Jewellery Shops in Coimbatore: Detailed List [2022]

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Jewellery Shops in Coimbatore: Detailed List [2022]

Women love jewellery and they get confidence from their attire and accessories. Be it an accessory or an outfit, what you wear defines you. People often think of jewellery as a sign of wealth. Rich people buy gold and diamond jewellery to portray their standard of living. Whereas, the majority of the population buy jewellery as a future investment.

The owners of jewellery shops take their business seriously. They are growing their business with time. However, the concept of wearing jewellery has a long history. Although most women buy jewellery these days, men too had a great interest in jewellery a few centuries ago. The pictures of emperors and rich famous people were seen wearing jewellery in our history books. Thus, buying jewellery and wearing them was a symbol of power and possession.

Given below are a list of the 10 best jewellery shops in Coimbatore from where you can purchase jewellery according to your choice:

The top 10 best jewellery shops in Coimbatore

Most people buy jewellery during a special occasion, or to secure their money as an investment. Middle-class people also start buying jewellery for their daughters from a very early age to shed some load at her wedding.

Thus, the shops are in a prime location where people from all walks of life can buy jewellery. It helps to attract massive crowds. Hence, the principal motive of the jewellery shops in Coimbatore is to get the maximum sales by presenting good quality jewellery of incredible designs.

Coimbatore is a leading Indian region that is known for quality designs. Also, it is famous for its unique designs, especially in gold jewellery. Below is a list of famous jewellery shops in Coimbatore.

  1. CaratLane Crosscut Road Jewellers
  2. Tanishq Jewellery
  3. Mithran Chains & Jewellers
  4. Shri Arthi Jewellery
  5. Shri Murugan Jewellery
  6. Rv Jewellers
  7. Sumangali Jewellers
  8. Subasree Jewellers
  9. Anithaa Jewellers
  10. K.R. Subramaniyan Jewellers

These jewellery shops located in Coimbatore are illustrated below to help you find the best one for your satisfying shopping experience.

1. CaratLane Crosscut Road Jewellers:

Among all other shops, this tops the list for several reasons. The stunning collection at a very affordable price. It has attracted the mass for several years. The quality of the service is depicted through the ratings they have got on the internet.

2. Tanishq Jewellery:

Tanishq is a very popular brand across India. It is owned by the Tata Group of companies. Likewise, they are very famous for their unique jewellery collection of all kinds. Tanishq also facilitates the customers with their online app. It is easy for people to browse the trending items within their budget. The diamond collections are the most well-known speciality of Tanishq Jewellery. The location of the store is in the posh areas of Coimbatore.

3. Mithran Chains & Jewellers:

Mithran Chains & Jewellers has been enjoying the customer's attention since the inauguration of the store. It is because of their incredible jewellery collection. They are one of the oldest establishments in town. Their speciality is the stylish bridal trousseau that they make with embellishment.

4. Shri Arthi Jewellery:

It is another famous house of jewellery. The store is in the city's heart, making it easy for people to commute. Shri Arthi Jewellery has a special craft workers team with incredible skill sets. They design contemporary jewellery that is both stylish and comfortable. Looking out for a budget-friendly range of gold jewellery? Then visit this store.

5. Murugan Jewellery:

Murugan Jewellery is one of Coimbatore’s leading jewellery stores. The brand has been in this business since 2012. They are famous for excellently handcrafted jewellery, particularly exquisite gold necklaces. As a result, they are among Coimbatore’s gold chain makers and exporters. Murugan is a customer-friendly brand that offers attractive deals on jewellery.

6. Rv Jewellers:

Rv Jewellers is renowned for its amazing jewellery collection. They are affordable and stylish. Here you can find a variety of uniquely designed and beautiful jewels. A unique collection of precious varieties in Gold and Diamond Jewellery made exclusively for you. They offer an exotic “Bridal Collection” that is preferred by customers. The designs are truly distinctive and elegant.

