Helmet Manufacturers in India [Manufacturers & Types of Helmet]

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Helmet Manufacturers in India [Manufacturers & Types of Helmet]

Do you know around 44,666 people were killed, constituting 29.82% of total fatalities in road accidents, just because of not wearing a helmet? Accept it or not, but helmets are the topmost priority in a country like India, where rules and regulations are violated daily. Probably that's why helmet manufacturers in India are doing a profitable business.

Though there are many helmet manufacturers in India, only a few stand out from others. So, let's look at some leading helmet manufacturers in India who produce trendy, stylish, and quite protective helmets, which makes helmets rather an accessory than an obligation.

Leading helmet manufacturers in India

1. Vega

Vega has been one of the leading helmet manufacturers in India since 1982. It gained popularity because of its well-designed and high-quality helmets. The flagship brand of Vega group of companies is located in Belgaum in India.

  • Types of helmet available:- Ladies, Junior, Full-face, open-face
  • Suitability: Scooters and motorbike
  • Ideal for: Men, women and children
  • Certifications: DOT, ECE, ISI

2. SMK

Italian design and Indian manufacturing are why SMK makes it to the list of the best helmet manufacturers in India. The conceptualisation of these helmets is based in Europe, whereas Studds carries out the production in Faridabad. The core focus of the SMK brand is style and safety, thus produced by carbon composite fibre.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, Flip-up
  • Suitability: Motorbikes
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Certifications: DOT, ECE

3. Fastrack

Fastrack is a brand by Titan, and its bespoke design and trendy looks make it one of the favourites of the youth. With the base of polystyrene EPS and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene as its outer shell, Fastrack has made quite firm and trendy helmets. It has non-allergic cotton interiors that are quite comfortable and cushion your head for additional support.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, half-face
  • Suitability: Scooter, motorbike
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Certifications: ISI

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4. Aerostar Helmets

Aerostar helmets were introduced by SAI Global Group manufacturers in 2007 in India. It is one of the fastest-growing helmet manufacturers in India, with an annual turnover of around 40 million USD. The Aerostar helmet is leading owing to its sturdy quality and robust products, with competitive and affordable prices.

  • Types of helmet available: Open-face, full-face, half-face, flip-up
  • Suitability: Scooter, Motorbikes
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Certifications: ISI, DOT, ECE

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5. Steelbird

Another leading helmet manufacturer in India under the flagship brand of Steelbird group of industries is Steelbird helmets. These helmets stand out from other helmets due to the availability of individual customisations, which includes anti-fog, anti-glare, and anti-scratch. They are carbon-fibre helmets available in a wide variety.

  • Types of helmet available: moto-cross, full-face, half-face, flip-up, flip-off
  • Suitability: Motorbikes
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Certifications: SNELL, ECE, TCVN, ISI, DOT
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6. Studds

With the production of approximately 7 million helmets in a year, another name making it to the list of leading helmet manufacturers in India is Studds. It was established in 1973 with the safety of two-wheelers as their core priority. The Studds is declared the best helmet manufacturer in India due to its superior quality and design innovation.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, open-face, flip-up full-face, flip-off full face, off-road full face
  • Suitability: Motorbikes
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Certifications: SLSI, ECE, ISI
Motorcyclist with helmet in his hands

7. Aaron

Aaron Helmets Pvt. Ltd. was launched in India in 2008-09. It is headquartered in New Delhi and could produce up to 1 million helmets every year. The helmets from Aaron stand out in the market due to their features like padded protection, dynamic ventilation systems and scratch resistance, making them the top helmet manufacturers in India.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, Flip-up, Open-face, Moto-C
  • Suitability: Motorbikes and Scooter
  • Ideal for: Men and women
  • Certifications: ISI

8. Gliders

As one of the influential helmet manufacturers in India since its establishment in 1993 under the flagship brand of TP Industries, Gliders are known for their high detailing of helmets within a reasonable range of prices. Apart from these, these Gliders stand out from the perspective of safety, quality, comfort, and aesthetics.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, Open-face, Motocross, Flip-up, Sporting helmets
  • Suitability: Motorbikes
  • Ideal for: Men
  • Certifications: ISI

