How to Open a Bike Showroom? [A Complete Guide]

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How to Open a Bike Showroom? [A Complete Guide]

Is Bike dealership profitable and more.

  • Do you want to open a bike franchise in your town?
  • Are you involved in starting a dealership company for motorcycles?
  • If yes, you will certainly be driven by this post with dealer rate, motorcycle franchise possibilities, business model, and sample business plan profile.
  • For young entrepreneurs, opening a successful bike showroom is a huge business prospect.
  • You will also find several popular motorcycle dealers in small towns and rural areas, and not just in the metro cities.
  • This is certainly encouraging.
  • Choosing the best brand and localised marketing, however, plays a crucial role in this business.
  • You can make a lot of money in this business if you can build the right business model.
  • Opening a motorcycle dealership company is certainly cash consuming.

What are the important steps we have to take to open a bike franchise?

Franchise Opportunities

  • For particular sites, most of the leading brands offer dealership franchise options.
  • A new selling point may often be suggested to the business by major dealers or resellers.
  • You would need to comply with business norms and laws in both cases.
  • First of all, access the brand's website that you want the showroom to open.
  • Then open the application tab for the dealership.
  • For example, open the page where you can apply and fill the form to become a dealer.
  • Similarly, any brand as such available in India may be used.

Dealership Model

  1. In general, popular business models for opening a bike showroom are available in various regions.
  2. The dealer point is the first choice.
  3. You need to build a showroom to sell the bikes, and a repair and maintenance workshop.
  4. So you will select the correct model for your organization based on the funding capability and room availability.
  5. Motorcycle brands typically retain a minimum gap between the two sale points.

Business Plan

  1. A strongly structured market is the motorcycle dealership industry.
  2. The organization will specifically notify you of the facilities and vehicle lift details at the time of registration.
  3. So it is a simple job here to write a business plan.
  4. Creating a communications campaign is the most critical one.
  5. This form expects a large sales marketing operation and brand recognition of the organization.
  6. You should think of various types of schemes and advantages, apart from the opening discount.


  1. In this organization, location plays a major role.
  2. A position that has a large front window must be chosen.
  3. Provide clients with convenient parking.
  4. You need space for an insurance desk, sales counter, and the showroom's accessory counter.
  5. The firm will advise you on how much space you require based on your business model.
  6. However, in small towns and rural areas, a space of 3000 Sq Ft is adequate to launch a small motorcycle sales counter.

Registration & Licensing

  • Registration for the company is a must.
  • You can go for a proprietorship option for a small counter.
  • However, if you need capital funding from other citizens, you should also suggest options for LLP or Pvt Ltd.


  1. A motorcycle showroom normally has a large front room to display motorcycles.
  2. You need to customize 2 or 3 sale points individually, and then you must have a counter of accessories.
  3. In this business, the overall ambiance matters.
  4. You need to have an air conditioner in hot and humid conditions, and often have comfortable seats or arrangements for seating.

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Dealership Marketing

  • You've got to have a good sales campaign.
  • You can speak about TV advertisements on local stations, in addition to local media advertising.
  • If you open a showroom in rural areas or small cities, you might think of Bike Mela.
  • It is also a brilliant idea to disperse advertisements in the communal huts.
  • Provide the client with simple funding.
  • The biggest buyers of motorcycles in India are usually young, aspiring, and ambitious people.
  • So to make your motorcycle dealership company a big success, think of a concept to impress them quickly.

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Owning A Bike Business Eligibility Requirements

  1. The first question that hits us is whether we should open a particular organisation's agency.
  2. Anyone who wishes to start a company with an agency will do so, but certain conditions must be understood.
  3. The firms selling to the distributors do not list any educational credentials.
  4. The only requirement to start a bike company is to spend at least five lakhs in the sector.
  5. Now let’s talk about some tips on how to operate a dealership.

Spend Time

  • You need to know more about the automobile industry to establish a good business in motorcycles.
  • Learn about all bike brands and models, their concerns, how they vary from each other, and how to fix them.
  • You have to persuade company investors and clients that bikes are known to you.
  • Get yourself an old bike and take care of it. To educate yourself on it, study its components, and carry out repairs.
  • Take online automobile courses online or at a nearby academy. Make sure bikes are included in the program.
  • Spend time in a store or dealership with bikes even if you have to do small jobs before you are allowed to handle bikes.

Dealership Experience

  1. To learn about your product isn't enough.
  2. Maintaining a corporation is another component of a dealership.
  3. Investors and brand suppliers are searching for persons that show skills in leadership and market strategy.
  4. Learn about the ways of running your business like how to handle staff and satisfy clients.
  5. Use community colleges and online classes to learn basic business skills, including sales and marketing.
  6. Spend time watching a motorcycle store or dealership run.
  7. Pay attention to how they perform, coping with concerns ranging from proper company license to proper component billing.


  • You must know the area where you can set up a business and make your dealership profitable to appeal to customers for funding and running a company.
  • Judge if a motorcycle dealer is going to be in demand and where to put your shop.
  • Keep far enough away from rivals while remaining in an environment where the business will be good.
  • It's important to know how much present the brand is in your business, and how consumers react if you bring a brand line.
  • Come up with options you can market the brand with or get small quantities of the brand if it is not produced there.


  1. Your company strategy will describe your business.
  2. The strategy collects all the important market details for future buyers.
  3. Focus on the company's priorities and how it can accomplish them.
  4. Include the management style of your company and why you're a successful candidate to open a dealership.
  5. Explain how much capital you need to launch the dealership and how efficient you can make it.
  6. Project plans also contain a portion of the business summary, including goods, target market, sales plans, a part of the management staff, and a budget statement section.
  7. Keep transparent and straightforward about the proposal.
  8. Investors want to see you have in mind a very simple road to growth.
  9. Be dynamic in your strategy.
  10. As you run your company, go back to it and apply it to keep your priorities transparent and your business on track.

Bike Showroom Franchise

  • For anyone who enjoys bikes, running your dealership sounds like a fantasy come true.
  • Making a company out of it is hard work, but it is a satisfying opportunity to establish your own business and make it profitable.
  • You will become a bike dealer with proper finance, a decent venue, potential interaction with a franchisor, and market experience.
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Q- How do I apply for a license agreement?

  1. Notify the local authority (city or district) since there might be different criteria for each area.
  2. A local permit and a state permit will be required, including a background check, application of employee benefits records, and other company paperwork.

Q- How can I work out a dealership's budget requirements?

  1. Look online for a franchise.
  2. Some of them have simple numbers, so they'll help you work out the whole cost when you get in touch with them.
  3. No matter what, an estimation by you or an accountant is needed in the budget.
  4. It's up to you to analyse costs like how much you need to spend on supplies, have a good facility in your field, pay staff, etc.
  5. Less evident costs such as ads, delivery, and energy bills still need to be weighed.

Q- How will I protect my dealership’s financial support?

  1. Most company owners start by attracting investments from friends and family.
  2. This may not always work because even they go to the bank for their financial transactions.
  3. A line of credit or a small business loan may be accessed.
  4. Another probability is that you can encourage someone to invest in your company like a venture capitalist.