Top 30 Small Business Ideas For Beginners In 2021

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Top 30 Small Business Ideas For Beginners In 2021

Low-investment businesses are hard to find and have been taken up by most. Hence to look up business ideas for beginners, here is a comprehensive list of businesses you can take into consideration as a beginner.

30 Small Business Ideas

1. Food Truck Business

If you are inclined towards cooking and would like to invest in a restaurant, you can easily begin with a food truck, such as a recreational vehicle turned into a takeaway counter. Of course, you will also need a helping hand and some investment to make sure you are able to supply food substantially.

2. Landscaping Business

Lawncare and landscaping businesses require investment in terms of equipment and transportation. It will take time to gain a steady base of clients. However, you do not need to have any business experience. You can learn through a few videos available on the internet and get some idea of maintaining it.

3. Freelance Agency

These days freelancing has gained popularity because of the increasing number of people demanding to work from home, with multiple clients. If you, as a freelancer, have expertise in writing, editing, photography, video making - you can take multiple contracts at once, work on them collectively. Once the number of contracts increases beyond the capacity, you can also hire people to manage the rest of your work.

4. Private Chef

The choice of becoming a personal chef and taking multiple contracts at once is welcoming if you are inclined to cook. As a private chef, you can sell your cooking skills by delivering specific food items, serving party contracts as and when people are looking for them.

5. Online Course And Coaching

If you have worked for some time now and would like to share your knowledge and expertise via online platforms, you can develop your courses with the help of a writer and editor or become a subject matter expert. Start coaching online; for best results, try and have your own website and offer courses from that platform.

6. Shipping Business

People have moved to online business more significantly than ever before due to the covid-19 pandemic. You can choose e-commerce and carry the dropshipping business of your products and sell them on your own website.

7. Coffee Shop

Coffee shops never go out of style. People prefer coffee shops for quality time with their loved ones. Today some even consider conducting official meetings in such fancy places.

8. Virtual Assistant

Business professionals can get a variety of online services from virtual assistants. Virtual assistants work towards handling communications, social media accounts, and bookkeeping for organisations on a part-time or contractual basis. The money is really good.

9. Bakery

Talking of one of the most successful home-based businesses, a bakery is always in demand. There is no single person in the world who doesn't like to eat cakes or buns. You can customise tempting foods that are visually appealing and equally tasty.

10. Business Review

Small scale and mid-level organisations look for people who can write reviews for the products and services. As a business reviewer, you can encourage such organisations and put on your service as a review writer on various online platforms.

11. Home Food Delivery

If you have a knack for cooking, or you want to help your mother with a small business idea, you can try home food delivery or office food delivery for people who cannot find time to cook lunch for themselves. Companies also look for in-house catering orders for employees.

12. Home Cleaning Service

It may sound like a not-so-cool job; however, you can employ people and send them on contract for home cleaning. This is a much-appreciated business idea in several parts of the world because it is straightforward, and the money is great.

Accounting Services is written and Stack of books and pencils on the wooden table

13. Accounting Services

Suppose you have studied accounting and you are a trained accountant. In that case, you can provide accounting services to multiple start-ups and mid-level organisations, thereby employing yourself under multiple contracts at once.

14. Private Labelling

For beginners, this could be a lucrative business idea as it is full of profits. You can buy products from manufacturers directly and replace the brand logo with your brand. This way, you could make an easy market for your target audience with a functional website.

15. Car Service

If you have a car or a bike and are looking for quick income, you can consider being a taxi service provider. It is a profitable business idea; if you have enough capital to invest, you can also invest in more vehicles and employ more drivers/ riders.

16. Podcast

Podcasting has gained traction in recent times. There is a meteoric rise in the number of people who prefer podcasting and are making good money out of it. To plan your podcast, start by owning the software and adequate equipment, particularly a mic and recording device. Sign up for podcast hosting that will help you store your files and distribute them to meet your podcast networks like Spotify, iTunes, and stitcher.

17. Custom Printed Product Business

Although it falls within the E-Commerce segment, you can customise t-shirts, bags, stickers, and masks as per customer requirement and deliver them to the customers’ doorsteps.

18. Electronic Repair Store

Every household is full of electrical appliances that go off sometimes or the other. If you are technically inclined or know people who love working with electronics, you can create a divine engineer's work and open an electronic repair store.

19. Graphic Designer

Companies never stop looking for graphic designers, small or big. Brand image has gained much popularity in terms of marketing technicalities and recognition. As a graphic designer, make sure you are aware of designing collaterals like banners, logos, posters, landing pages, and websites.

20. Website Designer

Every company is looking for a website that is SEO optimised and can sell its product and services. Even if it is a one-page website, having an online presence is much required these days.

21. Social Media Influencer

Social media presence is also gaining much attention, along with the need for a website. Brands are targeting to build social media accounts and expand business through social media influencers. Social media influencers are highly paid and are a zero investment business idea.

22. Digital Marketing Expert

This business does not require setting up an office, and you can work from your home if you have a stable internet connection and a laptop to go. Having an online presence is mandatory, more so to land up on Google's first page.

Notebook with Tools and Notes about Affiliate Marketing with black marker

23. Affiliate Marketing

It has become a buzzword in the marketing domain for quite some time now. To have a passive mode of income, people engage in affiliate marketing. Brands look for affiliates who are capable enough to sell and promote their products on a commission basis.

24. Dry Cleaning Service

As a small business idea, dry cleaning services do not require much investment in capital and can match up to nearby locals' requirements. It is difficult for busy urban office goers to make time for washing and ironing outfits; dry cleaners can fill in the void and act as a saviour.

25. Event Planner

People with strong communication skills and a great sense of organising and planning can venture into an event planning business. Event managers hold weddings and various events, taking complete care of the operational requirements within a defined budget. If your service is to the satisfaction of your clients, their word of mouth will contribute towards forming a good client base.

26. Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are always experimenting with shades and new makeup brands. With a strong aesthetic sense, they can create a unique look every time that suits the personality and facial features of the clients. You can build a client base quickly by offering makeup services for events, photoshoots, or special occasions.

27.  Car Wash/Detailing

Detailing service does not involve a lot of complicated equipment but requires expertise and business acumen. With the car detailing business, you can choose to travel to your customer's location and provide the necessary service.

28. Currency Trading

Although a small business idea, it is a lucrative and fascinating one. If you are good with numbers and have no problem working long hours and taking risks, currency trading can be a good business idea.

29.  Yoga Studio

Show some love to people with lifestyle and fitness tips. Yoga is widely accepted as the science of wellness. Today people all around the globe look for yoga to get relief from physical and mental anxiety.

30.  Homestay Business

Given that hotels' prices are increasing every day, homestay businesses are gaining traction. Whenever people plan a long trip they look for cheaper places to stay. If you have a place in any such tourist destinations where you can provide accommodation to travellers, this can be a profitable business idea. However, ensure you check all necessary documents before allowing a person into your home.

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Q. What are the most successful small businesses?

Ans. Catering service, business consulting, courier service and online coaching.

Q. Which business will grow in the future?

Ans. Printing, private labelling, car detailing and real estate.

Q. What services are most in-demand?

Ans. Marketing, accounting and legal

Q. What is the most thriving business?

Ans. Bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation

Q. What type of shop is most profitable?

Ans. Jewellery shop, boutique and cosmetic store