What are the Top 10 Home-Based Businesses for the Summer Season?

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What are the Top 10 Home-Based Businesses for the Summer Season?

Are you looking for something interesting to do this summer and earn money from it? Many people earn money through seasonal home-based business without facing the scorching heat and summer tan. Starting a small business from home does not require huge capital investment. Summer increases demand for certain services and products, opening up dozens of business opportunities. Be it saving money for investing in a bigger business start-up or for the next vacation, here are ten solid business ideas to help you earn an extra buck during summers.

1. Maintenance Business

The summer season requires maintenance of many things, and selective maintenance business is quite profitable. Summer means an increase in the use of air conditioners, swimming pools, an increase in the requirement of lawn maintenance etc. Hence, the summer season is great for starting such a business and earning extra revenue. Gradually, with a good customer base and expansion, it can even take the form of a full-time business. Although such business can be started from home, it requires you or your team to visit different customers for the service.

  • Pool Maintenance - This business is one of the lucrative businesses for summers. There is an increase in the use of swimming pools during summers, and hence it should be kept clean and tidy to prevent any contamination. Running pool maintenance and cleaning business is inexpensive and requires such essential equipment. It is easy to operate the business from home by booking appointments for residences, commercial places, hotels etc.
  • Lawn & Yard Maintenance – Summers means the garden and yard require more attention, watering, and maintenance to prevent drying and damage. The yard and lawn landscaping service are one of the best summer business and can be operated from home. This business does not require much investment and helps in earning extra seasonal money.
  • Servicing air-conditioners – Do you have a technical certification for servicing AC? Well, in that case, it is time to put your skills in action by starting an AC servicing business before or during summers. The bookings and operation of such a company can be started from home and does not require much capital. All it requires is an investment in the basic tool kit needed for the servicing.

2. Production of Fruit Juices at Home

With the onset of summers, there is an increase in the consumption of fruit juices. However, many people prefer organic and pure juice rather than the packaged products available in the stores. Organic fruit juice production is a profitable home-based small business, especially in summers. It offers a good business prospect and opportunity as the raw material is affordable and available freely. Home-based fruit juice production does not require expensive manufacturing equipment or technology. Many people can earn good money by setting up a fresh fruit juice packaged business right from their home. Some people even set up a new juice stall at home during summers fetching good seasonal income.

3. Homemade Ice Cream Production

Summers witness an exponential rise in the ice cream business. Many people prefer homemade ice cream rich in natural fruits and other ingredients, which is beneficial for health. It is one of the best and convenient home-based business ideas with minimum start-up capital. Essential ice-cream production does not require a lot of raw material. The business can either include online delivery within a certain radius or pick-up from home for pre-orders.

4. Lemonade and Soft Drink Business

Lemonade is a popular soft drink and is lemon-flavoured. It is easy and convenient to make lemonade using citric acid, sugar, flavour, essence etc., and all the raw materials are pretty affordable. Apart from lemonade, the lime juice concentrate or lemon juice as a soft drink also has a high demand. Most people prefer it as it is non-fizzy and non-carbonated. It helps in quenching thirst and is suitable for the overall body. Setting up a soft drink or lemonade stall outside the home does not require any installations. Pre-ordering the soft drink and delivery within a certain radius is a great way to earn extra during summers.

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5. Summer Clothing Wear

One of the easiest and attractive work from home business ideas is selling hand-made summer clothing. Do you have tailoring, stitching, and designing skills? Well, it's time to put the skills at work and design super cool summer clothing. It includes handmade crochet, beachwear, designing of old clothes etc. and selling them online. This business type does not require much investment and just the basics like a sewing machine and stitching essentials. Instead, you can also source the clothes from elsewhere and sell them within your vicinity from home.

6. Home Rentals or Hosting of Guests

Do you have a spare room or two at your home? Instead of using it for hoarding unnecessary stuff, use it to host guests and earn from the same. Summers mean vacation for a lot of people and family. Some people love to stay local and experience the culture and nuances of a place. If you live close to a beach or an exciting neighbourhood, opening a homestay for guests during summers will help earn you good money. Apart from just renting a room, you can even rent the entire home if you have a second home. It can be a business opportunity not only for summers but all year long.

7. Teach New Skills to Kids at Home

Summer vacations are usually long, and most kids look for an opportunity to learn a new skill. If you know a particular skill like playing an instrument, baking, music lessons, photography, yoga etc., seek the opportunity and earn from teaching the new skills. Promote and advertise about the same in the local market to get customers. It allows you to utilise the summertime fruitfully and earn from teaching new skills to kids and even adults.

8. Smoothies and Green Business

Summers are when people crave to get that perfect beach body and prefer fresh, healthy food. During summers, you can start healthy food rich in green and smoothies for fitness enthusiasts. The best way is to tie up with a gym or fitness centre for daily delivery or online order. The food and smoothies can be prepared at home and do not require much investment. It is quite a profitable business with increasing preference of healthy food by people nowadays.

9. Flower Production and Nursery Business

The flower cultivation and nursery offers incredible home-based business opportunities during summers. If you love gardening and have extra space outdoors within the home premises, starting a nursery business is quite a profitable venture. Summers are perfect for starting a flower production and packaging business and starting a nursery. You can even collaborate with local florists for the daily delivery of fresh flowers.

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10. Travel Planning and Coordination

Travel and summers are intertwined together. Most people prefer a guided and well-planned trip for the summers. One can do itinerary planning, travel guidance, helping with booking, and overall planning from home. The travel industry is quite busy, especially during the summers, and it is the perfect time to earn from it. Virtual travel assistance offers great work from home business opportunities for summers. A lot of companies hire part-time travel assistants during summers to help coordinate and plan vacations for people.


Summer business ideas are not limited to just these ten options mentioned above. Starting a summer business is a great idea to earn extra income or even collect money for starting a full-fledged business. What starts as a small-time home summer business can turn into a full-time business and hence generate good revenue out of it.

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Q. Why are summers a great time to start a seasonal business?

Ans. Summers offers amazing opportunities with an increase in the demand for certain products and services. The summers are meant for vacation, learning new skills, and even consuming cold products freshly made. This means a home-based business done in the right way helps in fetching good money.

Q. Does the seasonal summer home business need a lot of money?

Ans. No, it does not require a lot of money but the right skills and marketing for promoting the business. Spread the news amongst friends and family and probably collaborate with the local market for the same.

Q. How profitable is a summer food job?

Ans. Summer food has a lot of demand, especially ice cream, lemonade, soft drink, smoothies, healthy food items for fitness enthusiasts etc. Starting a small stall of fresh summer food helps in earning good money. The online delivery service works well for summers, especially for summer-friendly food.