Best Hair Oil Brands in India [Most Popular Brands]

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Best Hair Oil Brands in India [Most Popular Brands]

Hair Oil Brands in India have been a mainstay in the haircare market ecosystem. Hair oil not only strengthens your hair from within but also provides proper nourishment and care. They have been instrumental in keeping hair care approachable and affordable for the overall populace. Hair needs constant nourishment and maintenance to keep it healthy. The effects of pollution on your hair are already detrimental, but when combined with stress and other health problems, the situation is certain to deteriorate much worse.

Get to know your Hair Type

Before deciding on the best oil for you, you must first understand your hair type. There are three types of hair: dry hair, oily hair, and normal hair. Dry hair, as the name suggests, has a very dry and brittle quality. Such hair needs constant oiling; else, it will get damaged and unhealthy. Hair with an oily texture, on the other hand, has a more oily texture. As a result of your oily scalp. People with oily skin frequently have oily scalps. In this situation, it is not advisable to oil your hair on a daily basis.

Your mixed hair is neither too dry nor too greasy. In this case, you can plan a weekly oiling session to maintain your hair healthy. Oiling is an essential component of hair maintenance. Before deciding on the finest hair oil, it is critical to understand the many types of hair oils.

  • Coconut Oil: This is the most widely available form of oil on the market. Coconut hair oil may be found in almost every Indian household. Coconut oil moisturises and lengthens the life of your hair. There are various advantages to purchasing coconut oil from a trusted provider. Coconut oil is a high-nutrient oil. As a result, it also helps to prevent hair loss. Extra virgin coconut oil is a versatile product that is good for your hair and skin.
  • Argan Oil: This oil, often known as Moroccan oil, is great for frizzy, dry hair. If your hair is too brittle, frizzy, or coarse, this oil is your best bet. Argan oil contains a lot of Vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Argan oil not only feeds your hair from within but also adds lustre and shine to it. Argan oil can also be used to produce the desired results in those with greasy hair.
  • Grapeseed Oil: By oiling your hair, grapeseed oil may help you get rid of dermatitis and dandruff. Grapeseed oil has a lot of antioxidants and emollients. As a result of these properties, this oil is an excellent therapy for brittle and dull hair.
  • Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is another good treatment for dandruff and dry scalp. This oil is derived from the jojoba plant and penetrates deeply into the hair follicle, feeding it from inside. Jojoba oil can also aid in the prevention of hair loss. Many well-known companies have begun producing and selling jojoba oil like hotcakes.
  • Almond Oil: You may use almond oil to boost the condition of your hair. Proteins, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants are abundant in sweet almond oil. The oil minimises hair breaking, which improves overall hair condition and promotes growth.

Best Hair Oil Brands in India

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Hair & Care







1. Parachute

Parachute is a highly popular hair oil brand in India that contains the goodness of Aloe vera, methi, Mehandi, amla, jasmine, nagarmotha, coconut oil, and vitamin E, providing your hair strands with 10 times more nourishment. As you use the hair oil on your hair, it becomes stronger from the inside out, making it less prone to breaking.

2. Trichup

By preventing premature greying and supplying appropriate nutrients to your hair strands, Trichup will increase your hair’s natural lustre. Trichup hair oil helps restore the inherent springiness and gloss of the hair while also reducing hair fall when used on a regular basis. Herbs and essential oils in this blend help to strengthen roots by supplying important nutrients to hair follicles.

3. Indulekha

By absorbing mother nature's nutrition with Indulekha, you will prevent hair loss and promote new hair development. Bringhraj and Svetakutaja are two herbs that reduce dandruff and nourish the scalp. As a result, you have smooth, gleaming hair that catches everyone's eye.

4. Dabur

Using this low-cost hair oil, you can safeguard your hair from harmful environmental radicals that cause premature greying, dryness, and hair loss. Applying it on a regular basis may help to condition your hair and promote healthy hair development. It is an almond oil-rich hair oil that is high in Vitamin E and helps to prevent split ends by replenishing your hair's natural hydration.

5. Morpheme

Morpheme will help you enhance your hair care routine. Castor, coconut, jojoba, almond, walnut, and olive oils are blended to guarantee that only the best reaches your hair.

6. Kesh King

By infusing your strands with the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs, this sulfate-free oil gives deep nutrition. It has no negative side effects and adds to its appeal. Kesh King hair oils are an excellent choice to combat hair loss, dryness and dandruff that cause our hair to appear dull.

7. Hair and Care

Hair and care will leave your hair feeling soft and lustrous, as well as silky to the touch from its very first day of use. Its gentle composition prevents greasy strands while still giving the required oiling.

8. Sesa

Everyone can have lustrous and beautiful hair thanks to this affordable oil. It has the potential to moisturise your scalp as well as mend hair that has been damaged. It keeps your scalp clean and prevents filth and grit from forming due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Sesa hair oil protects your hair from the sun's damaging rays and is suited for all hair types.


Hair oil brands in India are a product that can be found in practically every household. The key to great hair care, though, is choosing the right brand, and you won’t be disappointed with the ones we've picked for you above.

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Q. Is Onion oil good for hair?

Ans. Onion oil has a high sulphur level, which helps to prevent hair breakage, split ends, and thinning. Onion oil will also keep your hair looking young and healthy. Onion oil is good for the scalp and may be used as a conditioner before shampooing your hair.

Q. Is Olive oil good for hair?

Ans. Olives are an excellent source of hydration. As a result, if you have dry hair, olive oil is a great option. Olive oil, in addition to curing a dull scalp, promotes hair development. To get the desired effects, combine equal parts olive oil and almond oil. Your hair will look better than it has in a long time.

Q. Is Bhringraj oil good for hair?

Ans. Bhringraj oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help with dandruff reduction. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that may help with psoriasis and other scalp skin irritations. It is also said to improve scalp circulation.

Q. Is Sesame oil good for hair?

Ans. Using sesame oil on your scalp and hair may aid in the reduction of dandruff, which is frequently caused by a fungus or bacterium. Because sesame oil has occlusive characteristics, applying it to a clean scalp may help to keep the skin moist. This can aid in the prevention and treatment of scalp dryness, flaking, and irritation.

Q. Is Mustard oil good for hair?

Ans. Mustard oil can hydrate your hair and scalp. It may also aid in the reduction of scalp inflammation or irritation.

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