How to Start a Juice Shop? [A Complete Guide]

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How to Start a Juice Shop? [A Complete Guide]

Juices are the perfect drink to kick start the day. It doesn't get any healthier than to start a day with freshly squeezed juice out of pulpy fruits. Juices are always refreshing, and people love them through different weathers. While in summers, they are more hydrating, in winters, they provide adequate vitamins and minerals that can boost immunity. Starting a business involving juice can be very interesting. You get several benefits with this start-up. The investment in the setup is very limited. You can have the business rocking in no time, so here are some of the basics tips and techniques for starting a juice business:

Select a type of Juice shop

There are two types of juice shops, the first one is mobile, which you can take anywhere while the second one is immobile. There are both pros and cons to each of these types, and it's completely on you to select the one you think can be better for your business. If you go with a mobile Juice Shop, you can pick up different customers more efficiently at various locations. Your sale is not restricted to the traffic as you can take your shop to various places. On the other hand, the fixed one gives you assurance of fixed customers and your shop looks classy. This can attract customers.

Get your plan ready

Here is another important point to keep in mind before opening a Juice Shop. In a business plan for such a business, you must keep your mind focused on certain points mentioned as follows-

  • The owner must research well and find the investment such a business might require.
  • Getting aware of the competition is also very important.
  • Once you have figures, start searching for investors and people that can be interested in this venture.
  • Get your expectations clear and sort your goals based on the week, month, and year.
  • Have clear data on investments you might require.
  • Get yourself a backup for an emergency.

Find the location

The success of a juice shop depends a lot on its location. If you select a location where you get a good crowd interested in juices, then your sales automatically get the required boost. There are some famous locations where you can start-up your business for maximum profit. These are as follows:

  • A place where people come for jogging and other exercises.
  • Places such as near a college campus or tuitions, or spots full of youngsters.
  • In a busy market.

If you have a mobile Juice Shop, then you can have an advantage over locations. Often, there are situations where your shop can lose customers due to the movement of the crowd from one place to another, but you can move your shop along the crowd in a mobile juice shop.

A menu

People think that juice shops can't offer more than a limited number of items, but they can be wrong in this case. Innovation and creativity can give you a great menu to offer. These days juices are made by squeezing one from fruits and are a combination of different materials and even different fruits making amazing cocktails. Even to expand the range of menu, many Juice shops do offer beverages such as tea, coffee, and other mixes.

Get your equipment

This part is an expensive one. Never try to hurry in buying extra for your shop at the beginning. It is a bitter truth that start-ups can fail easily, so go slow and take things as smoothly as you can. Select the most important ones at the beginning and go for selection according to your venture's size. To help you out, we have mentioned some basic instruments you might require. These are as follows:

  • A counter
  • Juicer
  • Peelers for fruits and vegetables.
  • Cash and billing machine
  • Blender
  • Ice machine
  • Tables and chair(in case you opt for café)

Staff hiring

In a Juice shop, there can be specific conditions where you might require staff. This completely depends on your need and the size of the business. If you have a mobile juice shop, you don't expect to carry lots of staff members. You will probably be going with one helper as your staff in such a case, but if you have a shop to your name, you will need a good amount of staff. Every department will need a special person who can manage things for a smooth business. You will have to hire people for processing, billing, serving, cleaning, and other tasks. It again comes to the point of how big you expect your business to be. The bigger it gets, the more staff you need.

What unique can you do?

Having a juice shop is not something very new in the market. When you get down in the competition, you might find it hard to gain profits. The only way to excel easily and efficiently is by using unique techniques and ways. Here are some of these:

  • Most juice Shops use traditional hand or electric juicers to serve juice, but there are lots of up-grading even in this field. You can find multi-functional juicers with features as mineral restorations added to them. These machines can provide you excellent juices in no time.
  • Try to make the place cool and fancy. People love fancy things, especially the younger generation who are highly attracted to this stuff.
  • Giving a signature style to your juices is not a bad idea. It could be anything, like the way you prepare your juice to the way you serve it. Starbucks is famous for providing its drinks to its customers with a sweet message and their name on the container. Such ideas work well.

How profitable is this business?

Here is an interesting question to answer. People do think that juices can't give you enough profit, but this thought is completely wrong. Juice Shop or centers are among the highest profitable businesses in the market. Even if you are new in the field, you can easily expect a 50-70% gross margin. A business does need time and effort to show you profit. The key here is sticking to it and working hard. A juice shop can be profitable on paper but don't forget that not all of these shops were successful. A proper plan and work according to the plan will bring you profit.


There are several factors one needs to be aware of in a juice shop start-up. We tried to make you aware of some of the most important ones in this article. It is not that easy as it seems to get a juice shop to run successfully in the market. Only a perfect plan with dedicated work can make things change amazingly.

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Q. Which Juicer is better to use?

Ans: You can have many juicers these days, as mentioned above in the article. It is up to your budget, and the quality you want to serve decides the juicer you will opt for. If you are also going for vegetable juices, then you may have to go with some special requirements in your juicers to peel the hardcovers off.

Q. How to attract more crowds at the shop?

Ans: Good quality always finds its excellent value in the market. Try serving freshly squeezed juice to your customers. Most of the time, you will get fixed customers at your juice shop once you settle everything. Also, try making a healthy atmosphere around so that people find it relaxing to enjoy the juice.

Q. Is a Juice Shop a limited idea?

Ans: Any idea in a business is never limited. Gone are the days when the sky was the limit. Just a little change in your outlook can give you a brilliant idea of expanding your juice business. Make the place healthier with better equipment like Wi-Fi. You can always advertise and even go online to deliver juice at home.

Q. How much investment does such a start-up need?

Ans: This is the most attractive thing about a juice shop. You don't need a lot to start selling juice. Even if you go with the least, all you need is a place or cart to set up your stall, a juicer, ice, and some fresh fruits and vegetables. As you invest more, you can get better additions to your juice shop.

Q. What could be a correct marketing scheme for a juice shop?

Ans: You can use different methods as a marketing scheme for your juice shop. The best would be trying to find out ways to do it with a minimal investment involved in it. Social media is one of such ways and probably the best way to market. If you don't know your target audience, then it might cause you problems. Youngsters are the ones most interested in juice, and hence, social media is the best way to target them.