OkCredit Guide 101: A digital bahi khata for your medical & pharmacy store

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OkCredit Guide 101: A digital bahi khata for your medical & pharmacy store

In the tough times of Covid-19, pharmacy and medical stores came forward as the front line warriors to provide medicines and assistance to the patients. The workload of medical stores increased manifold, making the medical shop management really strenuous. The huge demand for medicines and other medical equipment has made it difficult for medical stores to keep a regular update of the stock and cash, so there is a critical need for a good medical store management system. There are several medical shop management systems available in the market. This article highlights the best software for medical stores that will help you with stock updates, staff attendance and salary, cash management, and keeping a daily record of transactions. OkCredit application is one of the best management system applications available in the market, which reduces your burden, and allows you to keep a daily record of transactions effortlessly.

What is the OkCredit app?

The OkCredit application is a digital accounting application designed specifically for small business owners, like medical stores and grocery store owners. This application is designed to facilitate the digital record of credit transaction payments throughout India. It provides a safe transaction verification method for small business owners to keep a daily record of credit and debit business transactions. This application is the best digital Bahi Khata application, as it saves the burden of maintaining proper books like Bahi khata.

OkCredit is an ideal application for medical stores, as the medical store management can directly be done from the application. Ok Credit as a software for pharmacy stores helps the business owners to keep a proper record of business debtors, and send them payment reminders easily using the application.

Now that we know what the OkCredit application is, let's talk about how to use the OkCredit app, and where to download the application from.

in-app features of okcredit

How to manage a medical store using the OkCredit app?

We have already covered the topic 'What is OkCredit', so here are the basic steps to download the application, and start using it for your medical and pharmacy business.

  1. OkCredit is a 100% secure application made in India, and you can download the application from the Google Play Store. There are separate versions for PC and mobile phone, so download the OkCredit mobile application if you are using a smartphone.
  2. After downloading the application, you get a language preference option to select the preferred language for the application. The application currently supports nearly 10 Indian languages. The default application language is English; you can change the language anytime using this option.
  3. The next step is to verify your mobile number on the application. The application will provide you with an OTP to verify your account, and start using it.
  4. After you verify your phone number, you will see a user interface that welcomes you with an introductory video.
  5. The next screen you see is the profile configuration option, which requires you to set up your business profile and add your debtors, customers, and clients. When setting up your business profile, you need to provide the following information:
  • Business or company name
  • Current business location
  • Business email address
  • A short description about your business, and other relevant business information.
  1. Now that you have your business profile ready, it's time to add your business customers. After clicking the 'Add Customer' option, you will be directed to your contact list. If the customer phone number is already saved in your contact list, you just need to click the name, and the details will be added to the application. If the customer phone number is not saved on your phone, you can also do this manually. The application allows you to add multiple clients.
  2. After adding the customer details, you can check their total unpaid dues. OkCredit provides you with two options when you click the customer name, one is 'Give Credit', and the other is 'Accept Payment. If you click the 'Give Credit' option, you will need to provide the amount of repayment that the person has to pay you.
  3. If the person wants to repay the money, you must click the 'Accept Payment' button. After this, the debtor can pay you the unpaid amount.
  4. You can also add notes, descriptions, and photos of products that the customers have purchased from you on credit. This way you can easily manage various transactions of your business.

How does the OkCredit application help medical & pharmacy store owners?

OkCredit is a digital Bahi Khata, which allows you to manage your business's books of accounts completely free of cost. Following are the ways in which OkCredit helps in managing your pharmacy store:

  • OkCredit allows the sellers to keep track of business transactions, and therefore a record of money they owe to the creditors.
  • The application allows the merchants to complete accounting transactions in a comprehensive manner.
  • With a user-friendly interface and easy to use dashboard feature, anyone using the app can access it at the touch of a button. In addition, the app can also save you time by centralising the cash flow of the business.
  • All data is stored digitally, eliminating the need for maintaining a hard copy of transactions.
  • Maintaining a ledger is very difficult, because the seller may lose the ledger for any reason. However, the digitalisation of the ledger in the platform can help solve various problems.
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There are several benefits of using the OkCredit application for the management of your business, some of which are keeping the daily record of transactions, and maintaining the details of business creditors and debtors, etc. The application is 100% free, and since the OkCredit app has become so popular, it is now used by various stores and business owners. The application has a special rewards program for shopkeepers, and all the rewards you earn from this program are directly transferred to the bank account. The OkCredit application has a unique backup feature that secures your data even if the application gets deleted accidentally. Every transaction recorded in the app is sent to you through a WhatsApp message and SMS, so if you accidentally delete a payment transaction on the app, you can recheck it on other platforms. All you need to do to use these amazing and unique features is download the OkCredit application from the Google Play Store, and register your business.

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Q. Can I use the OkCredit on my PC for my pharmacy store?

Ans. Yes, you can use OkCredit on your PC, but currently only the web version is available for PC. The working system of the web version is really easy, just like the phone application. The registration and verification process of the web version is similar to that of smartphone application. After completing a simple registration and phone verification process, you can access the web portal of OkCredit.

Q. Do the details get lost if we are using the OkCredit application on multiple devices?

Ans. No, even if you are using the OkCredit application on multiple devices, you don't have to worry about data loss, as the application automatically syncs the data from all the devices.

Q. What is the OkCredit rewards program?

Ans. OkCredit offers special rewards for successfully referring the application to other businesses and your friends. A successful referral means registering a business profile on the application, and verifying the phone number. All rewards earned through this program are directly transferred to the registered bank account.

Q. Is it safe to use the OkCredit application for my medical & pharmacy store?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to use the OkCredit application for your business. Protecting the business information and personal data of the business is the prime objective of OkCredit. Only the registered phone number has the right to access the application. No business information and transaction details are revealed to the third party without the prior approval and consent of the registered business owner.