Tips for Work-Life Balance for the Modern Businessperson

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Tips for Work-Life Balance for the Modern Businessperson

We are living in a chaotic world, and everyone is struggling with their problems. In this busy and hectic life, it is obvious to forget about the present. The situation is especially bad for a business person. He lives home when his children are still asleep and comes back after they go to bed at night. We tend to forget the fact that though a business person has to work, he has a family to look after also.

The main mantra of work-life balance is simple - to succeed in your career, you should have a life outside work. A business person needs to spend time with their family, because time does not wait for anyone, and you won’t get back the lost time. Numerous studies in strategic management have shown that the most productive employees are the ones who can manage to have a well-balanced life.

Business leaders are often on a ‘high’ due to the challenging tasks that they have to perform. But often, it takes a toll on their personal life like marriage, for example. And by the time that they realise this, it is often too late. All the money and accomplishments you earn are of no use unless you have a loving family to cheer for you.

Popular business management books on how to manage business successfully tell us that great business leaders have some common traits: the fundamental business skills, commitment and vision, and tenacity. These qualities are also significant when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance.

How to look after your Family Members and Yourself?

A business person must and should:

  1. Think about your own physical and mental health.
  2. Care for your loved family and yourself.
  3. Seek out the necessary support and help when required.
  4. Take stock when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Start to feel the positive effects of caregiving.

How much time should a business person spend with his/her family?

  1. Sundays: However busy a businessperson might be throughout the week, he/she must keep aside Sundays for quality family time. It might seem a little difficult in the beginning, but with the time you can finish all your work in the 6 working days of the week. A businesswoman can play with her child and ask him/her about their likes or dislikes.
  2. Special occasions: You have to be present on special occasions like a birthday or a marriage in your family. Believe me, if your wife has to attend the wedding of a close relative alone, she will have a hard time explaining your absence. And God will have to save you if that marriage is on your in-law’s side!
  3. Parent-Teacher Meetings: Though it may be your wife who is looking after your child’s studies, a businessman needs to attend parent-teacher meetings. It will help to create a sense of respect for you among your kids. Also, your wife would appreciate the effort.
  4. Family Trips: Just money can’t buy happiness. Plan family trips at least once a month to maintain a harmonious family life. You are sure to experience some beautiful moments.

If you fail to find a balance between your personal life and work, it could put your health at risk. Numerous studies have shown that there is a 33 % increase in the chances of stroke and a 13% chance of developing heart disease for people who fail to achieve the work-life balance. A businessman can maximise productivity with the perfect balance of good health and hard work.

Any businessperson can follow these life-changing tips to improve their work-life balance:

1. Cut out low-value activities:

A businessperson should keep track of his/her daily activities, even up to the minutes. Then cut out those unimportant activities that might be impacting their productivity. One thing that you should learn to avoid is spending too much time on social media. Even if you think that it will take only a few minutes to check Facebook, those minutes quickly add up.

2. Schedule your social life:

Studies have shown that people who are isolated increase their risk of death by up to 50 percent. Participating in social activities is crucial to your health. Though it can be difficult to spare time for social activities, while at the same time growing your business, you can schedule recurring social activities with close friends and relatives. For example, you can plan a monthly dinner with your close friends and put this activity in your calendar in advance.

3. Build resilience in your personal life:

Business leaders should have the ability to bounce back after a shock or setback. CEOs should follow a disciplined health regime. It includes dedicated time for exercise, family, and sleeping, and a personalised diet. You can also build resilience by surrounding yourself with capable, motivated, and positive people.

Consider investing in a network of people, both at work and at home, who would care about you unconditionally.

  1. Learn to prioritise: You should prepare a list of your tasks and then analyse - what things should I be doing more often? What important things should I do first? What are those small things that are taking up too much of my time?
  2. Caring for family members: When a businessman looks back on his life, he should have no regrets. We discuss the following tips on how to look after your family:

✓Take time to think about the family’s psychological and physical health.

✓Balance caring for your loved ones and yourself.

✓Make surprise visits to family members who stay far away and also show your love for them.

  1. Set concrete personal goals: This particularly applies to the businesswoman who has all her time used up in balancing her diverse roles at work and home. They should have certain things scheduled and reminders set, for example, a doctor’s visit or meeting up with school friends.
  2. Cope with stress in healthy ways: Being a businessperson is stressful, and chronic stress can negatively affect your body and mind. Take some time to collect your thoughts in times of stress. You can take a short walk outside your office to calm your mind.

Being a successful business leader requires courage, energy, and do-or-die attitude. This role requires hard choices and sometimes a personal or professional trade-off. One lesson from business management case studies is that a leader has to visualise the outcomes regarding his/her organisation. The same applies to their personal lives also. They have to think carefully about what they want to achieve by the end of their tenure-for themselves, their loved ones, and for the company. It will help them to identify and put into place the boundaries between the work and their personal lives.

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Q. Even when I am with my family, my mind is preoccupied with the to-do list at my work. How should I get over this?

Ans: You have to condition your mind in such a way that once you step outside your office, your mind should be able to change the gear. The best is to join a fitness or hobby class that will help you to connect with yourself first. Then once, you are completely relaxed, you can come back to your family.

Q. Should I attend calls from family and friends when I am at work?

Ans: Yes. But strictly when the call is urgent and unavoidable. When you are at work, you can not afford to share niceties with friends and family. You have to keep such engagements for some other time.