Top-20 Low Budget Digital Marketing Business Ideas

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Top-20 Low Budget Digital Marketing Business Ideas

The world today is increasingly interconnected with the rapid advent of digital media and social media channels of communication. This is why most businesses and organisations are integrating into an online environment for marketing their products and services, and for generating essential leads to grow their business.

With so many new and different domains for digital marketing, it can get confusing for you to start your own digital marketing business, especially if you plan to do so with a low budget. Here are the top 20 ideas to run your own low budget digital marketing business sustainably for the years to come:

1. Content Marketing Business

Content is the new ruler in the field of marketing, especially when using an online platform. The quality and type of content you create and utilise for marketing campaigns are of primordial importance. There is a rising demand for such content marketing services among most small and medium-sized enterprises. These businesses need a controlled content marketing strategy to ensure they are growing and reaching their customers in diverse locales.

2. Video Marketing Business

There has been a steady rise in the number of businesses using video content to market their products. This particular type of digital marketing is fairly common among product-attentive businesses such as e-commerce websites and retailers. Videos are quite interesting for the audience and can be used to inform, advise and entice the viewers to avail the product or service being provided by your business. This is a high demand avenue for you to customise your low budget digital marketing business using just a camera and a computer.

3. SEO Specialist Business

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the technical term for what drives traffic to your website. This is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing considering the fact that most businesses today have a website even though they may not have social media handles. An SEO specialist firm is supposed to understand the goals of the business and the key performance indicators associated with the goals to formulate a definite strategy and plan to ensure more traffic to the client’s website. This is a technical business that can be started with almost no cost or capital investment. The more you can make the website user-friendly, the more leads you generate for your clients, the better you are performing as an SEO specialist firm.

4. Influencer Marketing Business

In today’s world, influencers are the new opinion leaders that many businesses of all sizes are utilising to the best of their abilities. Influencers are recognised individuals on various social media platforms with a high number of followers, connections and engagements. If you want to begin an influencer marketing business, it is required that you have an active portfolio of collaborations with a handful of influencers especially on portals such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Influencers also help in creating a sense of credibility for new brands and businesses among the customer base.

5. Mobile Marketing Consultancy Business

Digital Marketing is one of the most diverse ways to promote a brand, product or service. In this respect, the use of mobile devices and tablets also account for a large proportion of the traffic generated via such digital marketing campaigns. This has an interplay of user experience and the platform the mobile phones run on, whether it is Android or iOS. A mobile marketing business creates such digital marketing tools and solutions for major businesses that are suitable for mobile devices.

6. Social Media Marketing Business

Social media is perhaps one of the most used platforms on the internet. Over 70% of the daily active internet users have some form of social media profile or the other. This can range from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to a more professional social media platform in LinkedIn. This has also resulted in a rise in diurnal engagement and activity on the web. This has also led to the creation of a new avenue for digital marketing for businesses of all sizes.

7. Web-Content Specialist Business

The rise of websites and online web-based applications has been quite significant in the recent past. Many businesses are using this online domain to reach a larger audience to market their services and products in order to generate more revenue and leads. Similarly, these businesses look favourably to hire content specialists who can write for their website. This type of content can range from web content as well as blogs.

8. Digital Marketing Analyst Business

With so many different platforms to market on, there is a need to calibrate the goals of the business to streamline the process of acquiring new customers and generating new sales leads. A digital marketing analyst in this regard creates a well-defined strategy using analytics tools and website dashboards that caters to the specific requirements as presented by the client.

9. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used forms of online marketing. The role of the affiliate marketer is to run campaigns on behalf of major brands and organisations in order to get them a higher reach and traffic. The end goal is to improve their sales records and ensure that your audience base is making the brand more profitable. Affiliate marketers are usually paid per sale.

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10. Email Marketing Business

Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing still in use today. This form of digital marketing revolves around creating, marking and sending emails in bulk to your clientele or customer base. Email marketing can prove to be quite successful with the right target in place.

11. E-commerce Marketing Business

Digital Marketing for any e-commerce company is a different ball game altogether. With so many different types of products listed on such a website, it is an intensive task to set the right campaigns and cater to each individual category. This is a highly profitable business idea that requires almost no capital investment to begin with.

12. Facebook Marketing Business

Facebook marketing is a relatively easy business to start in the domain of digital marketing. You just need to be well-versed in running split tests and using Facebook Pixel, which is Facebook’s own digital marketing apparatus. This form of digital marketing is already rising in demand with more and more active users on Facebook seeking to build meaningful connections and use the platform as a promotional marketplace.

13. Instant Messaging Consultancy Business

Short-form messaging is one of the most convenient methods to reach your customers. Everyone uses a cellular device and irrespective of their access to the internet and their standard SMS service to communicate with peers. This method is extremely useful for regular or periodic updates on products and new services or discounts. An Instant Messaging Consultancy Business deals with all the particulars involved in sending such messages in bulk.

14. Search Engine Marketing Firm

After SEO, there is a need to ensure that the marketing options for products and services sold directly from the website are maintained. This is done by dedicated Search Engine Marketing firms. This is a relatively technical process that leads to organic visitors to your website and generates sales.

15. Keyword Marketing Business

The rise of content-based marketing has made the internet a complex environment for brands and businesses. A Keyword Marketing Business has the ability to manoeuvre the most suitable keywords to generate more sales leads and website traffic. This is a technical business that may require some expertise in SEO, SMM and KPIs in general.

16. SEO Web Design Business

Website design may be a different field of business altogether but the increasing content-based websites make digital marketing a complex process. An SEO-based Web Design business is able to tackle this issue of content complexities using a Web Design that gels well with the SEO content on the page. This is more successful in generating traffic and leads.

17. App Development Business

With the increase of website and web applications, many businesses are turning to native and platform-specific mobile applications to reach out to more consumers and generate more leads. Such mobile applications cater to more people and can make the platform seem personalised for the end-user.

With the advent of SEO and SMM for websites to generate sales leads and internet traffic, creating valid and useful backlinks to make the web content more discoverable is becoming more and more important. Quality links make a website rank higher in search results making the website content more valuable.

19. Online Ad Management Business

Since more and more people have shifted to the online space for fun, work and communication purposes, many advertisers have also similarly shifted to the online platforms. An online ad management business spearheads such online marketing campaigns on various portals for all their clients.

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20. Digital PR Business

A digital public relations business is bestowed with the responsibility to run and maintain a company’s online stature and reputation. This helps in generating more loyal customer bases and generating more sustainable sales leads for any business using online media as a platform for marketing.

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Q. What is SEO marketing?

Ans. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the technical term for what drives traffic to your website. SEO marketing is standardising your website to meet the SEO needs to be more discoverable over the web.

Q. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Ans. Affiliate marketing is one form of online marketing. The role of the affiliate marketer is to run campaigns on behalf of major brands and organisations to get them a higher reach and traffic.

Q. What is Email Marketing?

Ans. Email Marketing is one form of digital marketing that revolves around creating, marking and sending emails in bulk to your clientele or customer base. It is one of the oldest ways to get the word out about your projects and new ventures.

Q. What are a few different ways to do digital marketing?

Ans. There are a few ways to market your business online. Especially with social media networks growing, it almost guarantees you higher returns on your investment. You can perform email marketing, SEO marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, depending on your needs, budget and audience.

Q. Is it possible to start a digital marketing business on a low budget?

Ans. Yes, with so many new and different options available over the web today, it is quite easy to start your own digital marketing company at almost no cost. No matter what you invest in, you are almost assured of higher returns using digital marketing.