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What is the MahaGST online portal? Here is what you need to know

What is the MahaGST online portal? Here is what you need to know

. 5 min read

GST debuted in mid-2017 to eliminate an array of complicated taxes that were confusing the taxpayers for a long time. GST Bill was first introduced on 1st July 2017. The GST is a single comprehensive indirect tax, levied at every stage of value addition. It bears the flagship of 'One Nation One Tax' agenda of the Indian Government. The MahaGST Online Portal is an initiative taken by the Maharashtra Goods and Service Tax Department to digitise the entire GST paying process. It helps the taxpayers in saving more time and keeps the process GST filing and GST registration online hassle-free.

The e-portal features two heavyweight profiles. One is that of the Principal Secretary (Financial Reform) Finance Department is Mr Rajagopal Devara. The other one is that of Mr Sanjeev Kumar (IAS), the Commissioner of State Tax, Maharashtra State.

This online portal enables GST taxpayers to satisfy their queries on GST registration and GST filing online. Digitisation speeds up the process and makes it less complicated for the residents of Maharashtra.

MahaGST Online Portal

This website is run and managed by the Department of Goods and Service Tax, Government of Maharashtra. There are several sub-sections dedicated to different aspects of GST, like Information at a Glance; FAQs, GST e-services, etc.

The GST e-services section aims at helping business owners and or accountant with

A taxpayer and others can avail of all these useful services and access all important information related to GST virtually. Individuals require to input their login details (user id and password) for enjoying the digital services offered on this e-portal.

What this site helps us with?

MahaGST Online Portal tries to simplify the GST services, GST tax rates, laws, and processes involved. This helps business owners and accountants properly adhere to the GST compliances. It supports two-way communication virtually via this e-site for achieving the highest level of tax compliance possible. It helps to ensure GST registration faster, without much hassle.

This MahaGST e-portals stands for prompt and efficient e-services served fairly. The primary objective behind opening such an online portal by the state government of Maharashtra was to administer the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act uniformly, impartially, and efficiently.

Apart from GST, the portal also renders useful information and services on the Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, the Profession Tax Act, and as such relevant statutes in an unbiased, effective and prompt way. These initiatives facilitate maximising tax collection by appropriately covering all eligible taxpayers across the state.

GST filling online will also become easier for essential documents like GSTR 9, GSTR 7, GSTR 4, GSTR 2,  etc.

Log-in for essential E-services

You can easily log in for accessing a variety of GST related e-services. You can

  • Log in for learning about VAT and Allied Acts
  • It also allows you to do RTO login
  • Taxpayers can also apply for an amnesty scheme here
  • In case you are a non-TIN holder (not possessing 11 digit TIN), this portal allows you to create your profile under the Amnesty scheme.

E-payment facilities provided

On using this Maharashtra Goods and Service Tax Online portal, you can electronically pay

  • Return/Order Dues
  • PTEC (Professional Tax Enrolment Certificate) OTPT (One Time Payment of Tax) payments
  • Regular payments related to Returns
  • Assessment Order advance payment, like payment against statutory order

Click on Acts and Rules for Detailed Information

Under this section, anyone can access useful details on GST Acts and Rules (VAT acts, rules, and others are also available). The subsection is further subdivided to offer details on

Some might find the chapter content of every rule/act amendments quite useful. This GST site is indeed useful, delivering significant GST details.

You can Download Billing Software from Here

One can download billing software and essential forms. It also offers e-CST form download. Just input the form serial number in the designated box and enjoy easy download. Paying GST online becomes more accessible with this software.

These are some of the major advantages of using the MahaGST online portal for a taxpayer, accountant, or anyone who wishes to cultivate ideas on it.

Brushing up Ideas on GST Rates

GST Applicable Rates as per the Latest Announcements

In the 39th GST Council Meeting, held in March 2020, an announcement was made on GST rates of some goods.

Diesel and Petrol motor vehicles are cheaper now with 1% and 3% GST Cess respectively. Both were rated 15% previously.

Which Items Got Costlier or Cheaper?

The items that are costlier now with increased GST rate are

  • Woven and non-woven fabrics
  • Sacks of Polythene and Polypropylene in nature
  • Caffeinated beverages
  • Almond Milk
  • Supplies of Railways wagons & coaches (minus refund of accumulated ITC)

The items that are more affordable now are

  • Hotel room tariff rates
  • Diamond job and other job work
  • Organic plates and cups
  • Outdoor catering (minus ITC)
  • Marine Fuel
  • Slide Fasteners
  • Wet Grinders
  • Cut and polished semi-precious stones

Wrapping Up

GST explained here, along with the types of e-services and data available on the MahaGST online portal, will help readers grasp clarify their doubts. The information here aims at familiarising the readers with accurate, relevant, and easy-to-understand details on GST. This single comprehensive multi-stage Goods and Services Tax is not as simple as many of you thought about it earlier. The GST rates changed have indeed affected the final market price of several goods and services. Knowing about them in detail, yet precisely, will help you stay prepared what to expect while you go shopping.

For paying GST (business owners) and availing relevant detailed information in Maharashtra, it will be better to visit MahaGST Online Portal. Stay informed and pay taxes honestly.

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Q. Why GST is called a multi-stage tax and do we as customers pay it all?

A. Goods and Service Tax or GST is an indirect tax applied at every stage of the supply chain until it reaches the consumer finally. There are multiple stages involved in this, which are Raw material procuring, Using the raw items for producing finished goods/services, Warehouse storage, Selling to the wholesalers, Wholesalers selling them to retailers, and finally, retailers selling these to the end-users. Tax is levied at all these stages that a customer also pays indirectly while buying the item. For customers, it is a one-time payment (the price). GST on real estate also is multi-stage.

Q. What is the latest GST rate on mobile handsets?

A. At the 39th GST Council meeting scheduled this year, we came to know that the GST rate on all mobile phones will be 18% now. Calculating GST as per the rates reveals how the final market price now has skyrocketed. Previously, it was 12%. A few specified mobile phone parts/accessories also have the same GST rate now.