Best Markets In Bhopal [Top Shopping Spots]

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Best Markets In Bhopal [Top Shopping Spots]

In the magical land of India, the Bhopal city is an ancient destination and home to long generations of kings and their dynasties. The city's rich community in the north comprises ascent temples, Havelis, and overwhelming markets. In the southern portion, luxurious hotels, lovely large streets, and restaurants serving multifunctional cuisine are more sophisticated. The city is a heaven for shoppers with beautiful Zardosi sarees, elegant Mulberry fabric, handicrafts, and well-crafted knickknacks. In Bhopal's local markets, you can get something for which Bhopal is famous for and that is the best tussar silk. The pictures of Mandana and Pithora admire the art lovers. Street food, such as hot Gulab Jamuns, Meva Bati, and Shammi Kebabs, is also sold here.

History of Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh's capital city, Bhopal, was founded on the 11th-century city of Bhojpal, established by the Paramara dynasty king Bhoj. The present city of Bhopal was found amid the turmoil following Aurangzeb's death in 1707 and succeeded in establishing its tiny kingdom in Bhopal by Dost Mohammed Khan, the Afghan soldier of Aurangzeb.

Geography of Bhopal

Bhopal is located in central India; the district is noted for its natural beauty and is surrounded by lakes and hills. The terrain is irregular in the city, and several minor peaks are found within the city limits.

Let's Start shopping in Bhopal [Markets in Bhopal]

The different goods offered in the markets are meant to meet every person's needs. Bhopal market streets are full of a variety of fancy bags, polished purses, exquisite silver decorations, leather goods, and vibrant beadwork, and of course, the famous Bhopal 'Batua.' You may also find a unique shade of Chanderi or a Kota silk immersed in deep gold.

However, Bhopal’s beautiful Bagh Print Kurtas, made of wooden blocks, are a must-have for every woman. Nonetheless, with its zari job and exquisite sheen, the beautifully handcrafted Maheshwari sarees clearly snatch the limelight.

Let's take a look at Bhopal's famous markets.

Best Markets in Bhopal

1. Chowk Bazaar

Chowk Bazaar is an ideal spot for hard-core shoppers. In addition to many old mosques, the Chowk region is distinguished by a handful of old Havelis such as Shaukat Mahal and Sardar Manzil. In addition to this, shops and stores are lining the narrow alleys in this town, which are excellent places to buy traditional handicrafts.

You can load yourself with artefacts of traditional Bhopali designs, silver and gold jewellery, impeccably designed beadwork, Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees, embroidered and sequined velvet purses, and cushions. This place will prove to be a happy hunting ground for those who appreciate the skills of a fair deal and apply them.

2. New Market

If you plan to visit another Bhopal city market, the New Market should be next on your list. It is a comparatively modern building compared to the south of upper and lower lakes, as the name implies. New Market, a big retail district in the area, has several fabric shops and showrooms offering a wide variety of garments and ready-made clothing.

3. Mrignayani Emporium

Visit the Mrignayani Emporium to purchase some of the finest handicrafts from the Bhopal market. It provides sarees of all kinds, leaving you amazed by the flowery pastels, gold-toned designs, and stylish borders. In Bhopal, visiting these lively bazaars is nothing less than a total delight and a memory to treasure in the days ahead.

Indian coloured spices at market

4. Bittan Market

Loved by the city's youngsters, Bittan is renowned for its appliances, shirts, handkerchiefs, bakeries, hookah lounges, and fresh veggies. Youngsters enjoy purchasing the latest trendy boots from here.

5. Habibganj Market

If you are short on cash but have an infinite shopping list, this is the best and famous city market to shop. The streets are dotted with stalls selling fashionable but inexpensive handbags, nice shoes, and stoles. The fair prices and combined negotiating powers would get you a great deal. There are many shops where you can purchase tangy spices and powders so that you can return to your home with the taste of Bhopal. There are many vendors in the street that sell lip-smacking items.

6. Bhopal Haat

One of the best markets in Bhopal, here you can purchase both herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. You can also visit this market for its handicrafts, such as clay items, terracotta items, and jute products. These products are manufactured by local craftsmen.

7. Bairagarh

This is one of the biggest wholesale markets in Bhopal. Wholesale vendors sell all kinds of garments, appliances, watches, utensils, furniture, and firecrackers in this wholesale market.

8. DB City Mall

Bhopal has shopping centres for everyone with brand knowledge about the new shopping experience. DB City Mall is one of Bhopal's retail markets with state, national and foreign brands. Spread over 1,25,000 square meters of the city, it is the largest shopping mall in Central India. It's home to all kinds of stores, fun, eating, activities, and hotels.

hand drawing of India people do activity at market

9. Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazaar sells exquisite ornaments throughout the day, and between 8 PM and midnight, it becomes a night-time thoroughfare. It is also a rare blend of the best of all worlds. First, you can visit Sarafa Bazaar for its jewellery and artefact stores, flaunting Kundan neckpieces and peacock-shaped toe rings. Later, you can visit the food and beverage area late into the night, after shopping.


No matter what you desire, Bhopal has everything for you. It makes visitors feel welcomed and pampered with a multitude of shopping options. Due to the city's long and illustrious history, the displays showcase the magnificence of Mughal culture and the liveliness of Malwa cuisine. To make your next vacation colourful, exciting, and less costly, make sure to visit Bhopal.

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FAQs on Markets In Bhopal

Q. What is famous in Bhopal for shopping?

Ans. Bhopal is famous for its Tussar silk, Mandana, Pithora paintings, etc.

Q. What is the speciality of Bhopal?

Ans. It is often recognised as the City of Lakes owing to its natural and human-made lakes and being one of India's most environmentally friendly cities. In India, it is the 16th largest city and 131st in the world. Sehore was a part of the newly-formed Madhya Pradesh, and Bhopal was the district capital.

Q. What is the famous food of Bhopal?

Ans. Mughlai cuisine has had a tremendous influence on Bhopal's cooking, and the Bhopali Gosht Korma is one of the most popular dishes there. The dish is part of the Nawabi cuisine and is served in a rich and spicy gravy through slow cooking mutton chunks.

Q. Is Bhopal worth visiting?

Ans. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, is one of India's greenest cities, and it has a landscape that spans two lakes — Upper Lake and Lower Lake. It is a town that offers an incredibly unique cultural experience.

Q. How many lakes are there in Bhopal?

Ans. The city of lakes has seven lakes.


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