What are some business ideas for Women in Jharkhand?

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What are some business ideas for Women in Jharkhand?

Running a business is a whole different life in itself. But for many women, it’s the only thing that makes them passionate and proud.

The inception of business comes from a profit-making business idea. Coming up with a business idea for women is not too difficult when you live in a prosperous state like Jharkhand.

The number of functions involved will keep you occupied and sometimes leave you rattled. But with improvement in digital infrastructure in India, there are some online solutions, such as OkCredit for ledger management, which will streamline your business.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, here are some ideas to start and lead one of the best businesses in Jharkhand.

1. Jute Bags

Farmers in Jharkhand shifted to jute farming more than a decade ago, and it has been popular ever since. The use of plastic led to environmental concerns, and over time, jute became a sustainable alternative. Jute bags are in demand in urban and tier 1 cities because of their versatility and reusability. You can design and manufacture jute bags or become a seller after sourcing them from local weavers. Selling jute bags could be one of the most profitable small business ideas in Jharkhand.

2. Paper Plates & Cups

Paper plates and cups are also environment-friendly alternatives to plastic. It is another popular industry in Jharkhand due to the availability of raw material and machinery. A significant chunk of your capital would go into getting a paper plate making machine. If you don’t want to manufacture the plates, you can purchase them from a manufacturer, put your creative touch on them and resell them. You could also connect with companies in neighbouring cities and become the preferred vendor for paper plates and cups to be used in their offices.

3. Candle Making

Candle making has been present in Jharkhand for more than fifteen years now, and there are several reputed arts and crafts classes that teach candle making. You can put your spin on homemade candles using natural ingredients and essential oils. You may also contract with wedding organisers and vendors to feature them at weddings or other events. List yourself on IndiaMART to sell your candles all over India. Candle making is one of the profitable small business ideas for women in Jharkhand.

4. Bakery

Starting a bakery doesn’t need heavy investment. You can learn baking through official government courses or videos on YouTube. Jharkhand is a well-known producer of many fruits such as mango, banana, papaya, jackfruit, lemon and more. Your baked food items could feature these fruits, and using local organic ingredients can be your selling point. You can run this business from the comfort of your residence, making it one of the best homemade business ideas for women.

5. Ice Cream Parlour

If baking isn’t of interest to you, ice creams are an option. The weather in Jharkhand is generally hot, which makes it a preferred destination to sell ice creams. You can use locally produced fruits to create your ice cream flavours or work as a franchisee. Check out the Franchise India website for franchising opportunities that don’t need massive investment to start.

6. Fitness Coach

Jharkhand has given India a diverse set of gifted athletes, from Mahendra Singh Dhoni to Deepika Kumari. With sport now a career option in the state, you can become a fitness coach for upcoming athletes or young women and encourage them to participate in sports. If your passion lies in fitness and doing good for others, becoming a fitness coach will work wonders as one of the best business ideas in Jharkhand.

7. Civil Services Exam Tutor

Becoming an IAS or IPS officer is a matter of pride and desired profession for many young students in Jharkhand. If you love teaching and have the required knowledge to be an IAS or IPS exam tutor, you can start your coaching class. You may choose to work specifically with young girls and women to uplift them and make them capable. This job could be both remunerative and purposeful for you.

8. Computer Training

Knowing how to work on a computer is now considered a primary skill when joining the workforce. But for many, it’s still a distant dream. Especially in backward regions, the youth may have access to mobile phones but not computers. You can train young boys and girls in computers, develop their skills, and better their chances of getting hired. Becoming a computer trainer doesn’t take much if you already have a working knowledge of using a computer. It can be one of the thriving side business ideas for ladies.

9. Customer Service Operator

A customer service job today doesn’t need to be limited to a specific company’s physical location. Many jobs may go virtual in the post-pandemic world, with customer service operators being one of them. You can freelance as one with a company of your choice. Becoming a customer service operator needs basic language skills. You may be required to know Hindi and English depending on the company that employs your services. Usually, the company provides you with the equipment needed, and you don’t have to invest anything except your time.

