Featured Market-1: FC Road, Pune

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Featured Market-1: FC Road, Pune

Why should you visit? Insights to be gained for small business owners

Every city has a popular market spot that attracts the maximum tourists that visit there. The popularity of the market area isn't only limited to tourists. Residents swarm the place in large numbers as well. Be it evenings on weekdays or throughout the day during weekends. These market areas buzz with the crowd and jolly hustle-bustle perpetually.

If you were to imagine yourself walking through Delhi's Janpath, the enthusiastic screams of hawkers and the immense persuasive skills of vendors of various kinds wouldn't be alien experiences for you.

You'd feel the same while strolling through Mumbai's Crawford Market or fashion street, Delhi's Sarojini or Lajpat Nagar markets, Kolkata's Esplanade, Bangalore's MG road, or for that matter, the very famous FC Road located in Pune.

Have you ever wondered what is so special about these market spots? Why do they become consumers' favourite?

Or what is it that a seller placed in such a prime spot outdoes his fellows from other markets around the city?

Why is FC Road a favourite shopping spot in Pune?

If you're asked about markets in Pune, we're sure that FC Road would be the first spot to strike your mind! No?

One of the city’s liveliest streets, FC market Pune is an absolute delight for the youngsters residing in the town. It has one of the best markets in Pune. Street food joints, clothes and accessories shops, famous food chains, and some of the city's most celebrated restaurants - one can find all of these bustling crowds here at FC Road.

What makes FC Road one of the best markets in Pune is its proximity to the city's premier colleges like Fergusson College, BMCC, MMCC, ILS Law College, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, etc. This area also significantly gives out the typical Puneri feels due to the locale, type of food available, and some of Pune's unique features. Out of all markets in Pune, FC Road stands out for several solid reasons.

Why should you visit FC Road out of all markets in Pune?

Here are some attractive spots present at FC market Pune that make this area a favourite market area in the city. If in Pune, one can't miss out on visiting the famous FC Road and stroll through the following locations:

1. Hong Kong lane:

This area is a small lane joining FC Road and JM road. It hosts the most popular stores for cheap and attractive mobile covers, chic footwear, bags, accessories, and much more. Even if you have a few 100 bucks in your pocket, you can grab some exciting items from this prime spot at FC Road.

2. Book Stores at FC Road:

As we mentioned, this place is a youngster's prime hub. Consequently, there are a lot of second-hand bookstores that cater to the small pockets of sound students. With a rich collection of many valuable books- both academic and non-academic, the bookstores’ plethora at FC Road is a specialist feature here.

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3. Food Joints:

From the vintage "food king" called Goodluck Cafe, or the classic south Indian joints like Vaishali and Roopali, to the latest joints like Burger Barn cafe or Pune SOCIAL - the list of food joints at FC Road can go on till eternity! Even the street food joints like Flavours or the “Corn Bhel” and momo stalls can't go unnoticed if you happen to walk through FC Road.

This area has a galore of the most amazing cosmopolitan Puneri food joints of the city compared to other Pune markets. No wonder that college students, families, and tourists crowd these joints like bees!

4. Cloth and Jewelry shopping at FC Road Market:

If you happen to visit Pune's FC Road, the colourful span of vibrant and chic clothing items would be as enchanting as the figurines in a themed amusement park. The latest designs in various styles of clothing are available here. Pocket-friendly and trendy, this street shopping hub for clothes and jewellery is a College student's heaven. Many shops have been here for years.

There are some new additions as well. There are very interesting box carts that sell pretty Kurt's and tops for women. Not only these, but FC Road also has a few outlets of famous clothing brands - making it a shopper's stop for customers of all kinds. The most exciting aspect is the occasional flea markets in Pune that are organised frequently at FC Road. These factors make this area the best cloth market in Pune.

5. Drink and Chill at FC Road:

This famous Pune market also caters to the enthusiastic college crowd of youngsters who look for places to sip on a drink and chill with their mates after college. FC Road hosts an abundance of such sites that happen to be favourite joints for the student crowd of Pune.

Bars, lounges, fancy restaurants that serve drinks- one can find all of these here. CULTURE, Pune; Pune Social, Barberry, Apache, and much more - FC Road knows how to make Pune's youth Happy high! No wonder it bags the tag of one of the best markets in Pune.

6. Learning at FC Road:

When we mention FC Road, the famous British Library can't be ignored. This is a popular library situated at a cosy green corner of FC Road that flaunts a collection of one of the richest collections of books a library can have. It hosts movie fests and many exciting activities for members.

Apart from this library, there are many prime coaching institutes located in this area. Career Launcher, Times Institute, and many other private coaching institutes for school students and aspirants of many under/postgraduate entrance exams are located here- making FC Road one of the main areas to host a learning culture! Apart from being one of the best markets in Pune, this place also fosters a great academic vibe.

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Insights for Small Business Owners:

When it comes to starting a new business, there are various considerations to keep in mind. Some of them are the following:

  • Capital
  • Availability of resources
  • Locality
  • Customer base
  • Prevailing market trends
  • Consumers demands
  • Locality plays the most crucial role in determining the success of one's business. The kind of customer base you attract depends a lot on where you open your Shop. FC Road, for that matter, hosts the most versatile consumer base of Pune. Opening a business here gives you tough competition but also gives you an equal opportunity to excel.
  • Similarly, by observing the different kinds of shops located at FC Road, new business owners can understand the prevailing market trends and customer demands. Accordingly, they can choose the type of product they want to deal with.
  • However, starting a business at FC Road is a costly affair as this is one of the most prime locations amongst the commercial sports around Pune. Rents are soaring high, and so are the property prices. Even renting a place for your business can affect your pocket, let alone buying one.
  • If you manage funds and work around your other expenses, spending a little extra grab a spot in this locality would be worth it.


FC Road is a spot that attaches itself indeed to the spirit of Pune. The city of Pune is popularly called the "Oxford of the East". Both consumers and business owners from FC Road have collectively made this area the 'Mascot' of the Puneri-Oxford theme. FC Road vibes brilliantly with the city’s young crows and has the most vibrant spaces to visit. Be it clothing, accessories, mobile covers, footwear books, food, or drinks - there is no end to the avenues of business that can come up and cater to the vast consumer base bubbling with energetic demands at FC Road.

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Q. Is FC Road an excellent place to start a business?

Ans. Yes, It is one of the prime locations and is an excellent place to open new businesses.

Q. What kinds of businesses can succeed at FC Road?

Ans. FC Road has a lot of avenues. You can open eating joints, bookstores, or clothes and accessories shops.

Q. Is the rent highest FC Road?

Ans. Yes, being the prime location, shop and commercial rent is relatively high in this area.

Q. What kind of customers mainly visit FC Road?

Ans. FC Road hosts most of the youngster crowd from Pune as the place is near the prime colleges.

Q. What are the other prime markers in Pune?

Ans. There are other prime Market areas in Pune. MG Road, Koregaon Park, Laxmi Road, etc., are some well-known Market areas.