How to Start a Bike Rental Business? [Investment, Steps, Tips & More]

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How to Start a Bike Rental Business? [Investment, Steps, Tips & More]

The Indian automobile industry is a prime example of a sector that has seen significant growth in recent years. Bike rental businesses provide bikes to people who are not exclusively visitors or tourists for a short period. Bikes are more often used for local exploration.  Since overcoming its initial phase in India, the bike rental business has begun to ascend the ladder of growth. This small business sector is one of the best businesses to start in today’s times.

How to Start a Bike Rental Business?

Any form of business needs extensive planning, scheduling, and process setup, and starting a bike rental business is no different. The following steps must be implemented:

1. Developing a Comprehensive Bike Rental Business Plan

When beginning a new business, you should not miss the process of drafting a concise business plan. It will save you a lot of hassle in the long term if you write down different scenarios and your strategies in advance. If you intend to pursue outside financing, a bike rental business model is essential.

A business plan aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the potential business. The proper bike rental business plan helps you render your aspirations a reality by compelling you to set down specific strategies and action measures towards meeting your objectives.

2. Draw Up Company Description

The organisation summary delves into the specifics of the business's offerings. What is the essence of the product or service you provide, and how does it add value to the customers? The following are the kinds of bike rental business:

  • City bike rentals: City bike rentals are especially common with visitors who enjoy exploring their destination on two wheels.
  • Premium bike rentals: Premium bike rentals strive to have the finest bicycle experiences possible for quality-conscious customers. Typically, it caters to a niche market of customers who are either residents or visitors visiting the destination for a specific reason, most notably to cycle.
  • Bike rental for office or work purpose: Long-term bike leasing has grown in popularity as people search for alternatives to private cars, especially in larger cities.
row of various motorcycle

3. Choose an Apt Location

Choose a business venue that is convenient to visitor attractions. Bike rental locations are usually located near beaches and other tourist attractions within an area. Additional factors to consider before deciding on a venue include nearby bike rental stores, riding paths and courses, local festivals, and nearby landmarks.

4. Optimise Your Shop Space

Needless to add, your shop space should be multifunctional, welcoming, and simple to navigate for both consumers and staff. It should also contain sufficient space for all machines and have a dedicated place for equipment repair.

5. Identify the Target Audience

There is no doubt that tourists are the main target markets for bike rental businesses in India. Indeed, another significant reality is that modern tourists, mostly youths, tend to rent bikes and explore rather than rent a vehicle. Additionally, foreign visitors are more adventurous, which is why Indian bike rental companies are targeting them to boost their revenue. Thus, these are the two primary segments on which the bike rental business is currently focused.

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6. Identify Your Competition

Identify the quality of competitors in your area and become familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. Until you are certain your service is superior, you can avoid densely populated neighbourhoods with many stores. However, being next to one or two other businesses is not a negative factor; you will save money on ads and increase your access to prospective buyers. Establishing a business next to an already active location demonstrates that there is a demand for your business, which you can leverage.

7. Conduct Analysis for Marketing

It is critical to developing a balanced marketing plan from the start. It is uncommon for people to come across a business that does not employ some kind of marketing. However, your marketing efforts should be proportionate to your capacity to serve your customers. You don’t want to over-promote and find yourself unable to satisfy demand.

8. Fix your Budget

It is the most obvious thing, but you must have a good idea about how much you can spend on your business. The possible expenditures include utility bills, provisions for space and facilities, and certain contingency funds for unnecessary or unexpected expenses.

9. Fix Your Rates

The majority of bike rental shops bill by the hour, half-day, day, weekend, or week. Understand what competitors are charging in your area and then decide on your pricing strategy. Additionally, the pricing structure can be designed to entice consumers to hire bikes for extended periods by providing a decent deal for day and weekly rentals.

10. Fix the Types of Bikes

Although this is the most obvious prerequisite for beginning a bike rental business, it is also a critical component of your strategy that you must nail. After analysing the surrounding environment, you can settle on the kind of bikes you want to rent and the number of bikes you want to start with. If you live in a mountainous area, you may wish to specialise in mountain bikes; if you live in a community, you may wish to focus on electric and hybrid bike rentals. Begin with a limited number of bikes, as the business can be sluggish at first, and then add more as needed.

11. Start an Electric bike Rental Business

Renting electric bikes rather than conventional bicycles can provide you with a competitive edge, depending on your area and competition. If you live in a city, you’ve almost certainly seen an uptick in the usage of electric bikes, segways, and electric scooters for both residents and visitors. If you live along a popular cycling path, you might have seen an increase in the number of electric mountain bikes. The demand for e-bikes is expected to expand, which means that an electric bike rental business has a lot of room for future expansion.

various motorbike parked in a row

12. Make it Digital

You need to provide a website and decent scheduling tools in order to deal with all your bookings. Your website serves as an additional storefront, and it would be a gamble to launch a bike rental business without first developing a website and implementing an online booking system.

13. Promote your Rental Business

The value of marketing cannot be overstated, especially before opening your rental shop’s doors. You want to do as much publicity promotion as possible in advance to inform people of your existence and to spread a positive vibe. When new clients become knowledgeable of your services and decide they need them, you have already won half the battle to ensure business success. Go through all the above-mentioned new business ideas we provided with a bike rental business plan sample.


A bicycle rental business is no doubt the best business idea and can be lucrative in places with a strong tourism industry. However, it is a very seasonal industry and can be negatively affected by environmental forecasts and various other variables. The startup costs for a bike rental shop are reasonably modest, and you usually won’t need to recruit a large number of people to get the company up and running.

We hope you find these small business ideas beneficial for your bike rental business, regardless of its stage.

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Q. How does renting a bike work?

Ans. Payment methods vary by the rental provider, although most businesses accept cards or cash and charge an hourly or daily rate. Usually, memberships provide 60-minute rides, but you may also opt for a 24-hour alternative.

Q. Is bike rental profitable?

Ans. A well-run bike rental business can be a lucrative business. Many people want to take a trip on a smooth two-wheeler but are averse to the hassles associated with owning and keeping a motorcycle.

Q. How much does it cost to start a bike rental business?

Ans. It can be between Rs 25 lakh-50 lakh.

Q. How much does it cost to start a bike dealership in India?

Ans. Equipment and interior design work needed to open a motorcycle dealership will cost up to Rs 25 lakh.