How To Start A Plywood Business In India?

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How To Start A Plywood Business In India?

Table of Contents:

1. Plywood Factory Setup Cost In India

2. Plywood Business Profit

3. Plywood Factory Setup Cost In India- Steps

4. Plywood Business Investment Advantages

5. Tips To Increase Plywood Business Profit

1. Plywood Factory Setup Cost In India

Plywood business is one of the most popular types of business in 2021. This is because plywood has a wide range of properties that are mentioned below:

  • Fire-resistant in nature
  • Chemical as well as water-resistant
  • Stability and strength is much higher
  • Braced panel shear

Different materials are combined to make ply, also known as engineered wood; it can also be made by stacking various wood categories and other materials. If you have decided to start a plywood business of your own, then you need to know about the certain preliminary investments you need to make. If you are okay with the investment part, this business will be advantageous for you.

2. Plywood Business Profit

Presently, the plywood business has taken over many businesses because the scope has increased in India as well as abroad. The production of plywood has increased and both the exporters and suppliers are being paid high wages. India is benefiting in every aspect because of the extensive goods that are exported to foreign countries.

Moreover, research says that the plywood business has taken a notable hike in the last few years. The plywood trading business has successfully been set up by many enthusiastic entrepreneurs. This article discusses the steps that illustrate how to start a plywood business in India.

3. Plywood Factory Setup Cost In India- Steps

Honestly, starting a business requires planning and marketing strategies for the business to be successful. Apart from machinery and equipment, one requires knowledge about the business, understanding of the rate of materials in local markets, and the market price of the selling product.

Let us discuss a few ways to start a plywood business:

1. Manage land and space

It is very important to manage a space to conduct business activities. For this type of business, one needs to consider at least 5,000 square feet. So, if the businessperson owns the land, then it would be a much more convenient option for him/her to start a business quicker. But if he/she does not have land of his/her own, then he/she can opt for rental policies. There are no hard and fast rules of the land being of any particular type. It can be agricultural land, industrial land, or any type of land. Moreover, the business owner needs to monitor the pipelines, electricity bills, water connections, etc.

2. Raw materials

For any kind of business, raw materials are a must. Without raw materials, a business will never run successfully. Building wood, glue, and corner are the three most important raw materials required in a plywood business. Order these from factories or go to the market and get them by yourself to make your business a complete success. Furthermore, important equipment also plays a great role in shaping the business.

3. Proper equipment

Honestly, the machinery and equipment required to start a plywood business are of much higher costs than the equipment required in any other small business. Therefore, this type of business can only be established by those who can afford the expensive machines or equipment. The owner must appoint a supplier who provides high-quality raw materials and machinery. Some of the machinery includes a cold dry press, glue mixer, trolley, hotpress machine, steel wool, glue separator, peeling machine, roller, dipping machine, unloading caesar, earthworm, and many other necessary tools that are highly beneficial.

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Plywood Factory Setup Cost In India

4. License

License is a must for every existing business. You must be ready to file for numerous registrations for setting up a business. There are several legal application forms where the business owners have to register themselves with their respective ideas. Then it is upon the government to allow them to establish the business. The owner needs to have legit Pan and Aadhar cards to provide age proof and other basic data. Though it is not a compulsion to register under proprietorship, one can do it. Many plywood trading businesses have been considered to be illegal without the presence of proper license and documentation.

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4. Plywood Business Investment Advantages

Plywood business has several advantages. The following are some of the major ones:

1. Profit

Studies indicate that the plywood business has grown immensely in recent years. Entrepreneurs have been very successful after they have established their plywood business. It is indeed ad highly profitable business for both retailers and wholesalers considering the demand for plywood in their business location.

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2. Status

When you become a business owner, people give you respect and love. They create a very positive impression about you in their minds. Moreover, you seem to occupy a superior status in their minds. Your success will speak louder than your words. Initially, you have to invest a lot for the equipment, raw materials, and many other business-related products, but it will all be worth it in the end.

3. Satisfaction

The most important aspect of setting up your own plywood business is that you will be satisfied with yourself. You will understand what success feels like and can make use of the money earned to do something great in life.

5. Tips To Increase Plywood Business Profit

1. Contact local architecture or engineer

This is one of the oldest yet effective sales techniques to grow your plywood business. Your local architecture or engineer can handle many construction projects simultaneously. You must approach them and give a brief about your product and offer them a little discount if possible.

2. Keep an eye on tenders

Always keep some information about government and non-government tenders personally or hire a dedicated field executive for your business. By doing so, you will stay up-to-date about the tenders that require a lot of plywood, and grabbing one of those in your favour will give your business good exposure and growth as well.

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Plywood Business Margin 

3. List your business on digital platforms

Listing your business on platforms, namely, Google My Business, Just Dial, or IndiaMart can turn out to be the best decision for any business. More than 75% of consumers now search on Google for any product or service that is required by them. Therefore, listing your business on a digital platform and maintaining a good brand reputation online should be on every wise businessperson’s list.

Key Takeaways

Thus, to conclude, it is important to state that the plywood trade is one of the most trending businesses in today's time. There is no chance of any loss in this sector, rather you earn profit. Many people have made their plywood wholesale business a huge success. Take a step forward and chalk out your plywood business plan for excelling in this field.

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FAQs On Plywood Business Profit

Q. What is the profit margin of the plywood business in India?

Ans. The profit margin of plywood business in India usually lies between 12% and 15% for retailers. However, if you want to do wholesale business of plywood, the profit margin is lower but the volume of sales increases by a lot.

Q. How much investment is required in the plywood business?

Ans. If you are a retailer planning to start a plywood business, you need at least 1–5 lakhs in hand. But, if planning for a wholesale plywood business, the net investment may increase substantially because of huge stock requirements.

Q. Will the business be profitable in any part of India?

Ans. No, there are certain places in our country where the plywood demand is very low. India is still in the process of becoming a hub of world-class infrastructure. The Government Of India is pushing the infrastructure business these days, and once it gets accomplished, the plywood business is expected to grow by 30% or above.