Kanpur Leather Market - Why you should visit?

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Kanpur Leather Market - Why you should visit?

Insights for Small Businesses

Kanpur is one of the prominent economic cities of India. Kanpur provides tremendous revenue from other cities to the Uttar Pradesh government. Apart from other industries, Kanpur is the hub of different leather tanneries that produce the best quality leather items famous in India, and foreigners also like to buy them. As Kanpur city has pure leather products, they also charge a handsome amount.

The market that small businesses should visit –It is a fact that the Kanpur market is famous for high-quality leather products in which there are lots of accessories produced from it like shoes, belts, bags, sports goods, jackets, wallets, and other goods. Most small enterprises buy leather products at low prices and sell them at a high rate. Besides leather markets, Kanpur is also famous for handicrafts, clothes, and artefacts.

The Kanpur market is indeed a seller's market that provides high-quality and wholesale price leather and textile market. Handmade decorative products; stationery products also create great attraction throughout the Kanpur market. Kanpur is not only famous for leather clothes but also gives a high-quality clothing range for all genders. Kanpur cloth wholesale market full of different style clothes. Kanpur market list for other garments are as follows -

1. Leather market in Kanpur:

Jajmau is the suburb of Kanpur, which is the oldest and largest leather production market in Kanpur. There are lots of wholesale products markets that provide leather items very quickly with a different style. Besides leather clothes, you will get other accessories made up of leather-like shoes, belts, etc. Jajmau is an unfathomable source of leather products.

Unfortunately, if you have little knowledge to identify leather products, then many defalcators can take advantage. So, buyers must have a little bit of knowledge of pure leather as there are lots of leather product shops so you can bargain price for wholesale products.

2. Clothes market in Kanpur:

Apart from pure leather products, Kanpur is also famous for other clothes. The most popular Kanpur cloth market is the Naveen market. New entrepreneurs who want a different style, design clothes can go to Naveen market for wholesale purchase. Naveen market is also known as Kanpur saree wholesale market. You will find superior-quality, trending, affordable, and unique designs as well. Clothes that sale in the Kanpur market is one of the most demanding clothes in different countries. You can find cotton and Chikankari garments that are most popular in north India.

Mall road is also famous for both regular type clothes and leather clothes. The most exciting thing about this market is that it is near to railway transportation and which is a great advantage for small shopkeepers who sell that clothes at retail price. Mall road is also suitable for those who like Chikankari suit salwar, dupattas, dhoti.

The most famous PPN market at Kanpur is known for cotton fabrics. Mostly you will find their ladies' wear, bedsheets, etc. Small businesses make the best deal in this market with unstitched and ready-made women's clothes. The wholesale price of cotton fabrics is surprisingly low.

3. Hosiery market in Kanpur:

Kanpur's clothes market comes from hosiery products, and most people like to purchase them. Some textile mills only focus on hosiery products. New entrepreneurs get hosiery products at wholesale rates, which can help them sell in different shops with increasing prices.

Benefits to purchase wholesale leather products from the Kanpur market

Many reasons attract wholesalers to buy leather products from the wholesale cloth market in Kanpur.

  • Find cheap and durable leather products – Peoples who live outside Uttar Pradesh or abroad purchase leather products at a high rate. If you are a wholesaler, then this market is best for purchase cheap yet durable leather products. There are many leather and clothes markets in Kanpur famous for a vast range of quality leather products. You must go there for-business visit. Jajmau is the best leather market in Kanpur.
  • Huge range of designer leather dresses and accessories– People love fashion, and if they get such style in the leather product, it will "the cherry on the cake." These attractive designs attract people to purchase leather products at any cost. Kanpur market overload with leather accessories like belts, wallets, bags, bracelets of the best quality for all genders and age groups.
  • Special discounts for wholesalers – The leather wholesale market is widely spread all over Kanpur. Most small businesses visit there to purchase leather products at wholesale prices. Shopkeepers try to sell their leather products at wholesale prices to those who specially come from other states.

However, Kanpur is famous for premium quality leather products, but the Uttar Pradesh government has shut down many leather tanneries since December 2019. The main reason for this closure was the lousy impact of chemical discharge by tanneries in Ganga. With the closure of the vast number of tanneries, many small businesses are on the verge of closure. Many SMEs are yet waiting for the Uttar Pradesh authority's permission to reopen their tanneries.

brown leather labels


Tanneries in Kanpur produce the best quality leather products, but it becomes the worst situation for small-level enterprises with the closure of many tanneries. Aditya Yoginath, the Chief Minister, has their points to close the leather industry like water pollution in the Ganga river, Maha Kumbh Mela, and political pressure on cowhide skin. The Indian government focuses on the leather industry in other states like Tamil Nadu because leather products are the most demanding products in other countries. More export trends and more revenue for the Indian government.

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Q. How can I identify pure leather?

Ans. Everybody loves leather products for durability and flexibility, but how to identify the purity of leather there are three types of leather which are as follows-

  • Full-grain leather – It is a luxurious and popular type of leather quality. It is smooth to touch.
  • Top-grain leather – It is the second high-quality leather that is more flexible and thinner whenever you separate its layer.
  • Genuine leather – It is low-quality leather. It is leftover after the production of high-quality products. It is rough to touch. So, the product made up from it is low in quality.

Q. Which animal’s skin is the most expensive type of leather?

Ans. Leather that makes up from crocodile skin is the most expensive in the world. Although, such type of leather does not produce in the leather market of Kanpur. After a process with advanced technology, it becomes soft.

Q. How do I find fake leather?

Ans. If you are new to purchase the leather product, then it needs to identify fake leather. Some tips to spot faux leather are as follows –

  • Check out label – Firstly, check out the leather label to confirm the purity of the leather. If you find polyester or synthetic on the label, it means it does not produce from leather.
  • Test by touch – Real leather must be smooth, flexible, and stretchable. Touch the material and identify a fake one.
  • Test by smell – Pure leather smells unique and oaky. You can smell leather and make sure before purchase.
  • Search pores on leather – As pure leather has produced from animals' skin, there may be pores on products.

Q. What initiatives does the government undertake for the leather industry?

Ans. Indian government take significant steps towards skill and training programs for industrialist that are as follows –

  • Offer placement skill development sessions for unemployed people under Indian Leather Development Programme
  • Offer work under a training program in the footwear and leather industry.
  • Allow to set up Mega leather Cluster in Andhra Pradesh.

Q. Is the Kanpur leather market shifting to Kolkata?

Ans. Due to the Uttar Pradesh government order, numerous tanneries had shouted down for different reasons. This closure trend caused a massive loss in the leather market. Some industries look forward to setting up their leather production unit in Kolkata; even the west Bengal government allot a place. After all, this Uttar Pradesh government is not permitting to reopen those tanneries. So, it is not clear that the Kanpur leather market is shifting to Kolkata.

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