How To Start A Beauty Parlour In India?

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How To Start A Beauty Parlour In India?

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Beauty Parlour Business Plan

Key Takeaways

FAQs On Beauty Parlour Business Plan

Beauty Parlour Business Plan

Despite odd working hours and a challenging routine, running a beauty salon business can be promising. If you have been thinking of starting a beauty salon, you’re at the right place. There are several things to note before setting up a beauty parlour of your own. Let’s find out in detail.

1. Preparation

Just like any other business, a beauty parlour business also requires diligent planning. To make sure your beauty salon business garners long-time success, the first thing you should have in place is the business idea. And for that, you need to ascertain the investment you wish to make. Once you have a fair idea about the average money a customer would spend in your parlour, you should start thinking about the services and themes. Consider everything— interiors, monthly rentals, business funds, target audience, ROI, etc. After this, you should draft a business plan that you can showcase to any potential investor.

2. The Investment Capital You Will Require

Most businesses involve significant initial costs, but spending too much can be risky as a startup. Consider your overall expenses, including beauty supplies, salary, rent, etc. Once you have the numbers, you can pick from these three ways of funding and decide the right way to raise money for your dream salon.

  • Angel investors: For a debutant in the startup culture, getting investors on board can be stressful. Investors look for business growth, business model, expansion possibilities, beauty products and quality. The presentation covering these details is taken into consideration before one decides to invest in a startup business.
  • Personal funds: What better mode to rely on than your own funds? You can also try partnering with someone. This saves costs and also divides the responsibilities.
  • Institutional loans: You can give wings to your dreams by taking loans from government institutes. But, with banks, the process becomes very formal. You may face hurdles as banks require someone to underwrite the loan.

3. The Location

While everything else constitutes an important factor in deciding the success of salon business, the location can be the key determinant. While picking your salon’s location, do thorough research on your competitors; the area where their business is based, the engagement they receive and their business model.

When evaluating your competitors, don’t overlook client experience. Are their clients happy? What kind of services are your competitors offering? Which are the booming services in that particular area? Based on these findings, tweak your strategy if required.

Look for places that are easily accessible. Avoid considering places with upper floor area as they are not generally appreciated by customers. Preference should be given to locations that are on the main road or ground floor. Before shifting your business to the location, you will have to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from two of your neighbours.

4. The Services

Next, you should consider the type of service. Beauty salons offer a wide range of services that are not just limited to a haircut. Right from hair styling, spa, professional massage, manicures and pedicures to hair colour and bridal makeup — the list goes on. With so many services to choose from, you need to decide your offerings. List down all the services that you wish to provide. To maximise the customer base, you can also offer beauty products as an add-on offering during the initial phase.

Barber in protective medical mask during wash head of client in cozy barbershop with brick wall
Beauty Parlour Expenses List

5. The Menu

Now that your beauty parlour services are sorted, the next step is to craft a stellar service menu. A neat and structured menu card can amplify the conversion rates of a beauty parlour business. Make it accessible to all customers. This refers to including services that can be offered as per the requirement of clients. The trick is to use a product that is well-aligned with multiple services. This way, you will save costs on product consumption and reduce waste. Remember, a menu that attracts customers stands apart from the crowd.

6. The Beauticians to Hire

The more people, the larger will be the space. Having more staff means you will also need restroom facilities and will also mean higher salaries. Hiring the right hairstylist or beautician is important for a beauty parlour business. They will not only help you, service clients, properly but also ensure that the required products are available at all times. Hence, an experienced beautician is a must for your salon. So, before you set up a beauty salon, make sure to invest in your staff, because they are the ones who will decide the kind of customer experience ultimately.

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7. Get Your Licenses Sorted

To operate a beauty parlour business in India, you need to acquire licenses from the local government bodies. The expense may vary from place to place. It is thus required to ask for permission in the initial days. Below is the list of licenses required to open a salon business in India:

  1. GST registration
  2. Business registration
  3. Professional tax
  4. Trade license from municipal party

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8. Keep Supplies in Stock

Have you kept the essentials ready? Now that your beauty parlour business is almost ready to open, it’s time to gather supplies based on the services. For instance, for hair spa services, you’ll require a steamer, hair spa cream, straightening brush, serum, professional combs, and so on. Also, you will need not only supplies but also space to store and display them. As beauty products are expensive, go for a wholesale market where you can get these products at the best possible rates.

9. It’s Time to Market Yourself

A part of your funds should be assigned for the marketing of your salon business. Creating an online front for a beauty salon won’t require too much money. In fact, if you have time to do it yourself or if you can ask someone in your network to build a website, it can be a pocket-friendly affair. You can also list your website on businesses like Urban Company, so customers looking for a salon experience at home can easily locate you. If you are prepared to visit customers' homes to provide salon services, you should definitely list your business on such platforms.

You should also leverage Facebook and print media to showcase your brand to the target audience. You can integrate eye-catching graphics to distinguish your salon from competitors. Having an irresistible discount or promotional scheme running, especially during the festive or wedding season, can be a huge game-changer for your beauty parlour business.

Hair salon interior with hairdresser chairs, mirrors, sink and cosmetics on shelves
Beauty Parlour Monthly Income

Key Takeaways

Nourishing your beauty parlour business is a long-term strategy. Along with attractive services, you should also direct your focus toward modern-age marketing methods. Understand your audience, research your competitors and analyse your overall expenses, manpower needs and investment methods before formulating a plan for your salon business.

Once your business reaches a certain level of popularity, you can expand it. For this, you can venture into a franchise-model with giants in the beauty industry. Irrespective of your skills, expertise or budget, you can start a parlour in India. However, this comes with planning and patience. Setting up a profitable parlour business can be highly lucrative if you understand your audience with the right planning techniques.

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FAQs On Beauty Parlour Business Plan

Q. How to start a beauty parlour in India?

Ans- Preparation. Just like any other business, a beauty parlour business also requires diligent planning. Other things are-

  1. The Investment Capital You Will Require
  2. The Location
  3. The Services
  4. The Menu
  5. The Beauticians to Hire
  6. Get Your Licenses Sorted
  7. Keep Supplies in Stock

Q. How much does it cost to open a beauty Parlour in India?

Ans- You can open a beauty parlour in India with a minimal investment of 5 Lakhs including- rent, pieces of equipment, products, staff, etc.

Q. How can I start a Beauty Parlour?

Ans- Things You Need to Know Before Opening a Beauty Salon

  • Do a detailed market analysis
  • Define your niche concept
  • Make a proper business plan
  • Prepare other papers for legal documentation
  • Pick the right location and space for your parlour
  • Purchase or rent the necessary furniture, equipment, and products needed compulsorily
  • Hire a few staff
  • Take care of the technical side of things

Q. What kind of documents and license do I need to open a beauty Parlour in India?

Ans- Some of the necessary registrations for the Beauty Parlour Business Plan are-

  1. Professional tax license
  2. Trade license from the Municipal Corporation
  3. GST registration
  4. PAN registration
  5. MSME registration (if you want to avail the benefits of the Startup India Scheme)
  6. Shops and Establishment License
  7. Ownership registration (LLP, Private Limited Company, Partnership, etc.)

Q. Is a beauty salon a profitable business?

Ans- Yes, beauty salons are profitable in the long term. Beauty Parlour Monthly Income can range from Thousands to Lakhs depending on the location and size of the place along with the services offered.