal district or a small region, and the development and client assistance in that particular domain.

2. Master DTDC Franchise(MF)

The expert establishment is an establishment working unit inside the Regional Office’s city limits, with at least one revealing franchisee under its locale. Notwithstanding the job of the SUF, this MF is accountable for the tasks and advancement of the other franchisees inside its domain.

3. Super Franchise (SF)

A franchise operating unit in some independent land or territory within a region that reports to either one or more franchisees is referred to as a super franchise. It serves as an extension of the company and is in charge of the development of business, any type of operations, and customer service. They are an important part of this system, and the assignment process for this type of franchise differs from the previously mentioned franchisee categories.

4. Corporate Syndication (CF)

To advance the organisation’s items and administrations, an accomplished industry proficient with essential office foundation, speculation limit, and corporate houses- business contacts is qualified to turn into this type of franchisee. It is a profoundly particular establishment that the organisation just delegates on a singular premise.

Investment in DTDC Franchise: INR 50,000–2 lakh

You will need printers to print receipts, orders, or tracking labels, as well as a computer, high-speed internet, barcode reader, motor vehicles, packaging label, adhesive, staplers, pins, and so on.

DTDC Franchise Cost in India

These are the three categories that DTDC Franchisor provides to franchisees.

Sr. No.


Total Investment

No of Employees


Category A (Model Franchise)

Rs 1,50,000



Category B (Enterprise Franchise)

Rs 1,00,000



Category C (Delivery Franchise)

Rs 50,000


DTDC Franchise Area Requirement

Ample storage space is required for the management of parcels in the delivery business. For better courier management, you need at least 300 sq ft to 450 sq ft of space.

Also, the location should be on the ground floor and on the roadside, and it should be visible to people who pass by the street.

delivery man giving package to customer

Requirements for a DTDC Franchise

  • Mentoring: Assisting new franchisees on their path to success
  • Branding and hygiene: Build brand awareness while maintaining basic store/branch hygiene
  • Communication: Bridging the communication gap between franchisees and management
  • Market research: Researching market trends and competitors’ strategies in order to assist management in developing company policies and strategies
  • Incubation of new ideas: Collect and nurture new ideas for improving services
  • Sales growth and service excellence: Make DTDC the best service provider in the industry with a profit-driven mindset
  • The DTDC Franchise Cost in India is also very affordable.

DTDC Education and Training

The select establishment-based model is at the core of DTDC’s prosperity and the notable DTDC Training and Development program that supports this achievement.

When a franchisee goes is selected, they go through an enlistment program (meeting) in which they are given an outline of all parts of running an establishment. They get a welcome set or unit from DTDC, which incorporates the entirety of the vital hardware and materials to dispatch a DTDC courier. What’s more, an uncommon hatching cell is set up to direct the franchisee consistently, especially during the initial few weeks.

Franchisees can likewise get the most state-of-the-art data by utilising the franchisee intranet.

DTDC Team Training and Support

  • System and procedures that can be profitably taught, replicated, and delivered.
  • Continuous product development and research
  • IT assistance
  • Advice on marketing and promotion
  • Management and strategic business planning
  • Strong operational support is provided
  • Uniform Standard Policy

How does the DTDC franchise work?

DTDC has implemented a one-of-a-kind system to make booking a breeze. The ‘e-booking @ DTDC’ service provided by the goods delivery services franchise allows any individual located in any remote corner of the country to send documents to any part of the world easily. Customers of the courier services franchise must complete three simple steps in order to complete their work: book, pay, and print.

How do you apply for a DTDC Franchise?

Your application can be submitted online. DTDC goes through several steps in order to appoint a franchise in a specific location.



The identification process of the person willing to take the franchise mostly happens via marketing/advertising/reference/personal contacts, etc.


After the first round of discussion, they are provided with basic information about the company and are taken through the terms and conditions. They navigate the channel manually.

Day 2


The proposed premises or office space are inspected.

Day 3


The applicant completes the application form.

DAYS 3 & 4


The application form is submitted along with the following documents:

a) Demand draft for the security deposit and establishment fee as per the set guidelines

b) Voter ID card or driver’s license

c) Ration card or landline telephone bill

d) Leave and license agreement or premises ownership agreement

e) Financial credential: Bank passbook or bank statement

f) Letter of reference



Documents are reviewed and verified.

DAYS 6 and 7





Applicant receives an email from the GM’s desk regarding code activation.

DAYS 9, 10, 11, and 12


New franchisee is provided on-the-job and off-the-job training by channel dept, operations, IT, CSS, Accounts, and Sales.

DAY 13


Franchisees receive a certificate of training signed by the RM/GM.

DAY 14


Welcome. The franchisee receives the welcome kit in the Regional Office and is introduced to the HODs.

DAY 15


The franchisee opens.

Fork-lift truck moves a pallet with box carton. Van on a laptop computer

Where to contact?

DTDC corporate office:

DTDC House,
No. 3, Victoria Road,
Bangalore 560047,
Ph : 080-25365032,25365039,
Fax: 080-25514461

Profit margins of a DTDC Franchise




Category A


 Category B



   Category C

Total Investment








Area required


Ground floor premises facing the road


Ground floor premises facing the road


Ground floor premises facing the road


Franchise Fees


No Fees. Only Security Deposit and Set-up Fee


No Fees. Only Security Deposit and Set-up Fee


No Fees. Only Security Deposit and Set-up Fee


Royalty Fees

10% of turnover


10% of turnover


10% of turnover


Marketing cost (Percentage of sales)


Company does (5%)


Company does (5%)


Company does (5%)


Working Capital (per month)





Return on Investment


> 20%


> 20%


> 20%


No. of employees required to run a franchise unit








Expected break-even time



> 20%



> 20%



> 20%


Average business from a Franchise unit



 Rs.1,50,000 p.m.


Rs.75,000 p.m.

   Rs.40,000 p.m.

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Q. Is it a good idea to buy a DTDC franchise?

Ans. It is a great way to make money with a small investment. The DTDC franchise business offers four different franchise models through which you can earn a good living while satisfying your own needs.

Q. Who owns Dtdc?

Ans. Subhasish Chakraborty is the owner of DTDC.