What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Indore?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Indore?

Indore got its name from Lord Indra. The ultra-cleanliness, highly qualified and educated young generation, and the natural beauty in the city make it different from other cities.

Moreover, the city has put forth many young talents. There, the current generation is breaking the old barriers. Even the teenagers of the city are meeting the new challenges. The period we are living in has different criteria to judge a person to be independent. People are now expecting to be singers, dancers, artists, painters, magicians, or choosing primary professions. Equally, women need to free themselves from the financial dependency on their families, and guards against dire situations like divorce or death. This is where sound financial planning and entrepreneurial streak come into play for a woman to secure her life.

This article will see different business ideas for a woman to be financially independent in Indore.

Best business ideas for a woman

1. Food Business

It is one of the most common businesses in the Indian marketplace. If you have excellent cooking skills and like to feed others, this is to be counted among the best business ideas in Indore. It is the business for ladies can continue from the comfort of their homes. To make a start, you can make a WhatsApp list of friends and family members who constantly ask you to make their favourite dishes for them. Let your food speak for your talent, and begin your business with full conviction and proper planning.

2. Tailoring services

It might sound like small-scale business ideas in Indore, but it is the one that can generate you a long-term earning to start the business with. Tailoring and embroidery services have been there in Indore for a long time. And being a traditional business that exists in Madhya Pradesh, the government has also prepared specific schemes for such small business ideas for women. Textile is one of the state's prosperous industries. It is like a home business for ladies. The industry is in itself a well-proven and profitable platform for the whole state. Textile, tailoring, and embroidery are the best business in Indore. People who have a vast social network can sell or resell their designed clothes on their social network too.

3. Art & Craft

Creativity is an excellent weapon in achieving the place out there in the world. People get to know about you through your passion and the work you have done so far. If you are good with your hands and creativity in your mind, and looking for new business opportunities in Indore, handmade craft supplies can be a lucrative home-based business for women. There are several websites on the internet offering opportunities to set up shop online and sell the creations from the comfort of your home. It is a profitable business for housewives, and for those restricted by responsibilities.

4. E-Commerce Businesses and Websites

Although it requires hard work, seeks time, and demands steps to take profitable decisions, the online marketplace is where any woman can expand her work by reaching out to huge audiences in the corners of the world. You can choose anything that suits your skills or passion, and get the things done on the internet through websites. It is one of the side business ideas for ladies where online businesses are a beneficial way of earning. You can start a retail business, a website for kids, an online store, or you can reach out to the social media channel to meet the demands.

5. Resell your old or new products to your social network

Reselling is one of the best business ideas for women. There are a variety of apps available on the web that enable women to act as resellers from the comfort of their house. It is the internet version of the earlier offline, where women used to call their neighbours and friends to sell something from their old stuff of clothing and styling wardrobe. It includes both picking-up and delivery services that further add to the benefits of securing business in the Indore. Women who have a vast social network can get more benefits by just reaching out to their friends and getting the work done.

6. Production of Gems and Jewellery

Madhya Pradesh is enriched with the resources and minerals like diamond and copper. And being one of the essential parts of the state, the city has gained a significant position in India. If you are a creator and know specific handy skills of handling the craft of pearls and beauty, you are not far from starting your best business in Indore. Creating jewellery out of pearls, hooks, crystals, bangles, and threads requires knowledge of beauty and fashion accessories. Fashion, being one of the leading and inspiring industries in the whole country, can prove to be one of the best business ideas in Indore, where you can use your creativity to earn good money.

7. Bake the Cake

If you are one of those who always shows the skills by the art or beauty of their baked goods, then the baking business can be the right alley for you. The best part is it requires low investment. It is one of the great ways of allowing home-makers to reach out to wider audiences. Good presentation and quality food will create a great client base for your business in the baking niche. Meanwhile, when your offline baking business reaches a significant population, you can choose to work online for the same. It would help you to achieve the broader population while exploring the work experiences and the possibilities.

8. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most practical ideas for women to be settled at home. And the good part is that they can work flexibly for the sake of their comfort zone. Just write whatever comes to your mind and publish those words on the web. Or else you can also choose to work for any organisation while being at home. If you have good writing skills, then you must try this field. It is one of the best options for business for ladies sitting at home.


Apart from being known for its historical and architectural splendour, the city has splendid business opportunities waiting to be tapped. It is the place where you will find an interesting mixture of royalty and innocence. Whether it is about the choice of work or even the skills they possess, the city's population has always been highlighted with its dignity and the independence it provides to its state members.

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Q. What can be some best ideas for beginners to start a small business in Indore at home?

Ans. You can start freelancing from home. You can also choose to start a business like photography, blogging, child care services, home tuition, selling or reselling products on social media platforms, and creating websites.

Q. Do I need to reach people manually for starting an online business?

Ans. You can either reach the audiences manually or online. You can contact the people who are already on your contact list and create popularity for your online business. You can also reach the audience that is not on your contact list by creating a connection between your social media or the online business. It will help you reach and target the unknown audience demographic.

Q. Do I need to invest in embroidery services if I start work as an entrepreneur?

Ans. You would have to invest in purchasing embroidery products like threads, pearls, and the clothes where you want to show your skill if you want to start a business in the designing niche.

Q. How can I create popularity for my gems and jewellery business?

Ans. You can complete your task and then click the pictures. Then, you can reach your friends and family on WhatsApp or any other social media platform to create the popularity of your homemade products.

Q. I have some new products to sell. Do I need to start working online for this?

Ans. You can either choose to start working online, or just work offline by reaching out to neighbours, friends, or family members and creating your audience.