Best Jaggery brands in India [Top Jaggery Brands]

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Best Jaggery brands in India [Top Jaggery Brands]

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Indians are becoming more health-conscious, and in their quest for a balanced diet, they are turning to sugar replacements.  As the best alternative of white sugar, many jaggery makers use the plant saps, sugarcane, and palms to make jaggery with a significant amount of sucrose. Jaggery contains nutritional and therapeutic properties in addition to anti-carcinogenic and antitoxic properties. When compared to white sugar, we believe it is superior.

Before starting with the best jaggery brands in India, here we are discussing what factors to consider while selecting the best jaggery brands in India:

  • Taste –  Jaggery is always sweet. So, make sure the jaggery you are choosing should not be salty or pungent in taste.
  • Texture – The jaggery brand you are choosing must always be hard in texture with no presence of crystals. If you find crystals, it means jaggery is processed highly.
  • Colour – A good jaggery brand is always dark brown.

Key benefits of using jaggery

  • It helps in improving the assimilations of the stomach
  • Works as an energy booster
  • Detoxifies the body by eliminating all poison from the body
  • Prevents anaemia
  • It helps in strengthening the immune system
  • One of the best weight-reducing methods

Best Jaggery Brands in India

Key highlights

24 Mantra

100% natural

Prepared using synthetic pesticides

Source of energy

Natural and tasty


Rich in Antioxidants

Best substitute for sugar

Free from chemicals and added preservatives

Organic Tattva

100% vegan

Prepared using the best of industrial pesticides and GMOs

Best in treating cough and cold

Pure and Sure

Nutrient dense

Organic sweetener

Loaded with phytochemicals

Excellent substitute of refined sugar



Natural cleanser for body

Aids digestion

Reduces menstrual cramps

Prevents Anemia

Relieves joint pain and control blood pressure

Organic India

Use from 100% pure sugarcanes

Manufactured from organic sugarcane

Jaggery powder has many benefits – aides in digestion, rich in minerals and vitamins

B&B organics

Aids in digestion

Works as a cleanser

Adya Organics

The Adya organic sweeteners are infused with all nutritional and medical benefits

Must-have ingredients in all Indian sweet recipes


Slurrp Farm

Free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors

100% natural and organic jaggery powder

Best jaggery powder in aiding digestion

Patanjali Jaggery

The calcium present in Madhram helps in aiding strengthening bones and teeth

Best Jaggery brands in India

1. 24 Mantra

24 Mantra furnishes one of the best and 100% organic jaggery powder. It does not contain any GMOs or synthetic pesticides. This jaggery brand is prepared using the best quality sugarcane juice without adding any preservatives and chemicals. The main USP of this jaggery brand is that it does not have any calcium. One of the healthiest and organic manufacturers of Jaggery is 24 Mantra.

2. Nutriorg

It is also one of the best jaggery brands in India. It is one of the best organic sweeteners for all those who are looking forward to having a healthy diet plan. It has good minerals and carbs prepared using organic sugarcanes. Consuming this organic Jaggery brand, one can get all the essential digestive enzymes for the body. One of the excellent brands for detoxifying the liver and flushing toxins.

3. Organic Tattva

When you are looking for the best jaggery brands in India, one cannot miss out on the name Organic Tattva. It is a chemical-free product with 0 mg cholesterol and fat.  Consuming each spoon of organic tattva means burning 383 calories. The main USP of organic Tattva is that it’s pure vegan without any additives, and is gluten-free.

4. Praakritik

It is also one of the best organic jaggery powder brands available in India: the finest organic sweeteners by health-conscious individuals. It is a nutritious source of good minerals and carbs prepared using organic sugarcanes. Consuming this organic Jaggery brand, one can stimulate the digestive enzymes in the body. One of the excellent brands for detoxifying the liver and flushing toxins.