7. Sumangali Jewellers:

Among the other popular jewellery shops, Sumangali jewellers have a prominent name. It is an old establishment in the heart of the city. You get beautiful jewellery with exceptional designs for every occasion. The people in the shop are well-behaved and polite. Their customer service makes you feel comfortable. You can check out some of the best collections of this shop from their online site.

8. Subasree Jewellers:

This jewellery shop is famous for their collection of handpicked and exclusive designs that attracts a lot of customers. Each design is curated in such a way that customers find it very difficult to choose the best. They are famous for making heavy jewellery for weddings and other ceremonies. They accept all modes of payment.

9. Anithaa Jewellers:

This jewellery shop was established in 1987 and is one of the oldest jewellery shops in town. They have an exclusive collection of jewellery to offer for every occasion. Apart from gold and diamond jewellery they also offer pearl collections. They have both traditional and trendy collections of jewellery. They mostly prefer payment in cash.

10. K.R. Subramaniyan Jewellers:

They were established in 1956 and popular since then. They offer a wide collection of jewellery. They also offer a good customer experience. Their shop is located in a prime area and is very easy to locate. They also offer silver jewellery apart from gold and diamond collections. They accept all modes of payment.

Contact Information:

Name of the Jewellery Shops


Phone Number

CaratLane Crosscut Road Jewellers

Cross Cut Rd, Peranaidu Layout, Ram Nagar, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641009

098439 51515

Tanishq Jewellery

52-B, Diwan Bahadur Rd, R. S. Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641002

0422 255 3045

Mithran Chains & Jewellers

660, Telugu Brahmin St, near Lakshmi Vilas ATM, Town Hall, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001


Shri Arthi Jewellery

Shop No. 9, 10, Cross Cut Rd, Ram Nagar, Gandhipuram, Tamil Nadu 641012

0422 223 2710

Shri Murugan Jewellery

3/25, Vrr Complex, Maruthamali Main Road, Vadavalli, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu  - 641041.

422 2422067

+91 944302322

Rv Jewellers

Old No 442, Big Bazaar St, Opp. Kamatchiamman Koil, Town Hall, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001

098942 23222

Sumangali Jewellers

318, Raja St, Town Hall, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001

0422 239 1256

Subasree Jewellers

Shop No.130-B Sri Lakshmi Complex, Cross Cut Rd, Gandhipuram, Tamil Nadu 641012

0422 437 8908

Anithaa Jewellers

Raja St, Town Hall, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001

093458 38966

K.R. Subramaniyan Jewellers

250, Karuppa Goundar St, Town Hall, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641001



Are you searching for a jewellery shop? You can visit any of the above-mentioned jewellery shops to explore more and purchase your favourite one.

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Q. Where to get the best jewellery in Coimbatore?

Ans. Coimbatore is an old city famous for jewellery and fashion. You can purchase the best jewellery from any of the shops mentioned above in the list.

Q. Do gold jewellery shops in Coimbatore deal with diamonds and silvers?

Ans. Yes, most of the jewellery shops have other varieties of collections other than gold. These collections include diamond, silver and pearls, along with gold displays.

Q. Does the jewellery shop sell hallmarked gold ornaments?

Ans. Yes, the gold shops have a wide range of jewellery. They also sell hallmark gold collections according to the needs of the customers. Most of the customers prefer buying hallmark golds. Thus, all the above-mentioned jewellery shops offer hallmark gold jewellery.

Q. Can the customer get traditional jewellery in the gold shops?

Ans. The gold shop merchants create a variety of collections. They have both traditional and modern styles in their designs. The customer can also make their own traditional designed jewellery. Making charges are necessary for this kind of purchase.

Q. How can the customer be sure of the originality of gold and diamond?

Ans. The customers can see the measuring unit of the original gold or diamond. The machine is installed and used in every shop. They get the estimated paper and receipt of the quality of gold assured.