Famous Street Food Of Kerala [Popular Dishes]

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Famous Street Food Of Kerala [Popular Dishes]

Kerala is potentially one of India's most stunning locations. The land of coconut trees is a paradise for all classes of tourists. Kerala is the ultimate tourism destination for harmony and serenity whether you choose to navigate the sparkling backwater or get lost in the mysterious coastal greenery. The long shoreline of Kerala and various rivers have given birth to a large fisheries industry in the area, which has provided seafood. Rice and tapioca are cultivated in abundance. It is the principal ingredient for starch in the food of Kerala.

Kerala is considered the land of spices' due to its trade export of spices with European Nations and many prehistoric advancements with the most ancient Sumerian historical records of 3000 BC. The cuisine of Kerala is a cooking style that comes from Kerala, a south Indian province. Kerala dishes deliver various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made with red meat, poultry, and fish.

Here is a list of some of the famous street foods of Kerala:

Street food of Kerala

1. Erissery

Erissery is one of Kerala's famous dishes made from sliced yams or raw plantains, a sensation in every kitchen in Kerala. It is prepared by boiling roasted lentils, turmeric powder, chillies or pepper, roughly chopped coconut, sweet pumpkins, garlic, and cumin seeds. Erissery, a favourite item on the menu of religious festivals such as Onam, is a beautiful food for enthusiasts looking for fresh recipes.

2. Idiyappam

Idiyappam is one of Kerala's most popular dishes, often eaten as a brunch, a snack or the full course. It is made of rice flour and eaten with currants, most of which are chana curry or egg curry. In addition to most restaurants, Idiyappam or Noolappam are the primary cuisines in Kerala's food stalls.

3. Malabar Parotta

Malabar parotta is one of Kerala's best-known street food product lines. This meal is free of calories and incredibly delicious. Bread, meal, eggs, water, and ghee are some of the ingredients that make this dish flavorful and delicious.

4. Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu

If you want to spice up your food plate, you must try one of Kerala's staple dishes, such as spicy chicken fried or creamed curry. Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu is fried chicken made with a wide variety of ingredients. Served with garlic, spices,vinegar, and onion on a banana leaf, chapattis, Kerala Porotta, appam, or rice can be presented along with Nandan Kozhi Varuthathu to create a delightful combination. A serving of this dish with dosa is also a popular street food choice. On your next visit to Kerala, have Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu, and you will forget KFC.

5. Sundal

Enjoy a delicious and flavorful sundal bowl before exploring Guruvayur's holy Hindu temple with its tilted beads. Sundal is a favourite fried dish from South India with legumes and lentils, various fresh spices, and coconut. It is usually made with chickpea but may include moong beans, peanuts, black-eyed peas, maize, and other legume family vegetables—unique festivals such as Vinayaka Chaturthi, Janmashtami Puja, and Navratri fasting complement this culinary delicacy.

6. Puttu and Kadala Curry

Puttu and Kadala Curry is a typical dish of traditional Kerala cuisine. Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked in a mold with crushed coconut, a popular breakfast from Kerala's many recipes. It can be supplemented with Kadala curry (the 'Kala Chana' of Kerala), grated coconut, or ripe bananas. One should not get deceived by the simplistic look of this dish; Puttu can be very delightful.

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What makes food in Kerala so special?

Given the variety of spices, you hardly find a spice-overcooked local dish. It takes a while to get along with the flavoursome delight of Kerala cuisine. But once you do it, you are hooked on the flavours and textures in the authentic presentation of Kerala street food.

Kerala's cuisine is so delicious that it enhances appetites and stimulates the taste buds. The flavours and aroma of Kerala food cannot be without incorporating its signature herbs and spices. Chiles, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and asafoetida are common foods in Kerala. Almost all the dishes make you recognize coconut's flavour since mixing grated coconut, and its milk in the recipes is an everyday culinary activity for thickening and enhancing its cuisine flavours.

Guide to start a business with famous street foods of Kerala

Kerala's lively province has become a paradise of restaurants and street food stalls where the food businesses have expanded enormously. It is mainly due to the passionate food and unique culinary expertise it offers.

A few years ago, the young people who had their preferred sites in the city took over street food. However, even families now enjoy a nice dinner at an impressive stall, offering mouth-watering food with a fantastic atmosphere.

Almost the same numbers of prospective customers try the food at a restaurant as their existing customers. In reality, the hospitality industry in Kochi is rising exponentially to appease Kerala food lovers' unique tastes and preferences.

  • The initial investment for a street food shop is very minimal. A stall would need a fair amount of public area. Besides, the majority of Kerala street food among the Indians are very prominent.
  • There is also an excellent incentive for proper consumer acceptance.
  • A food stall has considerably less reliance on money, which allows you to start and handle the food business effectively.
  • Like any cafe, a food stall needs all applicable permits. It is always important to have verified the local municipalities' space before forging ahead. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain the following licenses:
  1. FSSAI license.
  2. Municipality permission letter.
  3. Sometimes, NOC from the fire officer and police station.
  • It would require Rs.50,000-1 Lakh to procure all the necessary equipment. You might also need inventory or raw materials expected to get wrapped in the initial costing of 20K.
  • Specific pieces of equipment required to set up a street food stall are an industrial-grade gazebo, utensils, gas stoves, microwave ovens, and a refrigerator.
  • Business setup runs parallel with business marketing. Sales turn up only if you advertise and promote your business in a clear direction, as every other company does.
  • The only possible chance of success is to serve top-quality food where you have a few varieties of one particular form of cuisine.
Famous dish of Kerala served in plate with leaf and some curry in bowl

Bottom line

Kerala's stunning natural beauty always distracts you from a tasty cuisine that is not as attentive as it should be. While the backwater, waterfalls, rivers, and all of Kerala's natural beauty are a delight to the eyes, its tasty and varied cuisine is a pleasure to the tastebuds.

Kerala's street food was not worthwhile, presumably because some of the big towns were somehow clandestine with a few stalls. Another explanation is that the number and success of street food places have only grown in recent years.

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Given the tremendous difficulties and challenging hours, running a street food business is one of your life's most satisfying experiences. You need some guidance and mentorship; if you stick to all the points discussed above, you will surely make a good profit out of your business.

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FAQs on street food of Kerala

Q. Which is the famous food in Kerala?

Ans. Idiyappam, Sanna, Appam, and Palada Payasam are famous foods in Kerala.

Q. Why is a street food business better than a restaurant business?

Ans. The street food business involves a very minimal cost of setting up. The maintenance cost, taxes are also significantly less as compared to restaurants.

Q. What are the staple foods in Kerala?

Ans. Rice and tapioca are the staple foods in Kerala.

Q. How can you price your street food menu?

Ans. The menu pricing can be calculated by dividing the item's raw Food Cost by the ideal Food Cost Percentage.