10. Beautician Service

Women today still need a beautician to help them get ready for special occasions. Beauticians typically do the job of waxing, threading and haircut. Some may even style hair. With the interest and necessary skills, you can start a beautician service. The best part of the job is conducting home visits or running the business from your home itself. The only thing you would need to invest in is beauty supplies. Running a beautician service is a viable home business for ladies.

11. Handmade Jewellery

Jharkhand produces minerals such as iron ore, copper, china clay, gold, and quartzite, which have several money-making uses. You could use these minerals to make handmade jewellery and sell them online. Enrol yourself in a jewellery making course, or you could learn it yourself through videos on the internet. A sizeable chunk of your investment would go towards obtaining minerals and any machinery needed to make jewellery. You could also make other handicrafts like ceramic plates or copper mugs which are popular right now.

12. Silk Garment Designer

The state of Jharkhand is a leading producer of Tasar silk in India. Production will increase as India hopes to compete with other leading producers of silk globally. You can not only design sarees or clothes but also home furnishings or artefacts to sell. It’s indeed a unique idea for small scale business for ladies. You can sell these nationally and internationally too.

13. Thrift Store

Opening an online thrift store needs the least amount of investment. All you have to do is take photos of the articles you want to sell and post them online with the pricing and specifications. Thrift sales have recently gained popularity on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Millennials today are well aware of the shortcomings of fast fashion and increasingly shifting to sustainable options. Thrift stores will continue growing in this business landscape.

14. Airbnb Host

Jharkhand, known for its forests and green cover, is quickly becoming a favoured tourist destination. The government of Jharkhand has made substantial efforts in marketing the state for tourism. With an influx of tourists, there’s an opportunity to provide comfortable living options for them. Hotels and resorts are still in their nascent stages and need substantial investment. But if you have a second home or can afford one in a popular tourist area, become an Airbnb host. All you have to invest in is cleaning supplies. It’s a less popular but gainful business for ladies sitting at home. Head to the Airbnb website to find out more.

15. YouTube vlog

Several channels uncover life in villages and give the world a unique perspective on it. You can start a YouTube channel showing the same in Jharkhand. Over time, as you gain followers, you can earn commission through ads on your videos. If you love travelling, exploring local sights, are comfortable with social media, and have some video editing skills, you can kickstart your digital Vlogger life with YouTube.

16. Tour Operator

If living life on video is not your thing, you can still show people the sights in Jharkhand as a tour operator. As mentioned earlier, tourism is a booming sector in the state, and the government is actively promoting the industry. With favourable policies in place, you can start a tour operator business on a small scale.

These are only ideas, but the initiative to take action lies with you. Make your dream of being a businesswoman reality today.

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Q. How can I grow my small business with little investment?

Ans. There are several ways by which you can grow your business. Enlist the help of family and friends to spread the word about what you do and why your clients need you. If you’re somewhat digitally savvy, you can use email marketing or social media to spread the word among your network.

Q. How do I know which business idea will work?

Ans. Selecting a business idea from the list above or anywhere on the internet depends on personal choice and few other factors such as your target audience, skills, capital to be invested, and your local government policies, among others. You need to conduct thorough research before settling on any.

Q. What is OkCredit, and how can I use it for my business?

Ans. OkCredit is a free digital application for managing your business ledger. It helps keep track of your finances by recording credit and debit transactions. Save paper and replace the traditional Bahi Khata with OkCredit.

Q. How can social media help my business?

Ans. Social media has seen widespread usage in India in the last few years. Marketing through social media is accessible and affordable as compared to traditional marketing for small-scale businesses particularly. You can also use it for selling your products and building a community of loyal customers.

Q. Why is managing finance so necessary for a business with low investment?

Ans. Financial stability is essential if you want to continue running a profitable business. Many first-time entrepreneurs are unnerved by finance and accounting and don’t assign any importance to it. However, if you don’t want to lose all your money, take up a severe tax burden or stunt your growth, financial management is a necessary function even if you have low investment.