Boiler Manufacturers In India [Best Manufatcurers]

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Boiler Manufacturers In India [Best Manufatcurers]

The top boiler manufacturers in India have been producing this machinery to generate heat, mechanical, energy, or even breakdown biomass. There are several reputed boiler manufacturers in India, who have been providing turnkey solutions to most firms looking to generate heat or mechanical energy. Many firms are known for their ability to evaluate the requirements of the plant and accordingly provide solutions. Some of the top boiler manufacturers in India are as follows:

  • Thermax India Limited
  • Forbes Marshall
  • Cheema Boilers
  • Southern Boilers

1. Thermax India Limited

This is one of the most well-known and among the top boiler manufacturers developing boilers for waste management, power generation, pollution control, absorption cooling, and wastewater treatment. The company has been known to provide a wide range of boiler solutions across several industrial sectors. For example, one of the leading products of the company is Stematic boiler. This boiler is ideal for heating small loads and can replace larger boilers. This boiler is almost revolutionising the industrial boiler industry in India. It prevents coil choking and generation of sludge in the machine. When you evaluate the features of the boilers developed by Thermax, some of the features regarding the efficiency of the machinery that immediately stand out are as follows:

  • The boilers are known to generate steam almost instantly, making them ideal for smaller firms like canteens, laundries, and restaurants.
  • The company also specialises in building boilers for solid fuels like coal, biomass briquettes, and wood. If you evaluate the size of these boilers, you will find that these have a much smaller size than the common notion of such boilers. This means these have a smaller footprint, and maintenance and management of the boilers are also more straightforward.
  • The hot water boilers of Thermax can range from 50,000 to 90,00,000 kcal per hour and can operate on various fuels. These boilers have been known to reduce fuel costs by 30% and are also eco-friendly. The boilers have played a crucial role in protecting the environment in the regions where these have been installed.

Thus, Thermax is indeed one of the pioneers when it comes to developing and managing different types of boilers in India.

2. Forbes Marshall

Forbes Marshall is another top boiler manufacturer in India. The company manufactures oil and gas-fired boilers, exhaust gas and heat recovery boilers, biomass, industrial waste-fired boilers, and power boilers. But what sets the company apart is the extensive efficiency tests carried out by the firm regarding the performance of the boilers. The following list will give you an idea of the tests carried out by the firm regarding boiler performance:

Boiler efficiency

The company calculates it as the optimal performance of the boiler compared to the fuel consumption. It is divided into two parts:

·  Thermal efficiency

·  Combustion efficiency

Thermal efficiency

This can be calculated as the effectiveness with which heat is transferred from the fireside to the waterside. Soot can be a deterrent to thermal efficiency.

Combustion efficiency

The boiler can burn fuel efficiently. It is calculated by evaluating the amount of fuel that is left unburnt.

List 1: Understanding boiler efficiency

As is evident, the company prioritises the efficiency of all the boilers that it has installed. It also carries out real-time evaluation of the function of the boilers. As a result, Forbes Marshall boilers are undoubtedly one of the best steam boilers available in India, and they have been so for the past seventy-five years.

Boiler room equipment- high power boiler burner

3. Cheema Boilers

Cheema Boilers are known for their tailor-made solutions when it comes to boilers. The top boiler manufacturer is known to provide solutions across several industrial sectors. The company has installed boilers for companies belonging to the pharmaceutical, refinery, and agricultural, paper, steel, and iron sectors. The company has also provided turnkey boiler solutions to breweries, textile firms, and even companies associated with waste management. Some of the essential features of the biomass fired boiler of the company are as follows:

High efficiency

·  Less amount of fuel is left un-burnt

·  Large furnace-size ensures maximum burning of fuel

·  Heat recovery rate economizer results in a lower temperature of the exiting gas

·  Cinder refilling reduces the amount of un-burnt coal

More savings

·  Better gas velocities to reduce draft loss at the gas path

·  Efficient fans to reduce loss of energy

Eco-friendly operations

·  Optimum operations to reduce the release of particulate materials into the atmosphere

·  Efficient silencers are installed as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA norms

·  Fans also have minimum noise levels

Automated functioning system

·  Automatic control system- DCS/PLC

·  Extensive use of supervisory control to collect data. This is necessary to ensure that the boiler is functioning at an optimum level

·  Continued monitoring with minimum manual intervention to ensure safety

·  Proper safety interlocks in place as per Hazard and Operability Analysis for complete safety of operator equipment

List 2: Essential features of a biomass-fired boiler of Cheema

Thus, the boilers manufactured by Cheema are designed to meet the specific requirements of the particular company. But these boilers are also designed to meet certain specific standards. The company also carries out rigorous checks on the boilers that it has already manufactured and installed to ensure that these are functioning optimally.

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4. Southern Boilers

Southern Boilers is another reputed firm that has been manufacturing steam boilers that provide turnkey solutions to hotels, canteens, companies associated with the textile industry, dyeing, and even agro-based firms. For example, the oil and gas boiler of the company is fully automatic and has the capacity for instant steam generation. The boiler has high-efficiency levels and is easy to operate. If you are looking for tailor-made solutions,  the company can change the boiler pressure as required. Thus, if you are looking for specific solutions for boilers and power generation for your firm, you should consider reaching out to top boiler manufacturers, Southern Boilers.

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The top boiler manufacturers in India have continuously worked to produce machines that prioritise efficiency and ensure the least fuel wastage. The objective of all of these companies has been to produce machines that meet customer expectations. These machines require adequate maintenance so that they can function at an optimal level. Therefore all of these companies endeavour to provide excellent services to ensure that the boilers function optimally even after several years of manufacturing.

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Q. Why does a plant need a boiler?

Ans. Boilers are primarily needed to generate steam. This can be required to produce energy or to transmit heat. This is necessary for the smooth functioning of specific sectors of the plant or the factory.

Q. Are specific solutions for boilers necessary?

Ans. Yes, you will need to understand the requirement of your plant before you place an order for the boiler. You will have to consider the size of your plant, the products being manufactured, and other similar details before placing an order for a boiler.

Q. Do different boilers use separate fuels?

Ans. Yes, the fuels used can differ from boiler to boiler. Depending on your firm and your requirement, you will have to select a boiler fuel.

Q. How many hours in a day should you use the boiler?

Ans. All boilers need some time to cool off. The best way to know about it would be to discuss it with the manufacturer.

Q. Should you keep your boiler turned on continuously?

Ans. You can continuously keep the boiler turned on, but it can lead to unnecessary energy loss.

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