9. LS2

LS2 has grown successfully to expand its base on a global scale.Established in 1990, LS2 helmets are composed of fibreglass, carbon fibre, composite or polycarbonate. Each helmet consists of an external shell, shock-absorbing EPS liner and various accessories. It has comfort linings, visors, ventilation, and retention methods, making them the best helmet manufacturers in India.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, Open-Face, Kids helmet
  • Suitability: Motorbikes, Scooter and bikes
  • Ideal for: Men and kids
  • Certifications: ISO9000, BSI, ECE, DOT, Snell

10. Axor

Axor helmets, established in 2015, is also on the list of prominent helmet manufacturers in India whose helmets are designed and conceptualised in Italy. It is pretty cost-effective and without any uncompromising standards of quality and safety. This makes Axor one of the leading players in the market.

  • Types of helmet available: Full-face, Open-face, retro, Bicycle
  • Suitability: Motorbikes, Scooter and bicycles
  • Ideal for: Men, Women and kids
  • Certifications: DOT and ECE

Top helmet manufacturers in India 



  • Well designed

  • High-quality material


  • Italian design

  • Carbon composite fibre

  • Stylish and safe


  • Bespoke design

  • Non-allergic cotton interiors

  • Firm and trendy


  • Robust quality

  • Affordable prices


  • Individual customisations

  • Carbon fibre helmets


  • Superior quality

  • Design innovations


  • Padded protection

  • Dynamic ventilation


  • High detailing

  • Reasonable prices


  • Shock-absorbing EPS liners

  • Various accessories


  • Conceptualised in Italy

  • Uncompromising safety standards

Before you choose any helmet, let's briefly know about the different types of helmets.

  • Full Face Helmet

This type of helmet covers the entire face and head of the rider. It offers high protection and saves your head and skull from serious injuries. Moreover, it also helps protect the face from wind and rain, and minimises outside noises.

  • Half face Helmet

This type of helmet is a three-quarters helmet, covering the head and leaving the face open. It gives a fuller field view and covers your face with a visor. Furthermore, it can also be worn with sunglasses and makes communication easier.

  • Modular Helmets

It is also known as flip-up helmets. It gives you the best of a full face and half face helmet. Since it consists of a hinge that can allow the chin bar to be raised, it can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer. Moreover, it is quite suitable for fuller protection.

  • Motocross helmets

It is specially designed in a way to vent out heat more rapidly. It is elongated away from the face, designed to allow use of protective goggles and better circulation of air. Also, it shields the eyes and face from debris and offers protection in off-road conditions.

Now that you know the top helmet manufacturers in India and types of helmets, here are some points to keep in mind while purchasing a helmet:

  • You should purchase a helmet in consideration of your head size and shape.
  • Your helmet should stay on your head even in the worst possible conditions.
  • The visor of your helmet should be clear and must provide a clear vision.
  • Your helmet must have proper cushioning so that force is absorbed appropriately.
  • You must ensure that there exists an ISI mark on your helmet.


Helmets have proved to be a lifesaver for many! Now that you've gone through this guide make sure you get yourself a picture-perfect helmet.

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Q. Could a helmet be reused after an accident?

Ans. If your helmet hasn't sustained a head injury, it can be reused after an accident. But if the helmet is damaged due to the accident, you must buy a new helmet for maximum safety.

Q. Which mark is compulsory for helmets in India?

Ans. According to an order from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it is compulsory for all helmet manufacturers in India to have an ISI mark post-June,2021.

Q. What are the common materials helmets in India?

Ans. The common material helmets are produced of thermoplastic, carbon fibre and kevlar.

Q. Does the date of manufacturing of the Helmet matter?

Ans. Yes, a helmet must be replaced after every 7 years of manufacture and after 5 years of use despite its condition.

Q. What are the essential components of a helmet?

Ans. The essential components of the helmet include:

  • Outer shell
  • Comfort liner
  • Energy-absorbing liner
  • Retention system.
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