Best Cheese Brands in India [Top Leading Brands]

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Best Cheese Brands in India [Top Leading Brands]

In recent years, it seems as if the cheese has become increasingly sophisticated in India, an extension of its already widespread popularity. While we have long been familiar with typical Indian-style paneer and processed cheese products such as those made by brands like Amul, it seems to us that our people's taste buds have moved on to greener pastures, and now when it comes to cheese a la Indian, You see many Indian manufacturers these days who try diligently to replicate European versions of gourmet cheesemaking while others come up with new twists on their own.

India is one of the largest consumer markets for cheese. Indian cheese brands are some of the most popular in the world. There are a variety of cheese brands in India that offer high-quality cheeses. This blog will look at some of the best-known Indian cheese brands.

Best Cheese Brands in India

If you love cheese, you'll love this article! It's all about the best cheese brands in India. We discuss the best cheese brands you can buy online and offline in India. Read more here.

1. Amul

It is one of the most well-known cheese brands in India. It produces five different types of cheese that can be sub-divided into five categories:

Processed cheese

Citric acid, Buffalo milk or cow milk, table salt, sodium citrate, and annatto are used to make processed cheese. It comes in a variety of sizes in tins, blocks, chiplets, and slices.

Gouda cheese

Gouda is a cheese that is mildly ripened with a distinct fruit taste. Gouda cheese is a yellow-coloured, gently developed Dutch cheese manufactured from cow's milk.

Emmental cheese

Cheddar cheese, soft cheese, and table salt are used to make Emmental cheese.

Cheese spread

Cheddar, soft cheese, and salt are used to make this cheese spread. It comes in nine different flavours.

Pizza Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese is manufactured with milk, vegetarian coagulating enzymes, and ordinary salt.

2. Govardhan

As India's one of the leading manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of cheese products, Govardhan produces a variety of cheeses to meet consumers' tastes and needs. These cheeses are available in various packaging options like 1-kilogram bricks, individual 400-gram blocks, 200-gram blocks, and even larger 2.5-kilogram bricks for commercial use. One of the company's overall goals is to improve people's quality of life through protein-packed cheese products that also offer taste appeal as well as health benefits.

Product Offerings- cheddar cheese, shredded cheese, pizza cheese, etc.

3. Britannia

Britannia was established in 1892 as a biscuit manufacturing company, in Kolkata, India. Britannia Foods Limited places an emphasis on producing high-quality foods as well as minimising environmental impacts from its very core of operations. They have come up with a wide range of products to suit all tastes which include cheese made from cow's milk. These products are widely available in various sized packs and flavours so you are sure to find one that is right for you!

Product Offerings- They have eight different kinds of cheese to choose from:

  • Cubes
  • Blocks
  • Cheese slices
  • Britannia Cheezza
  • Britannia cheese spreadz
  • Britannia Slimz

4. Acres Wild Gourmet Cheese

Mansoor Khan and his wife founded Acres Wild Gourmet Cheese, an organic cheese farm near Coonoor, in 2004. They currently offer over 20 different types of gourmet cheese. Customers can also participate in two-day cheese-making sessions. It provides chemical-free vegetarian cheese.

Product Offerings- Ricotta, Feta, and Halloumi cheeses are among the many options.

5. Chaudhary Cheese Bazar

Chaudhary Cheese Bazar is a Noida-based cheese brands in India. It manufactures about 100 different varieties of cheese. Has a significant presence in northern India.

Product Offerings- mozzarella cheese, pizza cheese, processed cheddar cheese, etc.

Wooden board with different kinds of cheese and basil on white background

6. Flander Dairy

Sunil Bhu founded Flander Dairy in Delhi. He was educated by some of Italy's most renowned cheesemakers. Using the most up-to-date European technology and equipment, he presently produces a wide range of both Indian and multiple international kinds of cheese.

Product Offerings- Burrata, Mozzarella, Bocconcini, Cherry Mozzarella, etc.

7. ABC Farms

It is a Pune-based firm that has been in business since 1976. Aga's, Chinoy's, and Bhathena's founded the ABC Farms. Sohrab Chinoy and his family currently operate and own it. It is also known in Pune for a number of other eateries. The firm produces around 70 different types of natural cheese.

Product Offerings- alcohol cheese, port wine cheese, Pecorino cheese, etc.

8. Daily Craft

In 1986, a team of 3 friends from Delhi, founded Daily Craft. It is well-known both within and outside of India as a reliable brand. Since its inception, Daily Craft has catered to various industries and they have gained recognition as a trusted name in the subcontinent as well as outside India because they do what they do with integrity. They manufacture cheese under brands like John’s, La Cremella & Rio, and Dairy Craft which are available to be purchased at retail stores or specialty restaurants.

Product Offerings- Gourmet cheese, grated cheese, block cheese, etc.

9. La Femme Cheese

La Femme Cheese began production in the Aurovile area of Pondicherry in 1988. It employs a staff of skilled cheesemakers from the Netherlands, Indiana, and France. They're manufactured from cow milk and the old-fashioned way of manufacturing cheese. On a daily basis, it makes 100 kg of handcrafted cheese in ten distinct flavours.

Product Offerings- Auroblochon, jeera cheese, Feta, etc.

10. Passion Cheese

Poshtik Milk's Passion Cheese is one of their offerings. It began as a small-scale manufacturing operation. In 1995, it first opened for business in Hisar. It's gone a long way since then, and now supplies major firms, fast-food franchises, and restaurants.

Product Offerings- Gourmet cheese, Gouda cheese, Cheddar cheese, etc.


Cheese is the favourite of food lovers and the Indians are not far behind in the race. Cheese is an essential element of our diet. Cheese may be found on almost any pizza or burger. Cheese enhances the flavour of your meals or snacks. It's also a good supply of vitamins and calcium, thus it's a good source of nourishment. We are beyond excited to share with you the best cheese brands in India. With this information, you can make sure that you are buying quality cheese and enjoying it to the fullest!

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Q. Which is better, Amul or Britannia?

Ans. Amul's Britannia cheese spread is superior. Amul was rated the best among pizza cheese manufacturers, with a score of 92, whereas Britannia received a score of 36. Amul cubes had the highest calcium content in milligrams per 100 gram of product, at 903 milligrams.

Q. Which is the most expensive cheese?

Ans. Pule cheese is the most expensive cheese in the world because it is produced at Zasavica Special Nature Reserve of Serbia.

Q. Which is the most expensive cheese in India?

Ans. Say cheese is the most expensive cheese in India.

Q. Which country produces the best cheese?

Ans. The world’s best cheese is produced in Cornwall which is in Southwest England.

Q. Why is Blue cheese expensive?

Ans. The best blue cheeses are typically made in Italy, France, Germany, and Great Britain. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, this makes the retail price higher than locally-made cheeses since this cheese has been imported from overseas.

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