Best Watch Brands in India [Best 8 Brands]

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Best Watch Brands in India [Best 8 Brands]

In the age of smartphones, do you still use a watch to find out the time? Today, people look for the best watch brands in India first as a branded accessory for enhancing their look and then for a time check.

It is interesting to know how history has turned a full circle. In the earlier times – 19th century and before – watches were considered decorative objects and were traditionally embellished with precious stones and metals. The functionality and performance of these watches were poor.

Subsequently, quick technical improvement followed, and new types of mechanisms were invented, allowing better accuracy. The focus on fashion continued simultaneously, and the 70s saw various shapes, colours, materials, and designs influencing watches.

Technological innovations helped manufacturers introduce watches fitted with GPS and compatible for specific activities and use like swimming, running, and health monitoring. But watches continue to be a significant fashion accessory for both the rich and famous and ordinary people.

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How to choose the best watch brands?

Popularity is certainly a measure, but fashion brands are always considered more for their image than sales. Today, all top watch brands use the latest technology to produce analog, digital, or chronograph watches.

Top brands offer multiple models in different styles to complement your attire. While there is hardly any scope for differentiating their performance, most brands use promotion strategies to create a specific image for the model. Customers, as always, have the final say as per their perception and preference. The best in watches, like most fashion and lifestyle products, depend more on individual perception and preference.

This article talks about some of the best watch brands in India, manufacturing some of the most innovative and durable timepieces of today.

1. Titan

Titan began as a joint venture between the Tata group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Over the years, it expanded into newer markets and created niche segments for its products. Now, it has several business verticals like jewellery, eyewear, and perfumes, besides watches.

Titan offers the most comprehensive range of watches in India. It has items from a teenager's first watch to fashion-compliant models for the luxury segment. Today, Titan is undoubtedly among the best watch brands in India by all business parameters.

Titan operates in the Indian watch market with a clutch of products, including Titan, Titan Raga, Fastrack, and Sonata. It also trades in international brands like Favre-Leuba and Nebula.

  • Popular models: Slimline, Solidarity, Edge baseline, Athleisure, Raga series, Classique, Smart Touch, Maritime, etc.
  • Prices: Rs. 500–1 lakh

2. Rado

Rado Watches is known for its innovative designs and latest technological features. This Swiss brand collaborates with leading designers worldwide to create its models. The special Hrithik Roshan edition of the iconic Rado Captain Cook model communicated the brand's focus on the Indian market. Rado’s watches are manufactured with hi-tech ceramic technology, helping create a definitive style statement.

  • Popular models: Captain Cook, True Square, True Thinline, Dial Master, Centrix automatic, etc.
  • Prices: Upwards of Rs. 75,000

3. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is a Swiss luxury brand. Its reputation is built around precision timing. The brand was the first watchmaker to sponsor a Formula 1 racing championship.

  • Popular models:  Carrera collection, Formula 1 series, Aquaracer, Monaco collection, Autavia series, etc.
  • Prices:  From Rs. 20,000–2.5 lakhs

4. Citizen

Focusing on quality since its inception, the Japanese brand, Citizen, is a comprehensive watchmaker, manufacturing significant components in-house. It has grown over the years on the strength of technology, becoming one of the best watch brands in India. Citizen is consistently among the frontrunners for new performance-oriented products.

Today, the company makes futuristic watches using its proprietary light-powered eco-drive and satellite-synchronised technology.

  • Popular models: Eco-drive series, Promaster, Series 8, Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar
  • Prices: Rs. 7000–2 lakhs and beyond

5. Timex

Timex began its journey in the US as a clockmaker. The brand is among the earliest to venture into mass production to make affordable watches. This strategy soon made Timex one of the largest-selling watch brands. With a wide selection of affordable, mid-segment, and luxury models, Timex is considered among the best watch brands in India today.

  • Popular models: Timex Open Heart series, Digital Unisex, Analog Pair series, Coke-themed models, Fria Analog, etc.
  • Prices: Rs. 4,000– 20,000

6. Fossil

The American brand, Fossil, is known for its classic designs rooted in vintage styles. The Fossil group operates with a diverse portfolio of owned and licensed brands. Besides watches, it produces jewellery, handbags, and petite leather items. Fossil is available in over 140 countries and has around 400 company-owned retail stores.

Fossil’s price positioning makes it a top choice among Indian consumers. Additionally, this lifestyle company offers a range of bags that pair with the watches, creating a distinct personality for the wearer.

  • Popular models: Smartwatch, Chronograph, Townsman and Minimalist series for men, Stella and Carlie ranges for women
  • Prices: Rs. 7,500–20,000

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is an international designer lifestyle brand and one of the top-tier watch brands in India. It is typically recognised for celebrating the classic American style. Tommy Hilfiger is also known for its accessories, footwear, fragrances, designer clothing, and watches. The brand is marketed in over 100 countries and has a well-structured distribution network in India.

The men’s watches include styles to match office attire, a sporty look, or even the wedding sherwani. For women, Tommy Hilfiger’s elegant gold-toned and leather-strapped watches complement formal and casual outfits.

  • Popular models: Tommy Hilfiger men’s and women’s range
  • Prices: Rs. 6,000–20,000

8. Apple

The identity of Apple is the iPhone. Its watches follow a natural brand extension. Apple watches are positioned on the technology platform, making it another top watch brand in India.

Apple watches are presented as your fitness partner since they are programmed to provide crucial health insights. They perform various functions – from monitoring heart rate to tracking sleep rhythms and detecting accidental falls. Apple is more of a wellness device than a time-measuring instrument.

The latest Apple Series 7 models are equipped with sensors and apps to measure your blood oxygen levels. Music, messages, and several advanced features like the ECG app make the Apple Watch an arguably iconic gadget. It is best to use an iPhone in tandem for accessing all its state-of-the-art features.

  • Popular models: Apple Series 3, Apple Watch SE, Apple 7 Series
  • Prices: From Rs. 20,000–70,000


Selecting the best watch brands in India is complex, with so many international brands available in the market. The brands appearing in this article are just a representative selection. As it always happens in marketing, you, the customer, are the ultimate decision-maker.

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Q. Which is the #1 watch brand in India?

Ans. Considering several parameters like sales, popularity, models, price range, and distribution, Titan stands out among all the watch brands in India.

Q. What is a chronometer watch?

Ans. A chronometer is a high-precision watch with a mechanism that satisfies the requirements of the Swiss association of chronometers. Such watches maintain performance under diverse weather conditions, temperatures, and positions.

Q. Where to look for the best watch brands in India?

Ans. All the brands mentioned above are available both online and offline. You can buy from eCommerce sites, luxury retail outlets in shopping malls, or brand stores. Large watch retailers also stock many of the top watch brands.

Q. Is Rolex a top brand?

Ans. Rolex is among the best watch brands in the world. They offer high-precision watches in several iconic models. As a high-value, high-priced brand, Rolex caters to the top end of the watch segment.

Q. How do watches marketed as a fashion accessory perform in keeping time?

Ans. The best watch models marketed as fashion accessories still bear the names of top brands. These watches have a superior mechanism that ensures top-class timekeeping performance.

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