35 Small Town Business Ideas That Every Community Needs

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35 Small Town Business Ideas That Every Community Needs

Are you living in a small town and thinking of establishing a business in the city but enabling you to step the right foot forward while choosing the right business idea for you? After extensive market research and study, we have enlisted 35 small town business ideas that every community needs. Check out to have an insight on the most demanding and profitable business ideas that are fit for a small town.

1. Tea Point

Be it Winters or Summers, people of any city or town crave tea as their go-to drink. Opening a tea point with an investment of 15,000 INR or more in a crowded and high traffic marketplace will be one of the best small business ideas.

2. Fast-Food Joint

The popularity of fast food has hit hard in the small town too, now people of different age groups crave tasty and cheap fast food items. Opening a fast food in a small-town with an investment of 65,000 INR or more will surely be one of the best small profitable business ideas.

3. Tailoring Services

Tailoring services will be an excellent option if you are skilled with stitching clothes and repairing the old ones into new attire. You can open the business with an investment of around 12,000 INR.

4. Flower Shop

If flower arrangements interest you and you are good at creating bouquets, garlands, or flower jewellery, then a flower shop will be one of the feasible business options for you to open with an investment of 15,000 INR or above.

5. Organic Vegetables and Fruits Shop

Do you have good contacts with farmers or organic vegetable or fruit wholesalers? Then you can open an organic vegetables and fruits shop with an investment of around 17,000 INR or more.

6. Dairy Products Shop

Regardless of the community, milk and related products are highly demanded by people and consummated daily. If you know someone with good quality cattle, you can open a dairy product shop that may require 1,20,000 INR or more investment.

7. Juice Shop

Fruit slush, fresh juice, sorbet, fruit smoothies, and squash are pretty famous among different small-town communities. Open a juice shop with an investment of 35,000 INR or more to earn maximum profit with moderate investment.

8. Tutoring Services

If you love to teach students and want to open a business in the teaching domain within limited investment or resources, then you must open a tutoring service with a minimal investment of 2,000 INR.

9. Freelance Photography Services

Are you a skilled photographer but have a limited investment to open a full-fledged photography service provider? Then you can try your hands-on freelance photography services with your professional camera and investment of around 20,000 INR or more.

10. Salon

Despite the communal, people love to groom themselves and seek quality salon service providers. You can open a salon service with an investment of 25,000 INR.

11. Gardening Services

Plant lovers often seek quality gardening service providers. If you have a skilled gardener group, you can open a gardening service provider shop with an investment of 12,000 INR or more.

12. Meat Shop

Do you have a quality herd of goats or brood of hens? Planning for a meat shop would be one of the best small profitable business ideas with an investment of 7,000 INR or more.

13. Stationery Shop

The stationery shop is one of the best small business ideas in a small town. To open a stationery shop, you will need unique and quality stationery products and an investment of around 60,000 INR or more.

bright and fashionable interior of shoe store in modern mall

14. Shoe Shop

Shoes are one of the essential needs of small-town people; you can open a shoe shop with an investment of 1,30,000 INR or more.

15. Nail Extension Salon

Nail art is quite in trend among the ladies of different age groups in a small town. Open a nail extension or nail art salon with an investment of 19,000 INR or more.

16. Freelance Massage Services

Skilled with an authentic stress-relieving massage technique? Then you may start with massage related services with limited capital of around 10,000 INR

17. House Help Service Providers

House helps, or most small town’s houses demand maids. You can open house help service providers with an investment of 20,000 INR.

18. Laundry

Dry cleaning services or ironing services are among the most profitable and needed business ideas in a small town. You can open this best small business idea with a capital of 19,000 INR or more.

19. Photo State Shop

Photocopy shops can be seen widely in small-towns due to their profit margins. To open a photocopy shop, you will require a capital of about 1,19,000 INR.

20. Tiffin Service

Are you an excellent cook and want to start a business from home? Then tiffin service will be the best fit for you and will require a minimal investment of 5,000 INR.

21. Electronic Item Repair Shop

Do you love to fix electronic devices or items? Then open an electronic item repair shop with an investment of 30,000 INR.

22. Bakery

People of varied age groups love cakes, muffins, cookies, loaves of bread, pastries. You can open a bakery with an investment of 27,000 INR.

23. Cab Services Provider

People seek a smooth commute option. You can open a cab service provider shop to gain maximum profit with the investment of 2,00,000 INR.

24. Pet Store

You can easily spot pet lovers in any city; opening a quality pet store would be a profitable small business. You will need an investment of 1,20,000 INR to open a pet shop.

25. Boutique

People of varied age groups love wearing designers’ clothes and unique attire. Opening a boutique will be the best option if you have a capital of 19,000 INR.

26. Jewellery Shop

Ladies love to explore newly affordable yet quality accessories for different occasions. Opening a jewellery shop with an investment of 45,000 INR will be one of the best small profitable business ideas in small-town.

27. Pharmacy

Do you have a B.Pharm degree and interested in medicines? Then you can open a medicine store with an investment of up to 1,20,000 INR.

Gift Shop sign at a railway station

28. Gift Shop

Gift shops are the best small business ideas regardless of the city. You can open a gift shop with an investment of 1,60,000 INR.

29. Fuel Station

Fuels are one of the essential amenities to commuting. You can open a fuel station with an investment of 4,00,000 INR or more.

30. Bookstore

You can find a considerable crowd of book lovers in any city, and selling quality and antique books will be profitable with an investment of 50,000 INR.

31. Sweet Shop

A quality sweet shop can be a small profitable business idea in a small town. To open a sweet shop, you will need an investment of 65,000 INR.

32. Catering Services

Catering services are one of the most demanded services in small-towns to arrange lavish occasions and gatherings; you can open this business with an investment of 2,50,000 INR or more.

33. LPG Cylinder Provider Services

LPG cylinders are one of the basic needs of every household. You will need proper legal certificates and investment of 1,50,000 INR or above.

34. Thrift Store

Small town citizens love to explore quality attire and accessories at a nominal cost. Opening a thrift store with an investment of 35,000 INR will be a profitable small business in a small town.

35. Ice-Cream Parlour

Ice-creams are one of the most selling and loved food items in small-town. Open an ice-cream parlour with a capital of 12,000 INR and reap profits within months.

Final Thoughts

So, you now have insight into 35 unique small business ideas and the most successful small-town business ideas that every community will need. It would be best to have insight into India's know-how of the 35 profitable and outstanding small business ideas. Based on the details, you can select the best small business ideas for the small town.

So get started to establish your business in a small town by planning your finances, methodically deciding the location and related information, developing novel ideas, and getting ready to start your prep to launch one of the best business ideas to make money.

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Q. Which business ideas require less amount of capital in terms of investment?

Ans. Many unique small business ideas need less money in terms of investment in a small town. Some of them are tutoring services, bakery, tea point, freelancing services – editing, videography, photography, writing, graphic designing, beauty, makeup.

Q. What business ideas are profitable and demanding in small towns?

Ans. If any business is established with a proper plan, strategy, resources, and quality products, it will be hit and profitable within a couple of months. Some of the best business ideas to make money considered fruitful and demanding in small towns are food joints, organic vegetable or fruits shop, pharmacy, sweet shop, dairy shop, and more.

Q. Does establishing a business in a small town need a considerable amount of capital?

Ans. The best part of opening a business in a small town is that you can start it with a restrained amount of money and resources – working space, raw supplies, packing material etc. Specific businesses require less capital, and you can even establish them with limited resources and money.