How to be festive ready this Quarantine?

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How to be festive ready this Quarantine?

Festive Season Business: A challenging reward

As unemployment falls, retailers will observe it more challenging to find the abundance of qualified workers they need to fill temporary jobs. Because we all understand the fact that skills of managing people and also satisfying customers' needs at the same time isn't a game for amateur staff. Check out our helpful tips and tricks to stay afloat and profitable even during the lockdown periods.

Diverse Indian Market

Online Delivery

The most prominent and proven method for advancing your business plus increasing the efficiency of your store is, to begin with, online orders and deliveries. You can use numerous options like WhatsApp for business, OkCredit for account maintenance, and many more amongst the others. One thing that 2020 has taught us is to go digital and the best way to gain new clients in the comfort of your home. For example, You can ask customers to send their orders in a format that goes the name, address, contact number, and products list, in that way the segregation will become an easy task.

Minimum shopping limit

It is a well-known tactic that has proven valuable in the past. Setting up a minimum limit like for 500 rupees with a viable delivery charge may help in stabilising profits. Even though people won't be shopping anything less than a couple thousand during festivals but fixing a limited fee plus delivery will benefit the merchant as well as the delivery boy. Big store owners hire temp delivery boys to deliver exclusive gift baskets and other festive arrangements for larger orders that go up to 10k and more.

Discount on higher purchase

A rewarding marketing tactic that works excellently with the Indian customers' minds is discounted prices. They see the discount, and they are attracted to your store more than ever.

For example: If a customer buys products worth 1000 rupees than he/she shall receive 10% on the entire offer, 20% discount on shopping worth 3000 rupees, and so on. This method will give the customers the idea of "the more, the merrier" and will end up purchasing more than they thought of.

Reward Points/ Store Credit

A trending yet the less-used technique amongst stores is the reward points or credit technique. According to a study conducted in the USA, big supermarkets and local merchants use the funda of providing credit or including points in their regular accounts helped gain a lot of customers. The store credit avoids the refund system hence saving cash losses instead of engaging customers to buy something else from their shop in return.

Marketing with E-commerce websites

Many e-commerce websites that retail on a massive scale encourage local merchants and traders to go online and sell their products on their site. With added promotional offers and impressive deals via their connections, local merchants can benefit on a larger scale with a PAN India customer to enhance a better reach. With multiple options to explore our merchants can strike a better deal with creating festive packages for customisation.

Use Social media engagement

Social media engagement in today's generation is the best way to attract clients and customers of all ages. People use all forms of social media channels like- Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, and whatnot. People use social media technology to upload their best products, prices, deals, contact information, and delivery options.

Use local media for small advertisement

Local newspapers and print media do not cost a bomb amount like other big newspapers. A small amount of investment for your store ad that showcases all your amazing discounts and offers will automatically reach 100's of people living near your locality. Drawing out local and organic customers is the best way to flourish your business whilst also following the social distancing protocols comfortably.

Eye-catching Pamphlet or Flyers

An old school yet effective method to get authentic people to shop is the pamphlet/flyer method. Apart from being cost-effective, this tactic will make its reach via all big and small newspapers and can become a talk of the town amongst regular shoppers. Mentioning just the USP's and discount in a colourful pamphlet is an easy eye-catching element that smoothly draws customers.

Word of Mouth/ Referral gift

A new-age technique, that rewards both the merchant with new customers and the existing ones with better offers. For example: When people purchase something from your shop, you can give them the referral opportunity like bring in 2 people and get Rs. 100 off your next order or bring 5 people and get 50% off on gifting kits. This will be an easy win-win situation for both whilst also profiting the merchant better.

Pay Incentives

Some owners looking for staff during the forthcoming occasions are having to sweeten the commissions or incentives they offer. As working during festivals requires a lot of time and attention, going a little out of the way, and paying them off will encourage them to perform better and also be a part of your word of mouth.

In Conclusion

Every market goes through its ups and downs but when the economy rises it will come back with a bang. Till then gear up for this festive season and enjoy impeccable account management with OkCredit now!

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