What Are the Small-Scale Business Ideas in East India?

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What Are the Small-Scale Business Ideas in East India?

East India has culturally rich and ethnically diverse states. It is also considered to be the tea heritage of India. There are plenty of agriculture and horticulture business opportunities to be explored. One needs to be an expert in these fields to run a successful business. And that's why we have put together these new business ideas that don't need any expertise.

East India is known for its ancient empires, ethnic culture, and religious roots. Green valleys, trekking routes, snow-covered mountain peaks, and wildlife reserves are the attractions for tourists. The tourism industry in East India is expanding day by day, creating more business opportunities. Here are some business ideas in tourism for East India.

All 18 ideas are unique and the best business ideas for East India.

Before jumping straight into the ideas, let us first take a look at what are the prerequisites of starting a small-scale profitable business.

What do you need to start a profitable small-scale business?

The obvious prerequisite for starting a new business is the required skills and, of course, capital. Before taking on any new business venture, you will require a lot of homework. For example, studying the market for your product or service. You will have to do a little research about if your product or service is a market fit.

You will also have to study your customers - their needs, their financial situation, how much they are willing to pay for the product or service you have to offer. Preparing a marketing strategy beforehand is a good move to start a new business. Be clear about how you will reach your customers and how you are going to work with brand awareness.

Also, be ready with your social media or digital marketing strategy. As many people are inclined to spend time on the internet, this will be a cost-effective way to reach your potential customers.

The next obvious thing is to officially register your business with concerned government ministries and departments for legitimacy. And an outstanding business plan can kickstart your business off the right track.

The basic requirement of starting any business is the right mindset. The initial investment is just your time, skills, energy, and good marketing.

Now that we are a little bit more clear about what we need to start a new business let's jump into the ideas.

1. Tour Guide

If you have lived here for a substantial amount of time, you can help tourists explore around in your city or town. Teach them about your regional culture, cuisines, and fashion.

The best thing about being a tour guide is, it requires minimum capital. You can collaborate with Hotels and taxi drivers to get clients. You can also start your blog and social media handles that will help in marketing your business and book appointments.

2. Homestays

Many tourists and solo travellers prefer homestays because they are safe and affordable compared to hotels. If you have (or can afford) a spare house, apartment, or a large residence, you can convert that into a homestay. You can offer accommodation and breakfast. Additionally, you can also offer home-cooked meals and regional cuisines.

3. Translator

India is a diverse country. Every state has its regional languages. If you are multilingual, you can provide translation services to tourists.

4. Camping

Considering the scenic beauty of East India and growth in the tourism industry, starting your Camping business is a lucrative idea. It needs more investment compared to other business ideas we have shared, but it also gives a high ROI.

On the maintenance end, you will need housekeeping, electricity supplies, and cooking supplies. Some places do not allow campsites for security reasons. So do check with legal authorities, then register your business to get a permit.

Instructor or Consultant

5. Zumba or Yoga Instructor

With more and more people becoming health conscious, the fitness industry has started blooming like never before. Taking advantage of this, you can start your own coaching business.

The first step would be to take classes by yourself and learn the art and science behind Zumba and Yoga.

To become a Zumba instructor, you will have to learn different choreography styles and aerobic exercises. Learn from different instructors so you will have a variety of things to teach your students.

To become a Yoga instructor, enrol yourself in a training institute. Practice a lot because Yoga is not something you will learn in an easy go. Once you have gained enough knowledge, you can choose to teach in a studio or start your online classes.

Young sporty people practicing yoga lesson with instructor

6. Meditation Instructor

We all know the health benefits of meditation. With our ever so hectic lifestyles, we are always prone to stress and anxiety. So there are already a lot of people seeking help. Become a certified meditation instructor from a recognised institute and teach people this art of calming their minds.

Alongside, you can also help people learn mindfulness. You can start by teaching your acquaintances and then expand your customer base.

7. Personal Finance Consultant

If you have a bachelor's degree in finance, this is a great business option for you. A personal finance consultant or advisor is someone who helps people plan their long-term and short-term goals.

You can also help people in estate planning, insurance, and retirement planning. Additionally, you can also launch your workshop program or training courses.

8. Social Media Marketing Consultant

If you are a social media enthusiast, you can help other people leverage their social media presence. As a Social Media Marketing consultant, you can help small businesses build their audience base. For this, you will have to build a strong social media presence and use that as a portfolio to get some clients. You can consult start-ups, local businesses, and coaches.

At-Home Businesses

9. Nutrition or Diet-based Customised Food Delivery

A lot of health-conscious people prefer to eat specialised food, or people who suffer from severe illness have specific dietary needs. You can offer these people specially designed meal packages. You can take the help of a nutritionist or a dietician to customize meal options.

10. Cooking Classes

This is an in-demand service one can offer. You can teach about regional food items, different cuisines, diet meals, and desserts. The best part is you can teach both online and in-person. You can either launch a YouTube channel or blog or both.

Skill Based Businesses

11. Freelance Writer

Now is the best time ever to start working as a freelancer. If you have a zest for reading and writing, this business idea is the best. You can enrol in online courses or workshops to acquire the necessary skills and start earning.

For starting as a freelance writer first, you will need a portfolio that will showcase your skills.

You can offer your services as a content writer, creative writer, technical writer, or ghostwriter to businesses and digital marketing agencies.

12. Selling Handmade Crafts

Personalised gifts are such a rage these days. So if you have a little bit of knowledge about art & craft or are interested in learning, do take this opportunity seriously and build a profitable business. You can sell handmade home decors, personalised office stationery, corporate gift packages, handmade earthly planters, personalised items, handmade jewellery, etc.

Start by selling your products to your friends and family. You can also sell these products on e-commerce platforms. Build a strong social media presence so that your followers will convert into customers.

Other Profitable Business Ideas

13. Pet Care

If you are an animal lover and have experience in handling pets, you can start your pet care services. This may include pet grooming, pet bakery, dog walking, or dog daycare.

All dog breeds have different needs when it comes to diet. You can offer to cook meals as per breed requirement. But consider this option only if you have experience with pets and are an animal lover.

14. At-Home Salon Services

This one is an amazing idea to start a profitable business. Of course, you will need to have all the necessary knowledge and certifications. To start a salon, you will need a little bit of investment in tools and products.

But once you have a customer base ready, this is one of the most profitable businesses. To build a good rapport with your customers. You can offer services like Manicure, Pedicure, Nail arts, Bridal makeup, etc.

Indian man in shirt sitting on the chair while barber closing his client


All the business ideas mentioned above are profitable and require significantly less investment.

We understand starting a new business and scaling is a daunting task. And that's why OkCredit is here to simplify things for you by helping you maintain the ledger.

But always remember you will have to be consistent with your efforts to see desired results. Only discipline and perseverance will help you succeed in any business. No matter what business you decide upon, put in your hard work and keep learning new things to excel in your business.

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Q. What are the most successful small businesses?

Ans. Coaching, consulting, and designing are some of the most successful small businesses.

Q. What businesses can I do from home?

Ans. Blogging, freelancing, cooking, and baking are some of the small business ideas that you can do from home.

Q. What are the best homemade businesses?

Ans. Cloud kitchen is one of the best homemade businesses.

Q. Which businesses can I start with little money?

Ans. Coaching is one business you can start with little to no money.