What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Jammu & Kashmir?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Jammu & Kashmir?

We have all heard the famous quote, “If there is a heaven on earth, it is none other than Kashmir.” Everyone who has had the chance to go tour the valley will agree that Kashmir is indeed a paradise. It’s pristine, grandeur, and truly beautiful. Pristine applies to its sparkling lakes, greenery, and forests. Grandeur is the perfect adjective for its heights, snow-capped mountain ranges, and icy glaciers. Beautiful are its flower gardens, saffron farms, and apple orchards. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the local people mostly depend on travel and tourism for their bread and butter. Handicrafts, traditional Kashmiri costumes, jewelry, carpets, namdas, shawls, stoles, and basketry are their areas of expertise. Its saffrons add taste to your cuisines, and the apples keep your doctors away. Its snow-clad mountains and pines call out to the adventurous rucksacks, and the shikaras give you the ride of your life. The traditional music and dance keep your foot tapping, and the local cuisine leaves you asking for some more.

So, what do you think could be the best business in Jammu and Kashmir or rather the best business idea for women of Jammu and Kashmir? Let us go through some promising opportunities.

1. Knit as you sit

A casual stroll down any market lane in Jammu and Kashmir will show you rows of shops stocking beautifully knitted and embroidered suits, dupattas, stoles, and shawls. Stitching, knitting, embroidering, smocking, crochet, if you think you have it in you, then it’s a very good business for ladies sitting at home. No one fancies such elaborate apparel other than women and young girls. Give them the best deal, and the frenzy begins. Their excitement is contagious, and they keep asking for more. A hamper containing traditional Kashmiri dresses for men, women, and kids would be a good idea and can give your little shop the best business in Jammu and Kashmir. What’s more, you can also partner with another local traditional jewellery expert and add a few pieces to your hamper. That, too, will keep your customers rolling.

2. Leave a little sparkle behind

Apart from clothes, what do you think would make the woman, no matter their age, lose herself in? Jewellery, of course! Jewellery, imitation or pure, captures their hearts like nothing else. Jammu and Kashmir are as famous for its jewellery as it is for its unique style of dressing. Kashmiri jewellery designing and sale could be the best home business for ladies. A blend of the ethnic Kashmiri jewellery design with the latest ones would set a trend that would never die. Leave a sparkle of your designs in their tour memories before they leave.

3. Date a date

Jammu and Kashmir specialise in almonds, pistachio, walnuts, dried apples, raisins, and apricots. They surely have a special place in the hearts and shelves of a fitness freak. Sun-drying these local fruits when in full season and selling them would be a very good idea for a small-scale business for ladies. You never know how many gourmets might choose your place for a walk only to find good quality dried fruits suitable for their tastes. The ones that have better shelf life could be booked at your place and sent directly to the customer’s address instead of adding the weight to their already stuffed shopping bag. Be assured that this will send their friends and acquaintances searching for you too.  

4. Food is the universal language

Whenever someone visits another place, may it be for work or otherwise, the first thing that comes to their mind is food. It is the local food, the traditional cuisine, the famous dish or beverage of that place that attracts them the most. It will be the best business in Jammu and Kashmir if the lady of the house serves homemade rogan josh, yogurt lamb curry, paneer chaman, Kashmiri saag, Kashmiri dum aloo, or Kashmiri pulao to the tired and hungry nature lovers after a long journey before serving them with a steaming cup of Kashmiri kahwa. We would also propose teaming up with the local folk singing and dancing troupes. They could acquaint the diners with traditional music and folk dances of the valley.

5. Anyone for a steaming cup of kahwa

What could be more profitable than the famous Kashmiri kahwa - one of the many homemade business ideas for women. Kashmiri kahwa (tea) is a very famous and well-known part of the traditional Kashmiri cuisines. An interesting mix of tea leaves, a tinge of the much famed Kashmiri saffron and other spices, kahwa is known to improve metabolism and digestion. A bistro around the corner serving a steaming cup of kahwa could come as a blessing for the tourists as well as the hikers wandering the streets in the cold weather. It could also serve as side business ideas for ladies whose husbands are already earning differently for the family. You could establish your brand of kahwa by adding different flavours in different quantities and brand them with their special ingredient. A ready sachet of authentic kahwa of your brand as a takeaway will allow them a taste of Kashmir even if they are on the other side of the world.

6. Teach the talking business

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has always attracted tourists from its own country and all over the globe. The number of foreign visitors, though they might not insist, prefer communication in English. If a woman thinks she has a good command over the language, grooming the younger generation to be fluent and presentable before they face the world would be one of the few nice but rare small business ideas for women. Apart from teaching the young, she can work as a guide for the tourists and help them acquaint themselves and understand the culture of Jammu and Kashmir.

7. Grab a cab

This is a great business idea for women and a chance to break the stereotype. Get your license to financial freedom. Cabs, taxis, and tourist vehicles are the most important part of any travel and tourism business in any part of the world. It could be just a drop or a pick-up or showing the entire town or even the state. If not the flights, many prefer to hire a cab or a taxi rather than use the local public transport for sightseeing in the picturesque Jammu and Kashmir. Those women who have a family to support and cannot travel long distances can always own a cab if they can manage the funds. A cabby can choose its customers too. Accepting only families and lady tourists into the cab will give the women drivers a sense of security too.


It is common knowledge that normalcy is now slowly returning into the valley. The tourists have resumed their visits. Owing to the changed norms, running a business in the valley has become promising, as it was never before, especially for the local budding women entrepreneurs. They, alongside their families, could turn the valley into the greatest assets this country has ever had.

After August 5, 2019, the whole Kashmir valley is looking forward to normalising their daily lives and for opportunities to earn a decent living. Certain positivity is distinctly discernible among the local population to observant tourists. There is a palpable propensity to look ahead with hope. “Yes, the future seems to open many doors, and tourism is better than what it was for a long time, Ameen” is a commonly expressed hope.

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Q. Which is the best business to start for ladies?

Ans. Ladies could indulge in teaching, tailoring, embroidering, baking, or packed lunches. Also, the tech-savvy could take up freelancing, bookkeeping, content writing, or start their social media marketing firm.

Q. What is the best business to start in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans. Handicrafts, saffron farming, sun-dried seasonal fruits, traditional jewellery, cabbing, traditional cuisine, and renting small cottages are some thinkable options to start a business in Jammu and Kashmir.

Q. How can a woman start a small business in Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans. A housewife in the Kashmir valley can support her family by starting small businesses such as tuitions, food service, kahwa cafe, a small bistro with authentic Kashmiri cuisine or handicrafts, and basketry.

Q. What kind of business is profitable in Kashmir?

Ans. Farming, travel and tourism, food and culture, carpets and namdas selling, and sheep farming are some profitable options in the valley.