Business Ideas for Writing Entrepreneurs [Top 25 Businesses]

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Business Ideas for Writing Entrepreneurs [Top 25 Businesses]

If you have a passion for writing and if you want to become a business entrepreneur, here is some good news. Gone are the days when freelancing was the only option. Digitalisation has opened many new doors for you. There has never been a better time to make money with your writing skills. There are so many innovative business opportunities to explore at low capital investment. If you desire to become a writing entrepreneur, here are the best business ideas to make money.

1. Start a Content Writing Business

Today content is king, and everyone is badly in need of content for their websites. That is why freelancers are in great demand today. However, as a freelancer, your capacity to make money is restricted. If you have experience in content marketing and if you are a successful freelancer, you will surely have an idea about clients’ expectations. If so, it is time for you to start to think big. Launch a website, recruit a pool of freelancers and market your company as widely as possible.

2. Start a Blog

This is one of the online business ideas for writers. There are millions of bloggers, but not all of them are making money. For some, blogging is just a hobby. However, if you want to make blogging a money-making business, you should know about SEO, blogging and building traffic. It may take lots of time and effort to attract an audience to your blog, but if you take the right steps, you are sure to be successful.

3. Become a Copywriter

If you don’t want to run your own blog, here is another option. If you have a creative mind to write ads and promotional content for brochures, emails, press releases etc., and an eye for details, copywriting is just for you. Find your niche, practise your copywriting skills, find clients from social media and other sources, get reviews and improve your social media presence to be a successful copywriter.

4. Start Freelance Writing

Earning money with freelance writing would have been a joke a couple of decades ago, but today, technology has made it possible for freelancers to work from anywhere and for anyone. How to work as a freelance writer? You need not be a graduate in journalism, but it would be better to educate and equip yourself to make sure you produce quality work and meet your clients’ expectations. To work as a freelance writer, you should have a passion for writing.

5. Become an Essay and Project Writer for Students

Students are not able to find time to complete their assignments and projects because of short deadlines or poor understanding of the topic, or just laziness. They are ready to pay writers who would do their assignments and essays. The pay is usually high for academic content writing. If you can connect with students directly and avoid middlemen, you are assured of very good pay.

6. Start a Resume Writing Service

The job market is competitive today. An impressive resume will give an edge over the other applicants. Many job seekers struggle to write a perfect resume highlighting their skills and achievements. If you have the skills to write an imposing resume, you can turn it into a business. This is one of the new business ideas to suit the recent trends.

7. Start an Ebook Writing Business

Making money with your passion is real bliss. If you have a passion for writing and reading books, won’t it be a blessing if you can make money out of it? There are many genres, such as travel guides, how-to books, fiction, romance, and technology, etc. You can sell them on your own website or on Amazon or Kindle. The secret of your success lies in how well you market them.

8. Start Translation Business

Businesses are going global these days. Companies that have a global client base have a high need for communicating in many languages. Translation errors may prove to be costly. So there is an increased demand for translation and is expected to multiply in the coming years. Create your own website and start your translating business with a pool of translators.

9. Start a Proof-Reading Business

If you love to read and if you have an eye for details, you can opt for proof-reading business. Despite the emergence of tools like Grammarly for proofreading, there is still a need for good proofreaders. However, you should be aware that mere knowledge of the language is not enough. You should be familiar with multiple styles of writing.

10. Become a Scriptwriter

If you are a storyteller and love films, you can go for scriptwriting. You should understand that getting into the world of scriptwriting is not easy. You can take a course, do an internship and join a scriptwriters group if you are serious about it.

11. Become a Novelist

This is the most traditional way of entrepreneurship for writers. As you own the copyrights for your book, you are an entrepreneur. If you have connections with a publishing company, it is easy. Nevertheless, if you have a good story and great writing skills, you can become successful even if you are new to the field.

12. Become a Freelance Blogger

Starting a blog and gaining traffic may not be easy for some. If you are a good writer but not a good marketer, you can just write blog content for other blogs. If you know how to work as a freelance writer, freelance blogging could be very easy for you.