5. Pure & Sure

This jaggery brand is known for offering a nutritious assortment in food and beverages. Its ingredients are extracted from certified organic farms in India. Pure & Sure is manufacturing jaggery using the best of agricultural procedures. It also works as one of the best organic sweeteners without adding any enhancements, preservatives, or flavors. You can make use of this jaggery to prepare sweet syrups.

jaggery powder and jaggery candies served on a wooden plank

6. Organic India

The best part about this jaggery brand is that it is prepared using 100% pure sugarcanes which have no chemicals. This jaggery brand is considered one of the best alternatives to artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. Adding this jaggery to coffee or tea helps the body in taking in natural minerals, vitamins, and iron. Consuming this jaggery brand, one gets rid of health issues like digestion or purifying toxins from the liver. Organic India Jaggery is popular as the best blood purifier product.

7. B&B Organics

It furnishes jaggery in various forms like sugarcane jaggery, palm, and herbal. All the forms of jaggery produced by this brand are chemical-free and have no added preservatives. Prepared using the best natural composition techniques using minerals and vitamins.

8. Adya Organics

It is prepared using natural ingredients with no additives. One of the best jaggery brands in India fully loaded with all the essential nutrients. The popular variants of Adya organic are sachets, pal, jaggert, Sheesham honey, saffron-infused honey,etc. Using any of these products in your food will help in improving the flavor of beverages without leaving any side effects on the body. The Adya organic sweeteners are infused with all nutritional and medical benefits

9. Slurrp Farm

The list of best jaggery brands in India is incomplete without Slurrp Farm. It is a natural and delightful alternative to fast food options. The best part about the Slurrp Farm jaggery is that it is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.  A 100% natural jaggery powder rich in iron and other nutrients. Best jaggery powder in aiding digestion. Consumed through the way of smoothies, pancakes, oats, porridge, halwa, tea, and other products where one needs a natural sweetener.

10. Avadata Organics

This jaggery brand is prepared using the molasses of sugarcane juices rich in minerals and vitamins. Consuming this jaggery powder, one feels energized all day.

11. Patanjali Jaggery

It is also one of the best jaggery brands in India which consists of all properties and essential minerals. This brand is popular with the name Madhram. This jaggery could be used in food and beverages like kheer, customary treats, sharbat, lassi, and kheer. The calcium present in Madhram helps in aiding in strengthening bones and teeth. It also helps in improving the metabolism of the body. One of the best jaggeries in India.

Bottom line

Jaggery is a potent substance made from cane juice and palm sap without adding any molasses or crystals. The jaggery colour ranges from golden brown to dark brown. Jaggery contains up to 50% sucrose, 20% invert sugars, and 20% moisture, with the rest made up of insoluble components such as wood ash, proteins, and agricultural residues. The recipes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Iran use jaggery in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Eating jaggery in winters offers great health benefits.  But always make sure that you are not eating jaggery in excess since every health substance leaves side effects on the body if consumed in huge quantities. So, if you are consuming jaggery for the first time, start with a modest amount. Add jaggery first in payasam and kheer.

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Q. Which type of jaggery is best in India?

Ans. Always prefer to consume organic jaggery powder as it consists of the most health benefits in India.

Q. Which is better to consume – jaggery powder or jaggery?

Ans. Jaggery powder works the same as original jaggery. There is no difference between consuming jaggery and jaggery powder.

Q. How do you store jaggery in a safe place?

Ans. If you want to store jaggery, prefer to store it in an airtight container in a dry or cold location. To store the jaggery, break it into tiny chunks so that you can handle the quantity well.

Q. Can we consume jaggery each day?

Ans. Yes, one can consume jaggery powder each day. Eating jaggery daily helps in aiding health issues like constipation and digestion.

Q. Does eating jaggery have any side effects?

Ans. If you are consuming jaggery excessively, you might have to face health issues like stomach discomfort, nausea, cold,  vomiting, headache, and weight gain.

Q. Who should not consume jaggery?

Ans. Those who are prone to pain and inflammation should avoid it. High blood sugar patients should avoid jaggery because it may raise blood sugar levels.

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