13. Become a Ghostwriter

You may have come across books authored by popular celebrities. A few celebrities may be real writers, but most of them get a ghostwriter’s services to write for them. If you don’t mind your work published in other people’s names, this is a good option.

14. Start a Transcription Business

A large volume of audio and video content is produced daily in various forms like presentations, business meetings, zoom meetings, conferences, and many more. They may contain important data that need to be recorded in writing. Online transcription business is a low-cost investment business opportunity and a perfect home-based business option.

15. Start a Speech Writing Business

Public speaking is challenging. To keep the attention of the audience and impress them, you have to deliver an engaging speech. Orators, motivational speakers, politicians, business heads, students, and many others require good speeches. If you can write personalised speeches to suit various requirements, you can consider this option.

16. Start an Online Magazine

Starting an online magazine is easy, but as there are too many blogs and websites out there, you may have doubts about people reading your magazine. If you have deep knowledge in a field and creative ideas to present it, you can start a magazine in that niche.

17. Start a Business Proposal Writing Service

A business proposal needs to be perfect and outstanding to impress the clients. To make sure they don’t lose opportunities, businesses hire writers to write business proposals for them. If you have good knowledge and experience in business proposal writing, you can consider this option.

18. Become a Travel Writer

The internet has made travel writing easier. You can do it online in the comfort of your bedroom. If you love travelling and writing travel-related content, you can become successful by creating a travel website or blog. If you start getting an audience, you will start to get revenue from ads from tourist and travel-related businesses.

19. Start a Product-Reviewing Company

People’s shopping habits have changed drastically. Before buying a product, most people search the internet for reviews. If you are interested in using new products and writing about their features, the pros and cons, etc., this can be really interesting for you. Start a website and start giving detailed reviews.

20. Start an Online Tutoring Business

There are many types of writing, like content writing, copywriting, ad creating, technical writing and business writing, etc. If you have several years of experience in one or more writing styles, you can start an online tutoring service. The pandemic has improved the scope for online tutoring with platforms like Zoom and many more.

21. Become a Podcast Scriptwriter

Podcasts are gaining a lot of popularity these days. Not all podcasters are good content writers. They may not know how to write impressive content or be too busy to write content. You can write content for them.

22. Start a Technical Writing Business

Technical writing is a valuable skill. If you are a techie and can communicate your technical knowledge into understandable content to the audience, you are in high demand. You can become a full-time technical writer anytime, and the chances of success are high.

23. Start a Social Media Marketing Business

If you have experience writing for social media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and others and have a good number of followers, you can use it to start your own social media marketing business and make money.

Flat isometric vector concept of affiliate business, marketing strategy and referral program

24. Start an Affiliate Business

If you are a blogger with good traffic to your blog, you can start earning a commission by marketing for brands and products in your blog.

25. Start a Video Producing Business

You can use your writing and SEO skills to write scripts for YouTube videos and promotional videos for businesses and make money.

Starting a writing business need not be scary. You need not worry about failures. Failures are the stepping stone to success. Create a plan, be organised, and stay updated to succeed in your business. Explore all the above entrepreneur ideas and find which one will suit you. Focus and steer all your efforts to attain your goals.

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Q. How to become a successful freelance writer?

Ans. You should choose your niche and write the best samples. Getting testimonials and adding them to your website or blog will yield good results.

Q. How to start as a copywriter?

Ans. There are a few steps like understanding the basics, building your own identity, setting up a copywriter website, creating portfolio samples, and searching for clients.

Q. What are the basic tools necessary for a writing entrepreneur?

Ans. Grammarly, Keyword Surfer, Mailer Lite, and Canva are some of the tools necessary for a writing entrepreneur.

Q. What are some financial tips for a writing entrepreneur?

Ans. The most important tip is to create a financial plan. The next important one is to set up the right rates for your content.

Q. What is a successful marketing strategy for a writing business?

Ans. You have to make sure what you offer is better and unique than others and promote it in all possible channels and all possible ways.

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